The Power of Being Fully Human : Episode 233


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love ya! 

It’s incredible what a simple question can do to modify our mindsets. Sister, that’s all it takes to change your entire life — just one question to help you shift into everything that is possible for your soul! A question can transform everything. It can get the juices flowing and allow your ego to drop aside. It can give your soul the reins to channel your spirit.

Today, I’m going to ask you one of those questions, and I hope it will help you in your Ascension process as much as it helped me! My question for you is this — what does being fully human look like to you? I want you to think about it, breathe it in, and just feel what comes to mind immediately when you hear that. 

I’ll say it again. What does being fully human look like to you? I recently posed this same question to the ladies in the Abundant Life Experience, and the answers they shared were inspiring. 

So many of these women answered, “It feels like I’m free to be me. It feels expansive. It feels like I don’t care what other people think about me. It feels like I can do anything and embrace all of who I am.” 

Isn’t that so beautiful? When I took some time to reflect on this question, I discovered a massive shift that I think will really hit home for you. To me, being fully human means embracing the shadow sides of ourselves, the darker sides. It means loving that side of ourselves just as much as the lighter, brighter sides! So today, I want to take you along on a journey of embracing that shadow side. 

We’re going all-in to explore what that looks like and how it can transform your life entirely! So let’s get started, shall we? 

What It Means to Embrace Your Shadow Side

Sister, we all have those moments or days when we behave in ways that we don’t like. We may act out to get attention — to be seen and heard. Or maybe we throw a tantrum because something fell apart and we weren’t expecting it. 

When things aren’t going our way, we often act out in silly ways, right? Then, on the flip side, there are the days when we are truly aligned and act like a fucking queen. We own the day, and everything is going right. It’s all a part of this life to have moments of light and shadow within ourselves. That’s the human experience. It’s full of ups and downs, pleasure and pain, and learning and growing. 

But let me ask you this — what if we have just as much compassion for that shadow side of ourselves as we do the lighter, brighter side? What if we truly embrace it and integrate it into our soul as one complete body and mind? 

After all, everything is here to teach us beautiful, expansive lessons so we can go through the Ascension process. The shadow side of you is a part of that too! Sister, your soul chose this lifetime. It chose your human body. And it knew what it signed up for. It knew of the shadow parts that you would come to face, and it purposely has them come up in your life so you can grow!

That side is a part of you, like it or not. Most of our shadow selves are passed down in our lineage. If you have lack and scarcity, it’s because they’re a part of your DNA! Combine that with your past life traumas to top it off, and you’ve got a lot of shit to deal with that is affecting how you show up today.  

Think about those parts of you that arise when you want to be heard or aren’t feeling loved. Maybe you take out those feelings in toxic ways. Maybe you were abused as a child and now have a short temper with your children. It’s natural to feel shameful when we don’t act the way we would like.

But instead of feeling shameful, what if you breathed love and light into the parts of yourself you are always trying to hide? How much easier would life be if we stopped fighting against our shadow side and refused to be ashamed of it?

When we can embrace our shadow sides, we can heal them. We can end that soul contract — that karmic debt that we needed to complete. We can finish that part of our mission and get to the next level of the game! 

Today, I want you to take a moment and think about all of those things that you can’t stand about yourself — those things you wouldn’t even tell your best friend. You know, the “ugly” stuff that you might not want to bring to mind. Take a second to journal about those things and get them out there. And then think about this — What would it look like if you embraced those things instead of pushing them away? 

What Does Embracing Your Shadow Side Look Like For You? 

Have you ever met a person who is genuinely, fully themself? They don’t give a fuck about what you think about them. It’s not because they have an ego; they are just so in love and embodied with who they are! They are in soul and play mode. Nothing phases them. And when something does come to rock their boat or challenge them, they don’t look at it as a bad thing. 

You might ask, why are they like this? Well, it’s because they are fully human! It’s absolutely incredible to witness this kind of person live life. And sister, you can live like that too! It just takes embracing the shadow side of yourself to harness that power!

So what would that look like for you? Maybe you own an online business and haven’t fully shared who you are yet. You fear that people will judge you, which causes you to shy away from doing Instagram live streams or stories.

Okay, so what part of your shadow self are you not breathing into? Think about what is under that fear of judgment or failure, and try to understand what that is rooted in. Maybe someone made fun of you in sixth grade for having a stutter or messing up. Maybe your siblings or parents said you were stupid, so now you’re fearful of showing up online because someone might think you’re stupid. Okay, great. Breathe into that! 

Go face that little girl inside of you whose feelings are hurt, and love her. Celebrate her. Honor her, because she is a part of you being fully human. You can’t deny or change what happened to her, and you can’t continue to harbor bitterness towards the people who were mean to her. 

Instead, you need to hold her hand and bring her alongside you. She needs you to say, “Hey, we are in this together. Let’s fucking be in this together.”

When you dive into the different areas of your life, it becomes easy to quickly see where you are not being fully human. For me, an area where I was previously not being fully human was my health. I have struggled with an addiction to processed sugar my entire life until the last few months. 

I knew that I had to get to the root of that food addiction, so I did very intentional physical and soul DNA upgrading. Now, I have actually gotten rid of my sweet tooth because the molecular layout of my body is on a completely different frequency! 

If that is something you might struggle with, think of the root of that shadow side of yourself. Do you constantly lean to food when you’re not getting attention or don’t feel loved? What does that look like? Honor it, and be okay with it. Understand that it is just a part of you, and take responsibility for figuring out where it is coming from! 

We continuously carry a backpack of our shadow selves — a bag filled with un-serving thoughts and feelings. Think about how much lighter it will become when you can put your arms out, palms up, and say, “Okay, I’m ready to be fully me. Messy parts and all.” 

Trust me, it makes your load a whole lot lighter And it can change your entire life. 

How to Handle Others’ Reactions to Your Journey

Okay, so you’ve decided to begin this journey of stepping more into who you truly are and being unapologetic about it. You’re embracing your shadow side and choosing to be fully human. What does this look like? 

Often, you will find that people who were once aligned with you before you fully embraced yourself now feel weird around you. They might say, “Who do you think you are?” Or, “Wow, you’re really outspoken now. I didn’t think you believed in that!” They will most likely project their own insecurities onto you.

Y’all, that’s okay! Trust me, that’s normal. It can be scary for others when you decide to fully embrace yourself. It brings up all of the wounds that they have not embraced, especially if they are far from being fully human. That doesn’t make them less in any way — it’s just the part of the journey that they’re on in this lifetime! We cannot force people to come up to a higher frequency with us, but we can allow them to continue their human journey and teach us something along the way. 

Regardless of where it comes from, that backlash from people you love and cherish is hard. It truly hurts when the people closest to you tell you that you are crazy or radical. Getting out of the matrix and finally opening your third eye often comes with discomfort from others in your life! 

It’s scary, I know. You may feel rejected or misunderstood. But sister, breathe into that. Being fully human is just another level, a new layer of this Ascension process.

It’s tempting to become disheartened when you feel ostracized by your friends and family for truly embracing all aspects of yourself. But instead of worrying about their reactions, you can think, “Okay, this is a part of the human experience that I’m in. I am being fully human right now. And it feels messy. It feels like uncharted territory. But I’m ready for it because I know that this is a part of the human experience.” 

It makes such a difference when you think about it like that! You are a conscious, spiritually evolving human that gets to stop hiding and pushing away the parts of yourself that you don’t love. You get to step into the power of being fully yourself, shadow side included! 

How Being Fully Human Can Transform Your Life 

Let me tell ya — stepping into the power of being fully human is transformative. It means that you can choose to understand everything about yourself, from the ups and downs to the traumas you might not have been aware of! It means that you can be done with the shame and embarrassment that comes with the shadow sides of yourself. It means you can love every part of yourself and this life you are living. How incredible is that?!

We often waste years avoiding a part of us that we are ashamed of. We think, “Oh, I’ll deal with that trauma or insecurity later.” When we never confront that darkness inside us, we don’t show up for the world as our full selves. 

In fact, we’re actually doing a disservice to the people around us! When we are not fully ourselves, others around us do not get to experience our high frequencies. Instead, we allow equal exchanges of low energy, and no one is better off. 

Sister, I personally choose not to waste my time anymore on what doesn’t serve me. And if you are anything like me — which I know you are — you will want to choose the same. We get to decide how we show up for ourselves. We get to ask those questions that change our mindsets. We get to ask, “Have we better understood ourselves? How can we have more compassion for ourselves? What would it look like for us to be fully human today?” 

We get to choose to embrace every aspect of ourselves, whatever that may be. And I choose to be fully human as much as I can. Sure, there are going to be days where I mess up, and I’m out of alignment. But guess what? That’s okay. It’s all part of the process, and I can breathe into that and see where the shadow side came from. I can allow myself to experience it and let it change that game for me. 

As you soak this in, my challenge for today is this: I challenge you to journal about my question — what does being fully human look like to you? Allow yourself to be curious and open about it. Allow yourself to gain the power of fully embracing all aspects of yourself. Trust me, it’s so fucking worth it. 

I hope that this question allowed you to open up a little more. If it hit home for you in any way, please don’t hesitate to screenshot the podcast, share it on your Instagram stories, and tag me @iamtaylorsimpson. I love hearing what you have to say because we are in this beautiful game of life together! 

Remember — I love you. I see you. As always, choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


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  • Integrating our soul into this human meatsuit
  • Ending karmic debt to continue the game
  • Lineage and shadow parts
  • How to be fully human
  • What’s under that fear of judgment
  • We’re all on our own journey
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