Magical Mushroom immersion

September 5th - 10th, 2023

With Taylor and Tish

A psilocybin assisted therapy retreat for women in Costa Rica

A psilocybin assisted therapy retreat for women in Costa Rica

Connect with your higher self, heal from past traumas, and let go of what’s no longer serving you in a safely held circle of women with assisted psilocybin journeys!

Sisters, you are invited to join us for a 6 day Magical Mushroom Immersion in Costa Rica!  This retreat has been intentionally curated for women who are interested in learning how to work with psilocybin for healing and wellbeing. 

Our Magical Mushroom Immersion is an integrative experience designed to guide you through an elemental healing journey and an opportunity to learn about the potency of the fungi world.  This journey will offer you a safe container to explore your potential for growth and evolution.  The immersion is for women only and curated for sisters who are ready to meet themselves in a NEW way, to connect with the wisdom of our bodies, cultivate a deeper relationship with the earth and take time for self reflection and integration.

Benefits of working with psilocybin assisted therapy:

Benefits of working with psilocybin assisted therapy:

Supports Physical Wellbeing
Addiction & Habit breaking
Reduce Depression
Fosters a Sense Of Connectivity
Enhance Energy Levels
Enhance Creativity & Cognitive Performance
Gain Clarity & Inspiration 
Opens you up to new perspective

This retreat is for you if:
You are seeking inner transformation and growth
You are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself and nature
You are seeking a creativity and cognitive boost
You are curious about understanding the power of medicinal mushrooms
You are feeling a call to gather with sisters and celebrate life in the jungle

Workshops on …
How to cultivate a microdosing practice in your daily life
The power of healing mushroom supplements and tinctures
Embracing our Shadow
Integrative Sound therapy 
Somatic breathwork practices
Elemental ecstatic dance journey
Water purification ceremony 
Mushroom foraging in the jungle
Yin & restorative yoga
Nervous system rest with nidra

Some of our Guest Teachers

Laura Dawn

Psychedelic Leadership

Haris Adele

Sound Healer

Harmony Rose

Integration Guide

Diana Arroyo

Fungi Medicine Healer

Lala Palmieri

Herbalist & Fungui Educator

Ursula Jensen

Ceremony Guide

Amanda Joy

Somatic Therapist & Sacred Arts Healing

We will offer two assisted psilocybin ceremonies during our Magical Mushroom Immersion 

Your experience may include:

Mystical states of consciousness, Well-being, Challenging and confronting visions, Positivity, Overcoming destructive attachments, Confidence, Deep and lasting sense of connection, Openness, Remembering meaningful memories, Optimism, Processing childhood experiences, Gratitude, Experiences of intense love and bliss, Connection, Synesthesia — see sounds, Creativity, Identify and release suppressed feelings, Awareness, Intellectual epiphanies, Sensitivity, Heightened states of creativity, Clarity, Joy, Enhanced self-acceptance and compassion, Peace & Peak experiences!

*While there are no guarantees as to what kind of journey you will have – these are the most-commonly known types of psychedelic experiences.

Our Guiding Process:

  1. Application
    All retreat guests must apply to be considered for this retreat experience
    >> Apply Here <<

  2. Preparation
    Preparation begins the moment you commit to experiencing your deepest truth with us, your facilitators, and the mushrooms as your allies. Simply committing to the process will bring about major shifts in your perspectives and priorities, individual health screening and one group call via Zoom.

  3. Retreat Immersion Experience
    Carefully Designed Ceremony Set & Setting
    Somatic movement, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Breathwork, Shadow work & Relational practices, educational workshops on the healing powers of mushrooms. Ceremonial Truffles Containing Psilocybin.

  4. Integration
    After you return home from your time on retreat, we will support your re-entry into daily life as you continue to process the insights, perceptions and visions you’ve experienced. We offer one group zoom call for integration and an opportunity to dive deeper into integrating this experience in a group container.

at the beautiful Kinkara Retreat Center

Our retreat center Kinkara is tucked away at the foot of Mt. Chirripó in Costa Rica’s biodiverse Southern Zone, Kinkara is an experiential luxury resort for one-of-a-kind activities, personal relaxation, and collective group adventures. Whether swimming in a jungle waterfall, savoring exquisite farm-to-table cuisine, or finding inner peace through yoga, Kinkara Luxury Retreat offers moments of self-discovery, a path to renewed ideas, and amazing connections with nature.

Private Belle Tent - Invest in Full

$ 4,900
  • Save $300 when you invest in full!

Private Belle Tent - Payment Plan

$ 1,500
  • Reserve your spot with $1500 down payment!

Shared Belle Tent - Invest in Full

$ 3,900
  • Save $300 when you invest in full!

Shared Belle Tent - Payment Plan

$ 1,500
  • Reserve your spot with $1500 down payment!


Getting There

Airfare and transportation to the retreat location are not included in this experience, as many people are coming in on different days to add to their adventure.

Carpool recommendations + companies we recommend to use from the airports will be shared to support you.
If you’re arriving by plane, we recommend trying to book a flight that lands on the 4th so you can have a day to get grounded in Costa Rica before arriving at the Center on the 5th.  

The best airport to fly into is San Jose in Costa Rica and then you can take a shuttle to the Center or a small charter flight.  The location is very accessible and we will support you with how to get there smoothly. 

We will be wrapping up the morning of the 10th.

Refund Policy
The Retreat is 100% NON-Refundable.  Once your spot is saved it is entirely yours and your investment has been allocated towards your spot and the activities you will be enjoying.  No exceptions at all as we take your commitment and our commitment to serve you very seriously.

Late Fee Policy
If you use the Payment Plan option the payment needs to be fully completed 30 days prior to day one of the retreat.  For every day the payment is late there will be a $50 charge.