Breast Orgasms & Divine Sexuality with Bibi Brzozka : Episode 283

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Bibi’s take on the word abundance 
  • What led Bibi to shift from a false pleasure lifestyle into true aligned pleasure
  • How to start leaning into and healing your sexuality 
  • Why self pleasure is so important and how to change your perspective around this topic
  • What are some different ways to approach masturbation more intentionally 
  • How self-pleasure impacts sexual connection with your partner
  • Some tips to help you navigate the conversation with your partner around self-intimacy
  • What is a breast orgasm and the magic our breasts hold
  • Navigating through the conditioning of what breasts are for and the findings behind implant illness
  • Learning to connect to your breast and beginner tips to start your exploration
  • The benefits of doing the work around self-love and self-pleasure 
  • What happens to your energy when you’re sexually liberated 



Today, I got to talk with the beautiful Bibi Brzozka. In this episode we dive deep into sexual liberation, healing our sexuality, masturbation, exploring your body, breast orgasms and so much more. Bibi shares with us her story, what led her on her journey and why she is so passionate about helping women shift into this space of self-pleasure and intimacy. You will find incredible, beginner friendly, tips that will help you get started on your journey to full body exploration. 


Meet Bibi:

Bibi is a love, sex and relationship coach, holistic sexuality speaker, and conscious living specialist. She has presented her trailblazing, disruptive approach to sexuality, Energetic Lovemaking, throughout the world. This heart-opening, taboo-crushing course creates spaces for conversation and plants seeds for exploration of conscious sexuality. Bibi is also the Wellness Director at Nômade Hotel in Tulum where she creates and curates distinctive holistic programming.

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