Coronavirus and Empowering Yourself Through the Pain of The World: Episode 209


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

How are you doing today? Seriously, I want you to take just a minute to check in with yourselves. How are you feeling? What thoughts and emotions are rushing through your mind right now? 

We are still right in the center of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a scary time, and I know many of you out there are experiencing fear, uncertainty, overwhelm, scarcity, and anxiety. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we spend some time every day checking in with ourselves, realizing what our feelings are, and finding ways to love and fully support each other.

That’s why I wanted to take some time today to give you some of the most important lessons I have learned during this crazy time. Sister, I want to fully support you! And I truly believe that even though we’re in a fucking hot mess, it can be a beautiful hot mess if we choose to find the silver lining and learn the lessons the universe is trying to teach us.

Before I get started, though — I want you to know that if you need some extra love and support during this challenging time, you need to check out my membership group, the Abundant Life Experience. Y’all, this program is so special. The Abundant Life Experience is a community of high-vibe women who are dedicated to supporting each other.

I know many of you are in quarantine with people who are low-vibe and sucking the life out of you. But we all need a community of women who will help you out of scarcity and fear and encourage you to stay high-vibe and inspired. If you’re in that situation, I really want to encourage you to check out the Abundant Life Experience! I would love to encourage you and support you during this time. We’re in this thing together, ladies, so let’s fucking be in it together!

Okay, with that, let’s get started! Here are the top four beautiful life lessons I’ve learned during this pandemic.

Lesson #1: The Only Moment We Can Control Is Right Now

Sister, I want you to know that — no matter what — you are stuck in the present moment. No matter how much you might wish you could jump back into the past and change some things around or jump into the future and make sure everything is okay, you can’t. The only moment that you have any control over is this one — right this second.

And here’s the funny thing: that’s always been true. We have never been able to change our past actions, and we’ve never been able to predict the future. I think many of us are just really feeling the pain and struggle of that right now because we want to know that everything will be okay. We want to know that this pandemic is going to end, and we’re going to be able to go outside and go back to our jobs and smile at each other in the grocery store because we don’t have to wear masks.

But don’t you see, sisters? Mother Nature is in control. She knows what the future holds — you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to worry about is the present moment because it’s the only thing you can change.

So ask yourself: “How do I need to show up for myself in this moment right now?” How can you let go of your fear of the future and just be there for yourself right now? What do you need to do during this time to grow and love yourself and become the woman you want to be?

You have a beautiful opportunity right now. The universe has given us some extra time — what do you need to do with it? Do you need to learn to meditate or journal every day? Do you have a hobby you want to start or a book you want to read? Do you want to spend more time with your partner or your children? Do you need to find a new way to fill up your own cup?

Whatever you need to do, I want to encourage you to show up for yourself and do it! You can only control this moment right now. How are you going to use it? Sister, I want to encourage you to choose to show up for yourself! You deserve it, and it’s going to make this time so much more beautiful for you. Choose to let go of the fear of the future and scarcity and lack and instead focus on the wonderful opportunity you have to show up for yourself and use the present moment for your good.

Lesson #2: Where Your Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Y’all know I say this all the time, but it has never been more true than it is right now: Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Sister, how many times have you said something like, “If I only had the time, I’d start working out and losing weight,” or “If I had five extra hours a day, I would finally start my side business”? We’ve all said things like that! As humans, we have been crying out for more time to do the things we’ve been dreaming about.

And the universe listened! The universe actually heard our cries for more time and gave us what we asked for! We have been in this pattern of going, going, going, and hustling, hustling, hustling, and our attention was going toward our collective desire for more hours in the day. So Our energy flowed in that direction too, and as a result, the universe has forced us to slow down. That is an incredible gift! The question is: What are you going to do with it?

Where is your attention going now? If you start putting your attention on creating, inner reflection, or personal growth, that’s where your energy will flow, and you can use this time to grow and vibe on a higher frequency than ever before. If you give your attention to your family and start looking for new ways to invest in your relationships with them, that’s where your energy will flow, and you’ll come out of this time with stronger relationships than ever before.

Sister, I want you to do a little exercise with me right now. I want you to write down three things you’ve wanted to do but you just haven’t been able to make time for. Seriously, pull out a piece of paper, a notebook, or your journal and write down a list of three things you’ve been wishing you had time for.

When you have your list, take a picture of it, post it to Instagram, and tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson. I want to be your accountability partner! I want to love you and support you as you use your new downtime to pursue your dreams and elevate your frequency. I want to encourage you not to give in to laziness or fear or frustration. I want to help you to use this time to build a #AbundantAF life for yourself! Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. If you start reprioritizing where you put your attention, your energy will flow in new directions, and you’ll literally transform your life.

Lesson #3: I’ve Learned What My Values Are

Y’all, I want you to know that during this time, I have really been leaning into myself and learning a lot about who I am. I have learned so much about my life values and core priorities. For example, I’ve learned that one of my core priorities is freedom. I strongly value the freedom to just jump on a plane and travel, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can do that again.

Have you had time to connect with yourself and discover what your core life values are? Have you taken the time to sit and reflect? Maybe during this time in quarantine with your family, you’ve realized that you place a lot of value on spending time with your children. That is so important and beautiful, and I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to realize that! Now you have the chance to shift your priorities and structure your routine so that you can spend more time with your kids.

Maybe instead, you’ve realized that one of your strongest values is treating Mother Nature with love. I know that’s been a big one for me during this time! And so now we have this tremendous gift of knowing that the way we treat Mother Nature is essential to who we are, and we can make sure we’re doing the things we need to do to take care of her. We can reconsider our habits around eating meat, using water, and spending money. We can look at our lives and find ways to feed our souls by caring for our environment.

Sister, take some time to reflect on yourself and your values. What are your core priorities? How have they changed during this time? And how can you invest in them? How can you grow into alignment with your values?

A great way to do this is to ask yourself, “What do I take for granted?” I know for me, I used to take for granted the time I got to spend with my precious little niece. I haven’t been able to see her recently because she’s very young, and I don’t want to risk exposing her to the virus, but I’ve realized that I was not fully honoring the time I got to spend with her before. Now, I’m looking forward to spending time with her again with even more love and joy than before.

What have you been taking for granted? What do you need to honor in your life? Reflect on what your true values are, and make sure you find ways to honor those things!

Lesson #4: Reach Out to People

The final beautiful life lesson I want to share with you today is this: It is absolutely essential to reach out to people and check on them.

I know I don’t have to tell you that this has been a challenging time for a lot of us. Some of us are sick. Some of us are lonely. We’re scared, we’re unemployed, and we’re struggling and suffering in a million different ways. 

That’s why we all need love and support from others now more than ever. And here’s the thing: social distancing is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, we still can’t go out with our friends or travel to see our families. But we can make phone calls. We can send texts. We email, DM, or video chat.

And here’s the thing — while those things can never fully replace in-person interaction, they can be enough to remind someone that they’re not alone. They can be enough to show the people you care about that you are there, you’re concerned about how they feel and want to make them feel loved. And that is essential right now — even for the introverts in your life! Everyone needs to feel loved, and you have the power and the opportunity to reach out and make other people feel supported.

If you want a fantastic way to do that, try writing cards for people in a nursing home near you! I promise you — there are plenty of people in any nursing home who would be so encouraged and uplifted by a note from you!

That has been so true for my grandparents! My granddad lives in an apartment but my grandma is in assisted living, and they haven’t been able to see each other. They have been so fucking lonely, and this has been such a painful time for them. So, to help them out, I shared their address on Instagram so anyone could send them a card, and guess what? Y’all that cheered them up so much. They received hand-written notes and pictures from people’s children, and it brought them so much joy to realize that there are people out there who care about them and want them to feel some happiness during this time!

If you’d like to write to my grandparents too, please DM me on Instagram! They would love to hear from you! And even if you don’t write to them, consider who else you might write to. Heck, just scroll through your contacts, find someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and just say, “Hey! I just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you today. I care about you!”

You have the power to help people feel encouraged, supported, and loved. Use that power! Reach out and check on the people around you and show them that they’re never truly alone, even though they may have been feeling lonely.

You Are Not Alone

Sister, I just want to remind you — You are not alone. You are never truly alone.

I know this time has been difficult. The whole world is in a giant mess right now. But there is always a silver lining! There are beautiful life lessons we can take from this time. There are so many things we can learn and so many ways we can shift our attention and start building new and more abundant lives. The universe has given us a tremendous gift — let’s not waste it!

And sister, I just want to encourage you again to check out my Abundant Life Experience. This community of women is really fucking magical. We love and support one another, and I know it’s been an incredible space for many women to grow and build friendships even during this time of quarantine.

But even if Abundant Life Experience isn’t right for you, I still want to support you! If you want a little personal support, DM me on Instagram. Shoot me a message and tell me how I can love you today. Just make sure you bring your positive attitude and willingness to see the silver lining!

Sister, I hope you know I love you. And I hope you felt encouraged by the four life lessons I shared today! Now get back to your day, start looking for the silver lining, and choose happiness because — well, why the fuck not?

I love y’all! Talk to ya later!


Key Takeaways: 

+ Isn’t it crazy how things change so quickly?
+ How are you feeling right now?
+ Get present and ask yourself: how am I really doing?
+ How do you release the control of what´s happening right now?
+ We live in a chaotic world all the time
+ Nothing is in our control
+ Don’t you see mother nature is in control?
+ Everything we need comes to us
+ Where your attention goes, energy flows
+ Do not fall victim to this
+ Utilize this time, don’t let it got to waste
+ The world needs massive healing right now
+ What really matters to me the most?
+ What did we take for granted before?
+ Send light and love to someone else
+ This is the time to check on people that you love

Standout Quotes:

“How emotionally draining is the consumption of media?”

“What if you released the fear of the future and live the gift of living right now?”

“How can you allow yourself to release the need to control everything, everyone, and every situation?”