How to Wake up the World through Controversy: Episode 214


Hey sister! Welcome back to A Taylored Adventure to Happiness! If you are new, welcome! If you’re a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

You know the phrase, “history repeats itself?” Yeah, ain’t that the truth. It’s funny how as we go through life, the same type of lessons and situations happen over and over again. If we look back at each of them with an open heart and open mind, we can see that these repeating patterns are simply a mirror of our growth. Allow yourself to receive the messages that life is bringing you, and you can rise and thrive to a life of abundance. 

I have recently had to re-live and re-learn a lesson that I learned in the past. This is the lesson of how to handle losing followers because of stating my opinion. Actually I’ve learned to celebrate this situation! 

In today’s episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness, we are going to dive into what I learned about controversy and losing followers who aren’t aligned with me. We’re going to talk about healing ourselves to heal others, and how losing following can mean gaining soul-sisters. So let’s dive into another juicy scoop episode. Thanks for joining me on this installment in our journey to abundance! 

How Losing Followers Means Gaining Soul-Sisters 

Ok, so if you have been following me for a while, you know that about three years ago I did a full-blown shift into mystic science and spirituality. I had been teaching mindset for years before that, but a few years ago I decided to go all-in on the weird AF shit. And I’ve been loving every second of it! 

When I pivoted from doing fitness and health & wellness to the deeper spiritual side of things, the people who had been following me for the fitness content immediately unfollowed me. It was a massive shift in my account. Seriously. I lost about 10,000 followers. Even though the majority of those people loved me for me, they were triggered by all the new mindset stuff that I was teaching. 

But guys, guess what? Over time, they have come back. I’ve had a lot of people who at first unfollowed me re-follow and DM me. They shared that they initially unfollowed me because they weren’t ready to align themselves with my message. They weren’t ready to work through the raw stuff. And I just smiled. Because I understand the cycle. I’ve done that before too, and then later realized that I was just not ready to reflect on a disowned part of me. And that’s ok. 

I have absolutely adored surrendering to my gifts of being what I like to call a mystical-unicorn- divine-goddess for a while now. I have been very vocal about my personal opinions, values, and priorities. Really, I’ve been like that since I was a child. I’m pretty sure it’s the Leo in me who just doesn’t give a fuck what people think. Because what’s the point in that? 

You all know also know that I don’t microdose my community. I share what I feel called to share, and what I align with. If I have discovered something that I have a feeling my community would benefit from, I share it! We are a tight-knit tribe–a soul family, as you well know if you are reading this! I don’t have time do a little dance around my beliefs and slowly release them to the world. 

 So through this journey of aligning myself with my inner goddess and being vocal AF about what I believe, I have had a steady loss of followers. For example, I shared my beliefs about the negative health effects of 5G towers and how they are jumbling our frequency to channel the divine (google this–it’s fucking insane). The moment I put this out there, I saw a huge drop in followers who did not align with what I was sharing. 

I could have freaked out. I could have been like “Oh my gosh I’m losing followers and there are people who disagree with me and I’m so uncomfortable with that.” But I didn’t. I had learned from my earlier transition from fitness content to spirituality. I remembered how people came back around in time. If they didn’t, that was ok too! 

Because guys, here’s the beautiful thing. Losing people who didn’t align with my message made space for so many amazing women to come into the tribe! These new soul-sisters began to share all of the things I was generating and repost them. They began to message me saying “I’m so happy I found you. I love your transparency. I love you doing the research. I love that you share what you find and wake people up. You’ve helped my spiritual growth” So for all of the hundreds of people that would unfollow, I would get hundreds of amazing human beings added to my community. 

Sister, this is what happens when you stop caring what other people are going to think. When you share your beliefs and values, knowing that the people who disagree with you can just find another niche and make space for a soul sister who vibes with everything you vibe with! 

So I want you to sit on that for just a moment. Are you are starting to share your opinion and getting butthurt that you are losing followers? Tough love–get over it. Because those people are not meant for you. And good for them! They are going to have the energetic space to bring something different in their life that will benefit them. And you will have the energetic space to welcome people who align with your mindset into your life. Don’t take it personally. Use it as an opportunity to fill your community with the people who love your message and who you are! 

If you think about it this way, losing followers transforms from a negative “oh shit” moment to a beautiful chance to gain soul-sisters. It’s all a matter of mindset. Instead of getting upset at people for leaving, bring others into your light. 

Healing Yourself In Order to Heal Others 

Now that we’ve talked about how to view losing followers, let’s dive into the really tough stuff.  You and I both know that anytime we share our opinions, there’s gonna be backlash from people who think differently. And that’s ok! I love to hear people’s opinions. I get to learn more about them, and I get to learn more about myself. 

But a lot of times it’s easy to get offended or defensive when people comment negatively, disagree, or criticize our views. I had to deal with this very recently when it came to sharing my beliefs about the Coronavirus. Recently, during this time of quarantine and being inward, I have had a lot of time to tap more into my innate superpower that everyone has and see clearly that there was so much more going on with the Coronavirus than just the virus itself. I was able to see that the virus was mother nature saying “Hello, you are killing me. I need you to stay the fuck inside so I can rejuvenate myself. I need you to go inward so that you all, as humanity, can rejuvenate the world.” I saw it as a cry for help for the world to wake up. 

When I shared this, people started getting offended. I got so many comments of people saying “Don’t you realize that people are dying?” “How dare you talk about it like that?” If you listen to my podcast and know me, we have the same frequency. We’re besties. You know that the people that say this clearly don’t know me or my values or my heart. But that’s ok because they don’t need to get it. They need to heal. 

Instead of getting defensive and retaliating, I realized that the people who were commenting these things were coming from a place of fear. When other people are hurt, it’s a direct reflection of our pain that we may have healed from, but that they are still sitting in. Think about it. If we are all one, we are all a part of the same energetic life force that connects every one of us. The pain that I have healed from and released is still in the person who is commenting in fear. And I can understand that and hold space for that.

 So instead of getting defensive, I say “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I love you, I love you.” Am I sorry for what I said? No way. I hold my truths as a part of me. But I am sorry that they are still in fear. I’m sorry that they have the pain that they do. Instead of anger and highlighting the fear and pain, I can say, “Let me heal myself even more so you can hopefully pick up on that frequency.” Y’all, when heal ourselves, other people feel that. They reverberate with our positive healing energy and frequency of love. 

So when you share your opinion, you’re probably gonna get comments from those who can’t see the light, comments that reflect others’ pain and fear. We could get mad and think, “Why won’t they just wake up? Why don’t they get it? Don’t they see?” 

But sister, instead, we need to choose to heal ourselves to heal others. We need to say “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you, I love you.” We need to respect those who disagree with us, appreciate their opinion, and heal ourselves to heal them. So next time you get triggered or you don’t like someone’s view, ask yourself what needs to be acknowledged and loved a little more inside of you. Heal yourself. By healing ourselves, we will heal others. And by healing others, we can heal the world. 

Sharing Your Opinion Is Your Responsibility 

Ok, so now that we’ve established how to handle losing followers and negative comments, you have no excuse not to share your opinion. I’m going to say this bluntly because it’s just the truth. It is your responsibility to share your opinion. What’s the point of hiding your soul’s voice out of fear of what people are gonna think about you? 

Sister, a lot of my family thinks I’m fucking crazy and does not agree with my views, but they love me anyway and I love them! Can we butt heads on things? Sure. We have learned what to talk about and what not to talk about, and we can still get along with differing opinions. 

If you want to be a part of the “love army,” you have to share your values. You have to share your opinions in a loving way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ok to impose your opinions on other people in an egotistical, “look at me,” pushy way. That’s super low-vibe and isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.  There’s obviously a difference between sharing your opinion from a place of love and shoving your opinions down someone’s throat because you want attention. 

But if you have a fierce opinion on something, share it! You know someone that is following you–whether it be a family member, a friend, or a random stranger–needs to hear it. They might not know it yet, but they need to. What if you had a medicine that could heal someone from dying today and part of it requires you to share your voice? Would you keep it to yourself? Of course not! 

Well, the same goes for your opinion. Someone in your life needs to hear from you. They have the same opinion as you but are scared to share it, and it’s eating them alive. They feel alone, lost, and confused. Invalidated. No one in their family or community gets them. So please, spread your truth to them! 

Help wake them up by digging deep. Put your ego aside and the fear of what people are going to think or say in order to save them. You make a difference, whether you have 10 followers or 10,000. We all make a difference. 

Making an Impact With Your Truth 

Wow. I am so psyched that I got to share all that with you guys. I feel even more empowered than ever to share my truth fearlessly from a place of love, regardless of what people say. Sister, I hope you do too. 

I hope you can get excited when people unfollow you, and see that you’re releasing energetic space to fill with people who are on the same frequency as you. I hope you can learn to see where you need to heal when people comment negatively about your truth so that you can, in turn, heal them. I hope you remember that it is your responsibility to share your opinion with the world, no matter how scary or controversial you may think it is. You make an impact.

I’m going to leave you with this: If you feel called to do something, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Don’t put it on them. You do it. Take action. Step into your power, step into your truth. When you do that, you give permission to everyone around you to do the same.   

I love you. Thank you for being in this, this fight with me. This fight of love, of light. I see you. We got this. We’re in this together. 

Remember to always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 

Key Takeaways: 

+ Surrendering to my gifts from life
+ Help heal the world and wake people up
+ Fear versus love
+ We, as humanity, can rejuvenate the world
+ When other people are hurt, it´s a direct reflection of our pain
+ Let me heal myself even more
+ When we heal ourselves, other people feel that
+ We have to respect everyone opinions
+ When we hear people’s opinions, we learn about ourselves too
+ Really understand how we get to benefit from this
+ We are all the same, and we have to acknowledge that
+ Your frequency is different from mine, but that´s okay
+ Everybody gets to have their own view of things
+ Someone in your life needs to hear from you, always

Standout Quotes:

“You have a job in this soul, in this lifetime, to help raise the consciousness of the planet”

“Let me share my voice, my life and let the world know about what I think”

“Our responsibility is to share our values and what we believe in, to wake people up to what they need to know”