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You are being called to Ascend.

Do you have a deep knowing that you are meant to live an abundant life full of freedom, but you constantly get in your own way?

Have you been feeling the pull that you’re finally ready to do the deep work and begin releasing what hasn’t been serving you, but you’re unsure of where to begin?

Do you feel like you’re always the “different” one amongst your family & current circle?  Maybe they even think what you believe in is “weird”?   Leaving you craving a tribe that gets you?

You are here, reading this, because it’s your time.  
It’s your time to start healing, releasing and transforming what has been keeping you from living a life of inner & outer freedom so you can step fearlessly into your Higher Self & live the life you dream of!

What is Ascend?

The Ascend Online Experience is going to help you go from fear to Freedom.  

Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of success.  Fear of owning your sexuality, fear of speaking your truth, fear of not having enough money, fear of not being in alignment on your soul’s path…. 

…to FREEDOM.  The inner freedom to confidently own who you are, to fearlessly speak your truth, to own the sexual Divine Feminine Goddess that you are.  The freedom to receive the money you desire, to open your Third Eye to see and receive all the guidance from your Higher Self you need to thrive.

Ascend is the self-guided, easy to consume and apply, Live Coaching support alongside your soul contracted sisters you’ve been searching for.  

Live the life of Freedom you've been dreaming of!

It is your time to receive the Activations & support needed to rise into the AbundantAF Goddess you truly are.  Ascend was created with one thing in mind: to teach you how to heal & empower yourself so you can quickly connect with your Higher Self, receiving all of the downloads needed to Ascend into 5D and beyond.  Ascend is intentionally organized in a way that allows you to go at your own pace, so you can say goodbye to the excuse of “not having enough time”.  As a member of Ascend, you’ll be supported in your journey by Taylor and your soul contracted sisters on your path of finally feeling genuinely joyful, creating deep connections and financially abundant.

Join Me & Your Future Soul Sisters on this Life Shifting Ascend Experience

I feel where you currently are at such a deep cell & soul level because I was once there.  I remember when I felt so stuck, so ‘behind’ and so alone as I watched others around me creating a life of freedom, joy and abundance.  I didn’t get it… I was reading all the books, listening to the podcasts and joining the courses.   Yet I was still stuck, living the same life every day, not evolving and feeling more overwhelmed with why things weren’t clicking than ever.     

Until I finally realized what I was doing wrong: I was spiritually bypassing and avoiding doing the deeper work – Ie: my Chakras were blockedAF.  No wonder I was always in my own way.  So I committed, I learned how to clear & balance all of my Chakras and I Ascended into who you see today. 

I am here for you.  I get you.  I see you sister. I poured years of my Ascension knowledge and self-applications into 8 easy-to-consume Lessons to help you quickly transform from fear to Freedom: there was born Ascend.


Root Chakra

Become truly grounded in who you are, owning it fearlessly and dissolve all Money blocks so you can receive Financial Abundance.


Sacral Chakra

Become the Sexual Goddess you know is within you by healing sexual shame, trauma and wounds.  Once this Chakra is balanced, be ready to shine, and tap into your creative abilities that create massive Abundance.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Find the inner confidence to live life on your own terms and begin to see AlignedAF opportunities flow to you.


Heart Chakra

Begin to feel what it’s like to truly be in love with yourself and watch how those around you begin to love and see you on a deeper level.

Throat Chakra

Learn how to clearly speak your Truth, with zero fear of judgement while also declaring with crystal clear intention to the Universe what you desire and expect to flow to you.


Third Eye Chakra

“See” beyond society’s illusions and limitations. Watch as the veil lifts and you see into other dimensions, lifetimes and realms.


Crown Chakra

Become a clear channel to the Divine, your Spirit Guides and receive the guidance you need to live out your life’s purpose.

The Ascend Method

✶ Receive through a Video Lesson

✶ Integrate through a Worksheet with Prompts

✶ Activate with Guided Light Activated Visualizations & Meditations (Video & Audio options)

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Channeled with Intention

A message from Taylor:

The ASCEND logo was downloaded into my mind’s eye by my Ascended Masters with the intention to share it with you, also it can begin to Activate you by just looking at it.  It is a Light Code that is infused with knowledge, activations and higher frequencies.  It was channeled and designed to support your Ascension journey.  Simply gazing at it begins to harmonize your Chakras and harnesses the power of Sacred Geometry so you can shift from fear to Freedom with ease.

What's Included

Access to the Ascend Members’ only portal where you will have your own log-in information and access to the material for life

You will receive the opportunity to join 3 Live Group Coaching calls with Taylor for Q&A and connection!

You will receive an exclusive invitation to Members’ only Online Community to celebrate and grow together.

You will receive 8 Modules that are released weekly, and are very much go at your own pace – ease and integration in a way that feels good! (Within the 8 Modules you’ll discover 2-3, 20-minute videos, easy to consume so you can receive in a potent way.)

Your membership will include Taylor’s light-activated visualizations & meditations, available as both video and audio versions.

You will receive downloadable worksheets to implement the lessons.

What happens after you join:
+ You will immediately receive your personal account information for the member’s only portal.
+ Once logging in, you will receive the Welcome Video and the Pre-Homework.
+ You will be invited to join the Online Community to meet your Soul Sister’s.
+ You will find all of the Group Call dates/times within the Ascend Sister’s only portal as well.
+ Lesson 1 will be released March 8th and then you will see a new Lesson show up in your portal every week. 

This is different than any other program out there as it’s a go at your own pace with high touch accountability.  Allowing you to do fit in doing the work around your busy life. 

What they say it's like to work with Taylor...

Your Investment for Ascend

Invest In Full

save $200
$ 3,333

Investment Plan

4 payments of
$ 883

Early Bird Bonuses!

at checkout type in code: ASCEND333 to receive $333 off

Receive these magical bonuses:

Limited Edition 18k Gold Necklace

To anchor in this Ascension Journey you will be rising into, Taylor has created something very special just for you and your Ascend sisters: the Limited Edition ASCEND 18k Gold Necklace!  This Magical piece has been infused and activated with Light Frequencies by Taylor herself and is to remind you every day who you truly are every single day.

And there's more...

You’ll also receive a custom made, exclusive for the ASCEND tribe, white leather journal with all the details you need to integrate your inner work with,  plus a gold pen to keep you high vibe when releasing through your writings. Your package will also include bundle of Ethically Sourced Sage to clear your space so you can Activate on a deeper level.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...

You may be thinking:

“I don’t have enough time for this”

“I won’t follow through, just like I never follow through with other programs”

“It costs too much”

“I am already in another program”

“It may work for others, but I bet it won’t work for me”

Let’s cut straight to the point:  Your stories are a direct reflection of where you are going.  If you have time-scarcity, money-scarcity or excuses that you’re consistently repeating… the Universe is going to continue to match those low frequencies with low-vibe opportunities and money.  

If you continue to lean into those beliefs you’re going to continue living the same life. Ascend is your opportunity to change it all. 

To finally say yes and be all-in on it.  

Ascend is your invitation to feel more alive and expanded than ever before. The offerings in this program are unprecedented and present a unique opportunity to discover and tap into your highest self.  This is your chance to  wake up every morning and delight in true and utter freedom, joy and peace. To know that anything is possible for you. You’re made it here for a reason. You’ve made it here because the goddess inside of you is ready to spread her wings and ascend into an elevated, expanded existence. This is your invitation…. Answer the call and say yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the Live Coaching calls?
A: You will have access to those dates the moment you join.  The first one isn’t until the week of the 8th so you have plenty of time to put it on your calendar.

Q: Is there a Payment Plan?
A: Yes!  You can join today for only $844 and then pay off the remaining 3.

Q: Do I only have access during the 8 weeks?
A:  Nope. You have access to Ascend for life!  Even if I ever make updates, you get those too.

Q: Do I have to have Facebook for this?
A:  Not at all.  There is a FB Group piece but it’s not an obligation. 

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to get the most out of this?
A: If you have 20 minutes of quiet time, that is enough.  It’s about making it a priority and fitting it into your life without feeling pressure since it’s go at your own pace.

Q: Is there one-on-one support during this?
A:  Yes!  On our Live calls you get one-on-one time with me to ask questions, be supported in moving through blocks and anything else you need guidance in.

Chakra Icon Set by Cass Reese from the Noun Project.
Laptop & Cell Phone Mock-up created by Aleksandr Samrochernyi.