SPECIAL EPISODE: Frequency & Light Infused Guided DNA Activation: Episode 211


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Today I’m taking you on a meditative journey to awaken and align with your spiritual essence so that you can show up in the world with more courage and power. If you’ve been a listener of this podcast for any length of time, you know that there are many ways to engage with our spiritual essence. Today I will be guiding you through a DNA Activation. 

As I’m creating this episode for you, I hope you can come back to it whenever you need an extra dose of motivation or are craving a more powerful manifestation of your gifts. 

What Is DNA Activation?

DNA is the molecule that stores genetic code for any organism. It is capable of storing more information than any tool we have been able to create. Some say the amount of information a single DNA is capable of storing would fill up several dump trucks. So much fucking information!

A lot of this information lays dormant. It’s as if so much information is stored in our DNA that our brain literally decides only to activate the information it believes is necessary or relevant. DNA activation is a way of overriding your brain and awakening the information you decide is important and relevant.

There are two modalities for DNA Activation: binaural beats and meditation. 

Binaural beats are a specific sound frequency found to positively affect the brain on a cellular level and help individuals maintain a relaxed state. In DNA activation, binaural beats are used to move individuals to a relaxed state and positively disrupt information stored on a cellular and molecular level. 

Meditation is an ancient wellness practice that focuses on increasing self-awareness, a positive mental state, and accessing a higher version of themselves. In DNA Activation, meditation is used to focus attention on and elevate information that may lie dormant.

Traditionally, solo meditation is the most powerful and successful method of DNA Activation. However, guided meditation is a great first step to uncovering the beautiful truth of who you are and bringing that version of yourself to life.

When I recorded this guided DNA Activation for you, I infused the room with light, hit record, and spoke whatever came to me because I know what’s meant to come through for you will. If you need some motivation or a spiritual upgrade, that’s what this DNA Activation will give you. 

Feel free to use this post as a guide to understanding DNA Activation and a roadmap for your own meditation. If you want to relax and enjoy all the amazingness, this DNA Activation has to offer, listen to the meditation here!

How to Prepare For a DNA Activation Practice

Regardless of the modality you choose for DNA Activation, you’re allowing yourself to enter into a deep state of consciousness. You’re on a mission to quiet your mind, go beyond what you know, and tap into more power, purpose, and peace. This means the fewer distractions you have around, the better.  

Here are a few common distractions to eliminate:

  1. Clutter. Take five minutes to make your bed, throw your laundry in the hamper or drawers, and throw away that pile of receipts. 
  2. Phones. Either mute all notifications, so they aren’t pulling your attention away from this practice or put your phone in another room. 
  3. Posture. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay where you feel safe to breathe and move as needed. 

Creating an uninterrupted space for yourself will allow you to have a more complete and life-giving experience. Now, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Hold it for a few seconds. Now exhale. Let your muscles release any tension they’re holding and get ready to receive.

Phase 1: Let The World Fade Away

Take another deep breath. Exhale it slowly. Place your left hand, palm facing up, on your left leg or beside you. Connect with the sensations of your hand on your leg or beside you. Let it feel heavy. Be mindful of your arm alongside your body.

Now, take your right hand, palm down, and place it on your heart or your womb, whichever calls to you. Breathe in and out. Be present with that breath, feeling your hand rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. Breathe in a way that feels good to you. Make sure your eyes are closed. Feel the weight of your body sink into whatever you’re resting on. Acknowledge that this is what it feels like to be here, in this place, in this moment. 

Now begin tuning out the world. Start seeing this message in your mind’s eye. Let the room dissolve around you. Mentally picture everything in front of you fading away, now to the right of you, behind you, to the left of you, everything below you, and finally anything above you. Have it all go away, dissolve. Reach past your walls, your living room, your home. Let it all disappear.

Now, using your energy — a bright light — sweep away everything you can imagine. Everything physical. Everything emotional. Everything in the past or future. All of it, let it go. Go beyond your town, nearby cities, pass state lines, and other countries. Dissolve it. Allow yourself to be in infinite space.

Phase 2: Find Yourself

Embrace the vast expanse. Now find yourself, above you, to the right of you, behind you, or under you. Let yourself float in this beautiful, vast black space. Soak in the emptiness and possibility and freedom of this place. 

You have dissolved all of the illusions of life — the things that do not matter because they are not real. You, the only thing that is real is floating at this moment. The blackness all around you is the infinite time and space vortex. You are in it. It is around you. Notice how you feel safe. Notice how peaceful you feel. Inhale. Exhale.

Breathe into this moment, allowing yourself to be in this place that is infinite, vast, and full of magical possibilities. You are powerful. You are the divine. The only thing that matters is who you are right now in this moment. 

Who are you in this moment without all of the illusions?

Who are you without the distractions that surround you?

Who are you without all of the possessions that define you?

Who are you without the people around you that drag you down? 

Who are you without the people who make your soul soar?

Who are you without them? 

You are powerful. 

You are magical.

You are safe.

You are worthy.

You are whole.

Breathe in deeply. Imagine yourself inhaling a bright light. Hold it in your root, right at the bottom of your sit bone. Allow it to fill your core with its bright white light. Now exhale and watch it drive out all the black energy you’ve been holding onto, and that’s been weighing you down. This is the visual of releasing. Mindfully release everything that doesn’t serve you, everything that is stagnant, everything that is anchoring you to what was and keeping you from what can be.

Inhale again. Take in as much of that bright white light as possible. Let it fill your body, settle into your core, and hold it there. Exhale. 

Phase 3: Awaken Your Gift

You are powerful. Inhale. Everything you need is in you right now. Hold it. Feel it. Connect with it. Exhale. Everything you need to live the life of your dreams is in you right now. 

Feel the power that is coursing through your veins. Feel the vast expansiveness as you float in the infinite. You are one with the universe because you are the universe. You are the divine, which means you have the magical innate powers that the divine has. 

Your voice is strong. 

You speak with confidence. 

You speak clearly. 

You share your voice. 

You share your medicine.

You are the creator of your life.

You are the divine.

Your voice gets clearer with every single inhale. Feel it. Feel your chin tip up with confidence, your eyes sparkle with vision and purpose, and your words fill with energy. You step into your truth with every single exhale. Feel it. Feel the strength of your path with the soles of your feet and the sureness of victory in the stability of your legs. 

You are perfect exactly the way you are. Breathe into that gift that you know you have — that divine gift you possess. You might be sharing it. You might be hiding it. What is it? Bring it to the surface. Let it dance before you like a movie. 

Maybe it’s being the best mother you possibly can be. 

Maybe it’s speaking motivational words to the masses.

Maybe it’s helping others find healing from childhood trauma. 

Maybe it’s creating art.

What is that gift? Bring it to life. 

This gift is your responsibility to give the world. Why hold it back? Breathe into it. Inhale light and love into your gift into your medicine — exhale, that power that you will bring behind it.

It is your responsibility to share your medicine with the world – with your community, whether it is three people or 10,000 people. Your soul chose this life to live out its purpose. Are you honoring that? 

Are you allowing your soul to move through this life journey with grace and ease? 

Or are you falling to the victim of struggle or circumstance? 

Are you falling prey to societal beliefs on who you should be? 

Are you falling into a box that was not made for you? 

Who are you? 

That gift someone needs it — at least one human on this planet is dying emotionally, physically, or spiritually, without your gift. Feel that power. Someone is dying without your gift. You might be keeping it to yourself. 

You are powerful. 

You have a voice. 

You are able to use it effortlessly. 

Tap into that. As you inhale, breathe that light into your throat, feel it fill your being with healing light. This is life force. This is you healing yourself.

Phase 4: Unlocking Your Divine Energy

Exhale. You are meant for so much more, yet you get in your own way. It is time to be the healer, the teacher, and the leader you know you are meant to be. It is time to be the person you always said you would be. It is time. The time is now. 

Who are you right now? You are stronger than ever. Right now, you are healthier than ever. You are more capable than you ever. You are filled with all of the knowledge you need to give. You are more abundant than ever. You are wealthier than ever. You are more loved than ever. You are beaming with light more than ever. So feel it.

You are the divine feminine. You are the divine masculine. You allow yourself to flow with grace and ease and then effortlessly take action and see your creation be birthed into fruition. You are a powerful queen who says and does exactly what is in alignment with her soul’s purpose. You create fierce boundaries. You say “no” to what doesn’t feel good. You say “hell yes” to what feels good. When you go into a room, you light it up with your beaming energy. People want to know who you are. They see you. They feel you. They want to be around you. 

You are a lighthouse, strong, and abundant. It is safe to be powerful. It’s safe to be in a vulnerable place. It’s safe to feel safe.

With every breath, allow yourself to expand into that infinite space around you. Allow yourself to feel the light beaming from your heart, growing, growing, growing, and taking over that vast empty space around you, where illusions do not exist. Shine your light like you’re the only one that exists. Let it expand out of your heart, to the right of you, to the left of you, behind you, above you, beneath you, and all around you. Make sure there’s nothing but your light surrounding you. Now, feel it pulsing through your fingertips, down to your toes. This is life force. This is your superpower. Breathe into it. Be one with it. 

Phase 5: Bring It Home

It is your time to embrace this power, this divine gift, this beautiful and expansive energy that will shift the world. It is time to take all that back home. It is time to infuse that into reality. It is time to bring it into your life because this is how life is meant to feel. You are meant to feel safe. You are meant to feel supported. You are meant to feel powerful in your divine truth, in your feminine and masculine energy. Breathe into it. Life is meant to feel this good.

Check in with yourself as you float in that vast, expansive blackness. At this moment, you are your highest self. Feel the truth of who you are. Feel what your soul yearns for. 

It’s time. Inhale and begin to bring the space around you and your human form back to life. Welcome the illusions back, knowing this time you are here as a different version of yourself, the higher version of yourself, the version that speaks her truth. You are here as the version that shows up as a bright light and as someone who takes action on the things that she’s ready to birth into the world. You’re a different person. 

Welcome back. 

Place your hands in prayer on your chest, acknowledging yourself. The right hand is your masculine energy. The left hand is your feminine energy. Placing them together allows you to blend that action and ease as you move through the rest of your day. 

Repeat to yourself, “I love you. I see you. I am you.”

Why You Should Listen to This Podcast Episode Right Now…

I hope this was as magical for you as it was for me to create. Remember, at any point in time, you are capable of creating anything you can imagine. Everything I share here is just another way for you to access your limitless potential and manifest your gifts. 

I believe in you. 

I love you. 

I see you.

If you feel like you didn’t quite open up enough after you completed this practice or you just want to go deeper into this experience, check out The Abundant Life Experience. It’s my membership program where I teach methodologies and provide tools to upgrade your entire life from chakra healing to dealing with childhood trauma, from shadow work to understanding your beliefs about scarcity and infusing it with high frequencies of abundance. It’s a great place to start investing in yourself and link arms with other women who are on the same path as you. Join us!

Thank you for letting me hold this space for you as you move through this journey of life. As always, choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?



Key Takeaways: 

+ Allowing yourself to receive
+ Dissolving your walls
+ Allowing yourself to be infinite space
+ You are real, at this moment
+ Who are you without all the material world?
+ You are the universe, the divine
+ What is your gift to life?
+ You are the divine masculine and feminine
+ It´s safe to feel safe, to be in a vulnerable space

Standout Quotes:

“Dissolve all the illusions and all that stops you from finding yourself.”

“Know that you are powerful and unique, release what does not serves you.”

“Are you allowing your truth to come thru you or are you blocking it?”