Welcome to The Embodied Women Podcast! Today I am joined by the incredible Catcaitlinn Vermeulen aka Cato.

In this episode, we talk about all things astrology and how to use it to amplify who you are.

Cato shares with us her journey with plant medicine, tips on navigating limiting beliefs, and of course tools to start using astrology in your life.

In this episode you will hear:

- Cato's plant medicine journey and what she’s currently moving through 

- What is a Saturn return and what happens when you reach it

- The journey of moving through a father's wound

- The importance of leaning in and understanding your suffering

- Ways you can start practicing tantra now without a partner

- Some limiting beliefs Cato is currently navigating that are preventing her from her next level of abundance

- The difference between evolutionary vs western astrology

- How to use astrology to achieve the life you desire

- How to start leaning into your destiny and find your transits

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Connect with Cato:

@catcaitlinn | www.asabovesobelow.eu

Sexual Awakening Playlist by Cato: Listen Now

Find Your Archetype: Take The UNTAMED Archetype Quiz here


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