The Science of Energy and Healing Lineage Trauma with Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell : Episode 232


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The message I’m sharing with you today is so juicy and so good. It has the potency and ability to completely shift many of your relationships, how you view yourself, and all the energy that is you.

Today’s guest is Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell, a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with a focus on herbology and sacred sexuality. She is so well versed on everything from energy to past life trauma to your lineage and how it affects your relationships, sexuality, creativity, and life.

We’re talking about paying attention to the energies in our bodies, becoming aware of our own emotions, and energetically cutting ties with past lovers. Everything in this episode is so incredibly important for your spiritual expansion process and becoming the epic human you are capable of being.

If you feel like you’re holding part of yourself back from your current lover because of a past relationship, desiring to be more in tune with your intuition, or wanting to channel extreme emotional experiences into something creative and productive for the world, this content will not disappoint. 

Who Is Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell?

Sheila Marie Campbell’s titles include Nutritionist, Herbologist, Master, and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She graduated with a doctorate from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine San Diego in 2018 and received her masters of Oriental Medicine in 2016. For more than ten years, her focus has been on teaching holistic health and wellness practices. 

For most of her childhood and young adult life, Sheila felt out of place, as though her giftedness and intuition didn’t fit in the world. That all changed when she attended Mystery School. It was there she began to unlock her intuition as a source of guidance, connect with her past selves, and understand how the energies in her and around her influence her experience of the world. Today, Sheila shares everything she’s learned as a group facilitator for Women’s Studies and an advanced meditator who is passionate about educating people on how to create rituals and maintain their energetic space. 

The content we’re covering today is all about energy — whether that’s learning to sit with and understand our personal energy, let go of energetic connections so that we can take back our power, or channel our energetic experiences to create goodness in the world. I’m so excited for you to dive into this juicy conversation with Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell because I know it will help you take back your power and step into the highest version of yourself. Let’s get to it!

Make Your Energy Unfuckable-With by Becoming More Intuitive 

We often forget how powerful it is to be by ourselves in the silence with no music. It can even be scary sometimes. It can be challenging to experience silence because thoughts can come up that you don’t want to think about.

But if we’re going to ascend, elevate, and really step into your power, I am a firm believer that you must be with yourself. Shifting our lives and our realities begins with being with ourselves.

Sheila explains that being with yourself, connecting with yourself, and understanding yourself is one of the first steps to connecting with your intuition:

“A very simple tool [to become more intuitive with yourself] is to spend time by yourself. I am a firm believer in time alone every day, and like real time alone every month —whether you want to take a solo road trip or you just go do a beach day. You have to know what your energy is versus what other people’s energy is. And the only way you could possibly know that is by spending time by yourself … I think that even having a house cleansing practice where you’re cleaning your whole house and kicking everyone out [is really good]. … Because then you’re unraveling everything. It’s literally just a practice of you and you.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell

Another piece to becoming connected with your intuition is noticing what comes up and asking yourself what you’re feeling, thinking, and experiencing in response. Am I buzzing? Am I quiet and still? What is my energy right now? How is my energy moving? 

Many individuals realize that once they remove themselves from their family of origin, their natural energy is very different from the energy they were brought up with and assumed they had. Energy shifts also happen during smaller exchanges like spending time with friends or a cheerful chat with the cashier at the grocery store. There’s always energy around you that influences your energy. So, it’s important to connect with yourself so that you can separate your energy, also known as intuition, from the energy of others. 

As your connection with your intuition strengthens and you’re able to separate your energy from the energy of others, you will be able to choose which energies to accept and reject. With this example, Sheila explains the power of a cleansing ritual in helping you choose your energy:

“In Chinese medicine, we don’t look at it as other people misbehaving or this or that. It’s literally like, ‘what is happening in their energetic field? how is their body interpreting the energy that’s happening? and how are they reacting to the energy that’s happening?’ Because it’s all chemical reactions. So, say this man has road rage. He went to work that day. He’s a VP, and the CEO is just being a total jerk. Then, that person is giving their energy to him, and he doesn’t have any energetic practices to cleanse his body and his mind and his spirit. The VP just receives all the energy that [the CEO] is giving to him. Then the VP takes it, and … he’s tossing that energy to everybody that can and will pick it up when he’s driving. That’s why he’s shouting. He’s trying to disperse his energy. He gets home, and he’s mean to his wife. Then his wife is mean to his son, and then his son kicks the dog, and the dog goes and bites the neighbor. This is literally a chain reaction of how energetics moves and why we need to have different checkpoints for ourselves of energetic cleansing rituals.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell 

A common cleansing ritual is a shower. Obviously, you’re cleaning your physical self, but it’s also time by yourself with yourself. The next time you take a shower, do a quick check-in with yourself, asking, “How am I feeling? What is impacting or influencing these feelings? How do I want to feel?” Connecting with your intuition so that you can distinguish between energies and using a cleansing ritual to help you step into the energy you choose is powerful.

Make Your Energy Unfuckable-With by Practicing Cord Cutting

Let’s take this energy conversation to the sexual side. A majority of women have a lot of trauma around this area of our lives, whether in this current lifetime, a past lifetime, or our lineage.

This part of our life is intended to be abundant AF – a place where we feel safe, valued, and fulfilled. I’m talking about the highest level of security and delight that you could imagine for yourself. Sheila says that if you’re not experiencing toe-curling soul-soaring intimacy with your lover, it’s probably because you’re walking around holding on to past lovers, shame, or negative experiences like trauma.

“You should be able to feel when you’re having sex. Some people don’t. You’d be surprised. Some people don’t feel at all inside. And so if you’re not feeling inside, it’s like we have different lovers still in there unless we have, like, a kicking-them-out practice.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell 

A kicking-them-out practice means to sever emotional, spiritual, and energetic ties and take back your personal power. The technique Sheila often teaches her clients is called cord-cutting via fire-modality. Get out a piece of paper, write your past lover’s name on it, and burn it. Here’s what Sheila said is happening energetically through this process:

“You’re taking their name, and you’re putting it on the piece of paper. You’re taking the energetics out of your body with a pen, your intention, and your focus. It’s like you’re saying, ‘James… This is how I felt when he was in my body. This is how I feel in my body. When I think about him, this is the deeper lesson [I learned].’ You write it all down on that piece of paper … And then I do a prayer to release. I’ll say a prayer like the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell 

Releasing our past lovers doesn’t just set us free to live our best lives without them, but it sets them free to do the same. When we’re connected to people energetically, neither of us can conduct and use our energy in the most beneficial way for our lives. Letting go of past lovers or trauma allows us to conduct all of our energy to the present moment. 

Make Your Energy Unfuckable-With by Embracing Your Triggers

Allowing ourselves to be triggered and pressing into those experiences is crucial to our ability to step into the next level of ourselves. I often joke that I’m a super triggering person. The truth is, sometimes I trigger people intentionally because I love them and want them to grow. That’s how important I think triggers are to our journey of growth and contribution to the world.

Sheila’s story is proof that triggers can be a launching pad for positive creativity when we press into them. 

“All my feelings are my energy for my survival — and not just for my survival, but for my creativity. When I get triggered in the world, I take all the energy and conduct it into something like really powerful and potent and beautiful — whether it’s like a crazy event or like an interdimensional experience where it’s like, everybody feels like they’ve taken a drug and they haven’t. [People have] literally walked up to me and like, ‘Did you spike our kombucha?’ And I’m like, ‘You opened your own kombucha. That wasn’t me.’ He received all the energy that I’m conducting because I’ve learned how to really conduct the energetics of my space.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell 

Whenever you feel triggered, don’t push away from it or try to drown the feeling. Instead, pull out a journal and write all about it. Let this be an invitation to understand yourself better and pour positive, creative energy into your experience so that you can use it for good. Conduct your hard feelings into something that sets others free.  

Why You Should Listen to This Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell Podcast Episode Right Now

I feel like we could chat about energy forever and still have things to talk about! So let’s wrap it up with Sheila’s definition of an abundant life: unfuckable-with energy.

“When my energy is unfuckable-with, that’s abundant to me because that’s when I can create and pull in and my energy is flowing in a way that I feel abundant. And I think that when that is happening, it’s like, your natural God-given spirit energy is making manifest through your body. And that’s going to manifest in your friendships. It’s going to manifest in your finances. It’s going to manifest in your creativity. And even in your family relations.” – Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell

The tools shared in today’s episode will make your energy unfuckable-with and help you unlock your most free, vibrant, and abundant self. You were meant to do incredible things, babe, and feel completely alive and loved. Use these tools to remember how powerful you can be when you stand sovereign in your energy and start stepping into your abundance and superpowers.

Until next time, be sure to connect with Sheila and all the magic she brings into the world on Instagram (@drsheilamariecampbell) and check out her website (Nuchi.us). If you have a question, shoot me a message. I’m pretty quick to respond to my email and Instagram. 

I’ll catch you all next time. Go make your energy unfuckable-with! And remember to choose happiness — because, well, why the fuck not?


In Today Episode You Will Learn:

  • Sheila’s start in Mystery School
  • Accepting your gifts
  • Ancestral trauma
  • Protecting your space and self
  • Changing the energy of your lineage
  • Accepting that we chose this life and lifetime
  • Past life energetic ties vs ancestral ties
  • Becoming more intuitive with yourself
  • The energy channels in our body
  • Cleansing your energy
  • Cutting ties with past life lovers
  • Don’t fear triggering feelings

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