Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast!  Today I am joined by my Ayahuasca retreat attendee and fellow medicine woman, Jessica Dyer.

In this episode, you will hear all about Jessica’s journey and her experience as she sat with Ayahuasca.

Through this conversation she shares what it was like making the decision to say yes to this call, finding the financial resources, and choosing to go all in on this healing journey, all while navigating mom guilt and the mental blocks that come up when you’re expanding. 

In this episode you will hear:

- Jessica’s call to attend an Ayahuasca retreat before she knew what it was

- What to do when your body gets the call but your mind presents obstacles

- Navigating the “mom guilt” and financial scarcity of putting yourself first and what motherhood gets to look like

- The taste of Ayahuasca and what the ceremony actually looks like

- What it was like after the retreat, the journey of returning home completely changed

- The power of integration after Ayahuasca 

- What Jessica has created since she chose to walk the medicine path

- Shifting the relationship with money, wealth, and abundance

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