Frequently Asked Questions for Ascend

  1. Question: What is the difference between The Abundant Life Experience & Ascend?
    Answer: We cover a variety of topics from Law of Attraction, Human Design, High Vibe Habits, so it’s a great “starter” place for your Spiritual Journey.  Ascend is the next level to ALE as we fine tune and go into all the Chakras which covers Money, Sexuality, Confidence, Love, Speaking your Truth, Awakening your Third Eye and connecting with your Spirit Guides/Source.    Ascend is an expander for the ALE which is why I recommend if you’re in The ALE to 100% join Ascend too because it will AMPLIFY what you’ve done in there.  
    ALE = starting place for your journey.  Ascend = you’ve read all the books, listened to all the Podcasts & started “doing the work” and are ready for the next level!

  2. Question: When are the 3 Live Group Calls?
    Answer:  I’ve listened to the needs of many women that weekday evenings are hard to make calls to bc of Life, so we are having the calls on Sunday early evening’s (no weekdays)  This way many more women can attend the calls.

  3. Question:  Will this help me to become more financially abundant?
    Answer: YES!  An open Root & Sacral Chakra will literally allow you to become a magnet for Money.

  4. Question:  Do I have to live in the USA to join?
    Answer: 10000% no! We have women from all over the world in Ascend!

  5. Question:  What if I’ve never done any work with my Chakras?

    Answer: GREAT!  Ascend is the perfect place to start your journey with them.

  6. Question:  Do I need Facebook to participate? 
    Answer: NOPE!  All our calls are on Zoom.

  7. Question:  How long do I get access to the materials?
    Answer:  For LIFE!  Once you purchase, it’s yours for forever.

  8. Question:  If you add more things into Ascend overtime, will I get access to them?
    Answer: YEP!  & all Ascend Alumni get access to any bonus guest expert calls that I’ll be doing.

  9. Question:  Why is the investment for it where it is? $3333?
    Answer:  Because the material in there is truly valued at over $15,000 but I wanted to make this accessible to anyone who is ready to invest in this way.  When you invest in yourself (& release the need to just keep doing “free” or “cheaper” things) you show up on a whole new frequency, thus you will become a money magnet to receive that, + so much more, back into your life.   This is years of work & investing in myself that I’ve compiled into one space for you that’s easy to digest.

  10. Question:  How is the material set up?
    Answer:  When you sign up, you will immediately receive an email  with your log-in information to the Ascend Only portal.  In this you’ll log-in and see the Welcome Video right away.  Then each week a new lesson will be released and show in your portal.  This will be a Video, Worksheet + Meditation.

  11. Question:  When will Ascend open again?
    Answer:  I 100% do not have an answer, as I let my guides guide me to when to release it.  It could be 1 more time this year, it could be zero.  That’s why I always suggest if you feel the call, to join now.