Discover, unlock and activate the 4 phases of The MAGNETIC Process that will put you in a clearer, lighter and overall more receptive state with money.

Your Four Week Experience

Phase one, you will be walked through The Unkinking Method (an UNTAMED signature) that will clear your past and future timelines in a way that will leave you feeling lighter around your ability to call more money in and knowing for sure that any previous glass ceilings you had around money have been dissolved.

Phase two in the MAGNETIC Process, you will learn how to plant the amount of money you desire to call in and regulate your Nervous System to actually be able to then hold it so it can come in. You will feel the shift immediately take place as if you just exhaled the most delicious sigh of relief. Getting you ready to turn it up and on in Phase 3.

Phase three is a blend of science + the energetics of money. You will learn how to utilize your own internal battery with the magnetic field that is earth in a way that will make you tingle in all the right places. Making you the embodiment and vibration of abundance. 24/7 baby.

This final Masterclass in the MAGNETIC Process you will learn how to truly collapse time and quantum leap all while simultaneously sitting back in your lounge chair sipping on a cool refreshing drink with a smile on your face. Once you learn how to be constantly expanding your field in this class, you'll wonder how you've ever done it any other way.



  • 4 Masterclasses in Video and Audio options.
  • Community led chat to share breakthroughs, wins and connect with your sisters.
  • Pre-homework + curated Spotify Playlist to anchor in the work with.
  • Lifetime access to the Member’s Only Portal where all Masterclasses + any bonus material will be held.

I read this quote, “We don’t create abundance. We create limitations. Abundance is always present.”

I don’t actually think you created it. And yet… it’s still present.

So let’s do something about it!


$ $999 Once