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I see you at the end of April…

spring is showing up and you’re realising that everything that we planted together over the winter,

is now blooming and you have more free time,

more spaciousness and systems are set up and now that next level is already happening and even moving faster because you now finally have a scalable business.

EXPAND is about receiving high level support + ideas on refining, putting systems into place and letting your business scale itself.

A new era of your business is upon you… 

Welcome to… EXPAND.


With such an array of clientele, they each have one thing in common:

Their desire to scale their businesses in a way that feels fun, easy, light and clear.

Which means: finding the sweet spot between a solid masculine structure and their creative visionary ideas to flourish within = magneticAF = sustainable scaling.

Here’s what I know to be true 8 years into being a full time Entrepreneur:

There’s thousands of mentors and programs out there that can help you scale your business. 

But choosing to work with one who embodies the lifestyle and feeling you desire, is a game-fucking-changer.

One that has similar core values.

Because you can be given ideas, strategies, feedback and guidance from an expert – but if that exchange is infused in that is coming from core values opposite than yours…

the results are going feel…

unfulfilling, dry and empty.

Therefore no matter how much money you make… it will never be enough.

Thank god there’s another way.  The way I’ve discovered and have helped all of my clients with as well.

So when they do make more money in their business, it feels effortless and sexy.

What are core values and why are they important to have in your business?
They’re the foundation of which every single choice is made from.

Before I do anything in my business I ask myself:

“Will this create more _____ in my business and thus my life?”

– insert core value –

Therefore, I want to share with you some of my core values to see if we are a match:

Time Freedom:  I want to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want and know my business is thriving without me in it.
Pleasure > Pressure:  I will-not and do-not do anything in my business from a place of pressure.  This allows the money that flows in and out to only be infused with pleasure therefore I can fully enjoy every facet of my life, feeling light and clearAF.
Joy + Play:  I want to feel joy while working on my business, even when I’m in the manusea.  Because if it doesn’t bring me more joy, it’s infused with ‘shoulds’ and heaviness and that then gets carried into my personal life.  No thank you.   I keep play in there as an obvious: I want my business to feel light and thus playful so it only attracts people who are also light.

If you feel aligned with any of these, I see you so clearly and get where you want to go.

Who is Expand For: 

The multifaceted, creative Entrepreneur who is already making money and desires to:

Who is Expand For: 

The multifaceted, creative Entrepreneur who is already making money and desires to:

What's Included

The Celebration Retreat in… Greece!

Because Goddesses who are choosing to EXPAND deserve an All-Inclusive vibeyAF celebration vacation in… GREECE, am I right?! 

The only thing you’ll need to cover is getting yourself to Greece and then you get to lean back and be fully taken care of for everything else.

We will be having this Goddess Retreat towards the end of our 7 month journey as a celebration of all the wins that took place and setting the intentions in that powerful vortex for what’s to continue unfolding moving forward.

From a private chef, catamaran on the Sea, dancing and whatever other magic Greece has in store for us… it’s going to be the most luxurious experience yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our first call is the week of October 2nd, 2023.
Plan for 90 minutes – 2 hours.   Everyone gets 1:1 time with me on the call and I only wrap up when everyone’s been supported and feels clear on what their focus is.
All food, housing, workshops and excursions are fully covered.  The only thing you need to pay for is your transportation to Greece.