Scale to Serve, Receive with Ease.

BENEFITS you'LL Receive AS A Mastermind MEMBER:

Bi-Weekly Group Calls with Taylor

Bi-Weekly Guest Expert Group Calls

WhatsApp Brainstorming & Accountability Group

Direct Access to Taylor via WhatsApp

 3 Day Expansion Experience in Sedona, Arizona 

You’ve probably already realized that this Mastermind is going to help you make a bigger impact in the world. It will drastically increase your revenue, and help you truly step into your Higher Self, and all that includes.  It’s for the entrepreneur who wants to grow into the number one trusted authority in their industry, elevate their ability to give, and leave a massive impact on their community and the world.

I am so excited to have you join us in The Higher Self Mastermind.  As you know, this Mastermind is by application and invitation only, and that is to ensure that everyone in it is a good fit and will both learn from the group as well as help teach the others there.  We will be working with each other and holding each other accountable as we go through the year with a determination level that you haven’t experienced yet.

Scale to Serve.
Receive with Ease.
Is the theme for our 6 months of working together because you I believe scaling our business gets to be effortless and receiving high financial exchange for that gets to be easy.

The connections and relationships you will build in this Mastermind will create long-term ROI in your business and life.  The Guest Experts, who are the best of the best, will provide you with ideas, tools and strategies to apply to your business in a way that feels good and will generate revenue.  

This elite and high-vibe Mastermind is for the aligned boss babe who wants to once and for all transcend into multiple 76-figures or more in the upcoming year!

WHO IS THIS Mastermind FOR:

Heart Centered Women passionate about serving their communities.

Excited to create impact and receive massive financial abundance in exchange for it.

Ready to shift into operating your business in the Divine Feminine way.

Already serving clients and receiving financial exchange for it.

Looking to deepen in your Truth as a leader, mentor and/or coach.

Connecting with other women on the same path and supporting them fully.

Ready to scale their business into the multiple 6-figures, or more, range.



There are two options to choose from while joining the Highest Self Mastermind. Please choose the best option for you.

Monthly Investment

$ 2,700 Monthly for 6 Months
  • 1:1 Coaching call with Taylor​
  • Weekly Groups Calls
  • WhatsApp Group​
  • 2 Day All Inclusive Expansion Experience in Sedona

One-Time Investment

$ 14,000 Save $2,200 by investing in Full
  • 1:1 Coaching call with Taylor
  • Weekly Groups Calls
  • WhatsApp Group​
  • 2 Day All Inclusive Expansion Experience in Sedona