Balancing The Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies to Create Abundance in your Life: Episode 210


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Today, we’re talking about our divine masculine and feminine energies. Some of you may know what I’m talking about, and if you do, great! If not, that’s ok too because I’m here to tell you all about it! Either way, strap on your seat belts because what we are talking about today is going to completely change your outlook on life!

Think of this episode as a class that we were never taught growing up — This is the class of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Both are essential to a life of abundance and happiness. Each left alone by itself can lead to frustration and incompleteness. When you learn to infuse a balance of both divine masculine and feminine energies–that’s when life gets really fucking good. That’s what it’s all about. 

What are Masculine and Feminine Energies? 

First things first, let’s get something straight. When I say divine masculine and divine feminine energies, I’m not talking about masculinity or femininity, as in being a “masculine” man or a “feminine” woman. I’m talking about energies, which both men and women possess. I say this because they are very different things. I used to get confused when I heard people refer to masculinity and femininity and then talk about divine masculine and feminine energies. The two get conflated constantly, but they are not the same. All men and women alike are created to empower the divine feminine, and the same goes for the divine masculine! 

Ok, now that we’ve got that down, let’s talk about those divine energies! I used to thrive on being a “masculine-driven” woman, meaning I was always focused on getting shit done. Do, do, do. That was the narrative of my life. I never had time to rest. Like, really, truly rest. I was never taught — we are never taught — to balance this divine masculine energy with that of the divine feminine. It goes the other way around too! So many times we can find ourselves stuck suffocating in a pit of inaction and helplessness because we are afraid to embrace our divine masculine energy and stand up for ourselves. 

So many women struggle with this lack of balance, and so do men! It’s exhausting, life-draining, and confusing. Its an imbalance in the sense of peace and abundance that we crave. Can you feel it? 

The imbalance between our divine masculine and feminine energies is so deeply ingrained. It’s incredible. Think about growing up. As little girls, we were taught to with our dollhouses. We were taught to be moms, have babies, and go shopping with your tiny grocery cart. We were taught to mother and nurture our baby dolls, while the boys were taught to stay away from dolls. 

Unless, of course, they were  GI Joe action figures, killing and smashing and taking control. We were taught at a very young age “This is how it is supposed to be.” Girls are girly. Men are masculine. You know the phrase, “boys don’t cry.” Or the idea that girls are hyper-emotional. If only I had a dollar for every time I was told to “stop being so emotional.” I’d be really fucking rich. 

So you can see where the imbalance in our divine masculine and feminine comes from. We have been taught to embrace either our masculine energy or our feminine energy, depending on if we are male or female. But it doesn’t really work like that. 

Every male and every female has both masculine and feminine energies which are complementary to each other. And when you have a healthy, balanced amount of both  — that is when the magic happens. That’s when life clicks. What we’re doing today is breaking down the key to that balance by individually examining divine masculine and feminine energies and finding out how to use them together to find harmony and true abundance. 

The Divine Masculine: What Healthy Masculine Energy Looks Like 

So, first things first. What is the divine masculine? The divine masculine represents an archetype, an ideal of masculine energy. It is the highest, most inspiring, and truest expression of masculinity that is manifested through thoughts, actions, and beliefs. 

So is this energy inherent to only the male population? No! This is a common misconception about the divine masculine energy, but in reality, it is applicable to men and women alike, to all humankind! 

The characteristics that accompany the divine masculine are those of logic, rationality, strength, and leadership. All good qualities, all deemed masculine. And depending on their expression within an individual, they can be balanced or imbalanced. The imbalance of divine masculinity is easy to recognize, whether in yourself or in others. It takes form in an over-productive masculine energy that is overpowering, overbearing, and ego-driven. 

Think about a time when your ego took the wheel and prevented you from doing something, or when you have been overbearing over your partner or your business. It happens to us all. It happens to me. That need to be in control no matter what — that is your divine masculine energy taking over. Do you always want to have the last word, always want to be right? Do you always try to prove yourself? Or maybe there’s been a time you wanted to do something that felt good, but you were ashamed because it conflicted with being “strong” and could leave you vulnerable. And being vulnerable means “losing.” Or at least that’s what we are taught. 

An overexpression of masculine energy, that “plow-over everything” mentality of “do, do, do, go, go, go” ends up breaking trust and inhibiting you in the long run.

So you’re probably thinking “Ok Taylor, I get it — too much masculine energy leads to egotistical controlling behaviors. But what does a healthy representation of divine masculine energy look like?” This can be seen in a person who is strong but gentle. A person who maintains appropriate amounts of guidance and leadership without needing praise or ego-stroking. Someone who turns away from greed and conflict and instead remains in a space of honor, honesty, and diplomacy. A person with a healthy amount of masculine energy is confident, but not arrogant. Adventurous, but not reckless. They are someone who makes you feel safe, someone you want to follow. They have let their divine masculine energy be in equilibrium with their divine feminine. 

When infused with the divine feminine energy, the traits of divine masculinity are beautiful. For example, an adventurous trait of the divine masculine could be: “I can learn something new like swinging from a tree because that’s very nature-based” rather than, “I’m going to do this thing and jump off a cliff because that’s what real men do.” 

You can see how there is a difference between having a healthy amount of masculine energy and in letting your divine masculinity dominate your better judgment. I’ve definitely been there, done that. I used to feel a desperate need to control my relationships with my partners. I couldn’t allow them to win, and I always needed to be right. 

The same mentality was mirrored in my business, with an inability to delegate tasks. I needed to control every detail. Even now, I am constantly working on not letting my masculine energy run rampant in my relationship with Johnny. Because when my masculine energy is too strong, he becomes defensive. And then we are both “men” trying to be right. 

So take a moment to check-in with yourself. When’s the last time you had an ego-driven aspect to your relationship or business? Contrast that to when you took control but also gave grace to those around you. A healthy divine masculine energy lets you take action and lets you get shit done. It allows you to create fierce boundaries but also be kind. 

Be honest with yourself, but don’t be ashamed of where you are at if there is an imbalance. We are all the product of our childhood experiences, and you might just need to teach yourself a different lesson.    

The Divine Feminine: How To Unleash Your Feminine Energy While Still Being a Boss Babe

Ok, now let’s take a look at the divine feminine. What is it, really? It is the manifestation of the purest form of feminine expression. The divine feminine represents the ultimate mother — fertile, intuitive, patient, nurturing, and healing. She is the representation of growth, not just in a physical way, but also emotionally and spiritually.  

The divine feminine has been historically oppressed and belittled. But as time has passed, there has been a massive rekindling of the need for commitment to her energy. This has been preceded by the feminist movement, which was huge and extremely necessary. Yet in my opinion, it has become way too masculine. Isn’t that ironic? As women have pushed for the prioritization of the female, the divine feminine has been stifled. 

Don’t get me wrong, being a self-empowered woman is an amazing thing. Women are finally being recognized for their power. Fuck yes. A lot of boss-babes is what this world needs. But along with this empowerment, women are oftentimes not allowing themselves to tap into the divine feminine energies of creativity, intuition, nurture, healing, gentleness, patience, and flexibility. These qualities are what birth ideas, birth friendships, business plans, or families. The divine feminine within us births essential life that is ignored when overshadowed by the over masculine qualities that have consumed the feminist movement at times. 

Not allowing space for your divine feminine energy also does a disservice to men, who are now confused about how to interact in the world. They want to hold beautiful divine feminine energy space for their beautiful masculine and divine feminine women. They are learning. Men are becoming so attuned to their emotions, it’s incredible. Allowing them to express their masculine energy creates space for both parties in a relationship. 

You can do this by dropping back into your feminine sometimes. Let your man cook you dinner. Let him make decisions sometimes. Even if you know the answer, sometimes just let him be right and answer it. Dropping back into that equality with your partner encourages a healthy representation of the divine feminine that is kind, generous, and supportive without losing your voice. Obviously there must be a balance. Balancing your masculine energy with your divine femininity is how to be empowered without being dominating. It is how to create space for the masculine energies of others in your life without sacrificing your own truth and power. 

The Balance of Energy: Finding Your Way Home 

You know how life is — there’s never going to be that perfect balance. Life’s just not like that. It is a constant ever-flowing dance, like a river. It’s going to hit some rocks. It’s going to jump over the rock. But then it’s going to find a smooth path again. Give yourself that nurturing grace while also being firm with yourself. Be firm with others about your boundaries and take action, while also being patient. Be emotional but rational, flexible about life, but also use your voice and stand in your strength. Birth beautiful things using your divine feminine, and then make them come to life using the action drive of your divine masculine. And remember that both are needed. Beautiful, right? 

Along with this, remember you are human. Imbalance comes with the territory, and it will be a constant revision process every day. But now, you have the key to that process, the awareness of your divine energies and the tools to shift into a space of equal receiving and giving, of being and doing.

 A tool to shift into this balance that I personally love is meditation. All it takes to do this is five to ten minutes in the morning. Five to ten minutes to shift the balance of your energies the entire day. Sit straight up, spine straight, tailbone tucked under chin in a nice neutral position, and allow your spine to be straight in a mode of receiving. Put both of your hands on your lap with your palms facing up in that receiving mode. Focus on your breath. Inhale to the count of six, exhale to the count of six. Repeat. As you inhale, say to yourself “I am strong.” Exhale, “I am flexible.” Inhale, “I am balanced.” Exhale– “I am strong.”  

Really continue the cycle for as long as you need to get settled in and slow your mind. You might feel the imbalance creep back throughout your day: maybe you are letting your ego take over or maybe you are ignoring your divine masculinity and not speaking up when you need to. If you feel that, breathe again. Get back in the space of equality. Come back home to the place where your energies are aligned with each other. 

You might be saying to yourself, “Ok, I get this. This resonates with me” But do you feel alone in this? Do you feel as though you do not have a support system to understand and guide you? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Come and join us, just head over to abundance, rewired.com and you’re in. 

I love you. I see you. Cheers to allowing yourself to create balance and to see the results in your life. And remember — Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


Key Takeaways: 

+ The consequences of the masculine energy in your body
+ How’s supposed to be for boys and girls
+ Weeping for a flipped bed
+ What’s the divine feminine?
+ What’s the divine masculine?
+ Do you have a healthy amount of masculinity?
+ Checking with yourself where you are right now
+ The “over masculine”
+ Taking baby steps
+ Deeper into the divine feminine
+ We don’t have to do it all
+ Taking the feminine away from your partner
+ If we want to equal we need to bring our man up with us
+ Nurturing yourself?
+ The constant dance
+ Giving birth to an idea
+ A breath and affirmation routine!
+ Join us on ALE!

Standout Quotes:

“When you have a healthy amount of feminine and masculine life is really fucking easy”

“Ask yourself when was the last time that you had that ego-driven aspect leading your business or your relationship”

“You can say ‘I know I can do it all by myself. I know I can accomplish it all by myself’ BUT do I want to?”