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What would like feel & be like if you never had to stress about Money again?
Pretty damn Freeing right?

Do you want Money to flow to you with ease and to feel relaxed receiving it?

Do you want your relationship with Money to be fun, limitless and thriving?

Are you so ready to finally let go of the deep rooted fear you currently have around Money and replace it by creating a sexyAF partnership with it?

If so, I see you.
I am here to help you do exactly that and more.

When you begin to heal your wounds around Money, understand and let go of where the unworthiness stories are rooted in and fully release the constant cycle of wanting to have money but then gripping it for dear life when you do have it (or quickly letting it go!)…

… life gets really fucking good.

That’s where Becoming WealthyAF comes in.

The Journey

6 Video Lessons

Juicy, in-depth yet easy-to-consume Video trainings that guide you through it all. First Lesson available August 9th!

6 Recap Worksheets

Anchor in all that you learned on the Video lessons & watch how you easily release what once held you back.

Interactive Sisterhood Community

This is where you will get to meet women who are on the same path as you, who see you, get you and want to grow with you.

Secret AbundantAF Playlist

Curated just for you and your sisters to move, dance and get empowered to!

The Method

Becoming WealthyAF was created to support you, dear Goddess, in going from worry to pure juicy FREEDOM around receiving Money. 

Becoming WealthyAF was birthed to help you create an AbundantAF life where you can have this and that. 

Becoming WealthyAF is meant to be in your life if you are someone who wants to finally be worry-free around Money and instead see it flow in with effortless grace & ease.

Investment in Full

$ $1111 Once
  • Save $29
  • Lifetime Access
  • Interactive Community
  • Live Group Coaching Calls

Investment Plan

$ $380 Once
  • 3 Payments of $380
  • Lifetime Access
  • Interactive Community
  • Live Group Coaching Calls

In this exact moment you have two choices..

#1 Continue to live life the same as you always have, attract from the frequency you always have, and in return receive the same results you always have.

#2 Do something for yourself, for your future and finally see the Abundance and Money you have been wanting so badly flow into your life with ease by joining Becoming WealthyAF

You felt called to come learn more about this journey for a reason, because you are ready for it.

You are worthy of it.
I see you.
I got you.
Let’s do this.

I am SO ready to Become WealthyAF

What People are Saying...

"Taylor’s class has taught me so much about myself. It has changed the way I think about not just money, but so many other areas of my life.. Highly recommend it!”
“The biggest win that came from the class was finding this relief in my money situation and almost like breaking these chains or just surrendering what is when it came to my money before I joined the class and then how I envisioned and saw my money after the class… …I think about the way that I’m speaking to myself about money but there’s actions that I’ve consistently been taking since doing the class which have ultimately brought more money into my life.” Rebecca B.
"Taylor was the catalyst that set me on my journey of self discovery. She gave me the confidence to start a business that I've dreamt of my entire life. She released my stress and fear around money."