Your Soul has Called You Here for a Reason,

because it’s your time to shine.

When you learn how to step Fearlessly into your Higher Self, Own who you are Unapologetically and Tap into the Frequency of Money…

the Freedom you desire, comes effortlessly!

Hi, I’m Taylor

Through my proven methodology of combining Science (Neuroscience), Spirituality (Tapping into Source Energy) and Mysticism (Unlimited Potential), I help women go from being stuck, knowing they’re meant for so much more, to stepping fearlessly into their Super Power.

Your Soul Higher Self has a mission.  It’s time for you to remove the veil of limiting beliefs, past traumas and fears that’s keeping it from doing it’s thing – ie: serving powerfully. I am here to help you uncover your Soul’s DNA Blueprint, reveal to you who your Highest Self truly is, which will then allow you to tap into the highest of frequencies that  contain everything you desire within them – allowing your dream life to unfold effortlessly and with ease.

Let’s Discover Your Higher Self

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How I Shine

It is my mission to empower women around the world, whether that be virtually, in-person groups or on stages in front of thousands, to release what no longer serves them and step confidentially into their Highest Selves.

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