Become a Money Magnet Guided Meditation: Episode 206


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love you, I love you, I love you!

I am so excited about what I’m sharing with you today because it’s actually my guided Become a Money Magnet Meditation. I added this to my website as a free download not too long ago, and it has been such a hit! The people who listened to it and made it a part of their routine shared with me that they made more money every day of meditating than they thought possible. People have been getting promotions, signing-on new one-on-one clients, and receiving gift cards. Many magical things have been happening since I put out this meditation, so I wanted to make sure that ALL of you had a chance to use it!

Throughout the 20-ish minutes of this podcast episode, I’ll walk you through the meditation steps of raising your energy frequencies to be the same as money’s frequency and how to manifest that abundance in your life. If you’re reading this post, consider it a guide for creating your own manifestation meditation. I can’t wait for you to receive the magic waiting for you!

What Is Meditation for Manifestation?

It’s been said, “Energy flows where attention goes” Meaning whatever you’re thinking about or focusing on your energy goes towards those things. Meditation for manifestation is setting aside time to intentionally focus on the things you want to create in your life so that your energy goes towards them. 

You’ll start by becoming present, typically with a quick body-scan, then you’ll allow yourself to mentally walk into a space of abundance. Next, you’ll envision yourself spending money from that emotional space of abundance and gratitude. Finally, you’ll visualize yourself carrying out your daily life activities with those same feelings of abundance and gratitude. 

For the rest of this post, I’ll walk you through the phrases and words I use to center myself, align with the frequency of money, and manifest abundance in my life. To be clear, this isn’t a one-time fix or an abracadabra turn-my-Toyota-into-a-Tesla kind of deal. This meditation is an intentional mindset practice to focus your attention on creating the things you want in your life. 

You need to add this meditation into your daily routine several days a week and begin making conscious decisions to live in alignment with the highest version of yourself that you visualize during this practice. Are you ready to shift your reality by shifting your focus? If so, let’s get started!

Phase 1: Get Present

Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Again. Inhale, exhale. As you inhale a third time, hold it in your stomach for a few seconds. Can you inhale a little more? Hold it and release. One more time inhale, hold it, release. As you release, feel your entire body relax. 

Take another breath slowly and visualize a white light filling up every single part of your body. It comes through your nose, fills up your head, and spills into your shoulders. Keep inhaling and exhaling mindfully. Imagine that white light spreading through your chest, trickling down your arms to the tips of your fingers. Watch it seep into your core, branch across your back, wrap around your hips, past your knee, and all the way to your toes. You are full of light. You are completely a bright-white, beautiful light. Exhale long and slowly to release whatever happened today. Let it go.

Whatever challenges came up while you were connecting with your body, surrender them. At this moment, we have control over one thing. That one thing is how we feel. So whatever kind of day you’ve had up until this moment, just set it aside for now. You can come back to it after the meditation, but give yourself the gift of being present. Know that every choice you make in each moment dictates what is going to come. Today, you’re choosing to receive. 

As you are seated or lying down, feel your body. Allow yourself to feel the energy in your wrists, your chest, your legs. Connect with the energy coursing through your veins. That is the feeling of life — you’re alive. You’re powerful. That energy you feel pulsing through your body is your life source. That energy is magnetic. Let’s tap into it, and let’s choose to be a magnet for money. 

Phase 2: Enter the Frequency of Money

Big inhale and exhale. In your mind’s eye, visualize a door. What does it look like … is it white, red, old, shiny, or new? Go up to it and touch the handle. How does it feel … cold, warm, round? Put your shoulders back as you reach out to take hold of it. Hold your head high, expand your heart, put a smile on your face. Now open the door. 

As you open the doors, see the place or person that lights you up, that brings you peace and clarity, or puts a smile on your face because you are suddenly so in love with life. What does it look like? What does the person look like? Is it the beach or the mountains? Is it your child or your significant other? 

Take one step closer and close the door behind you. Walk a little closer. Feel the love expanding in your heart and butterflies coursing through your body. Take a seat. Be here now. If you visualized a person, look them in the eyes. If you visualized a place, use your senses to experience the environment. What’s the wind like? Does the air smell clean? Are you holding that person’s hand? What’s coming up for you right now? How does it feel? Take it in, breathe it in. How do this place and that person make you feel? 

Are you happy?

Are you alive?

Are you grateful?

Are you excited?

Are you calm?

How do you feel right now? Take it in. Soak in it. Now take your hands, put them right over your heart. One hand on top of the other and repeat, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Welcome to the frequency of money. Right now, at this moment, you are in the frequency of money. This is what it feels like to be tapped into the frequency of money.

Money is love. Money is peace. Money is gratitude. Be with that. Hold it. Breathe it in — you are in the frequency of money. This is what the frequency of money feels like. 

Phase 3: Moving in a Positive Money Frequency

While keeping your hands over your heart and picturing yourself in that place with that person who brings you joy, watch yourself move throughout your day. How are you spending money? 

See yourself swiping the credit card at the grocery store and say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this food that I’m able to buy to nourish my body.” Feel appreciation blooming in your heart as you swipe your card because you know you’re buying from a place of love and gratitude. This food is going to improve your life. The money is going to come back.

Watch yourself investing in your personal growth. See light radiate from your body as you financially invest in your business and say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for what I’m about to receive to help me grow and expand, knowing that I’m going to receive back.”

Watch yourself pay your bills online with an appreciation for the roof over your head, your WiFi, and your electricity. Feel the energy of love come out of your hand as you place cash in the hand of someone else and release it with ease knowing it’s going to come back to you with ease. Repeat to yourself, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” 

When we release energy from a place of love and appreciation, the universe will bring it back with love and appreciation. You are tapped into the frequency of money right now. Breathe it in. When you spend money with love, you receive it effortlessly. You are a money magnet. Money comes to you effortlessly when you are in a place of love, gratitude, and appreciation. 

Keep seeing yourself sitting at that happy place with that person who brings you into a state of gratitude and love. Sister, you are in the frequency of money. 

Phase 4: Visualize This Energy in Your Everyday Life

Now see yourself, stand up, open your eyes, and look around. Inhale. Exhale. Return to that door that led you here. Take one step closer to it. Another step and another until you are close enough to put your hand on the handle. Open it. As you walk through the door, keep your shoulders back. Keep the gratitude and abundance you just sat in close to your heart. You are walking through this door as a completely different person. You are vibrating at a higher frequency. You are in a state of receiving. 

On the other side of the door, see yourself going through your day. As you move through a typical day in your life — brushing your teeth, grabbing coffee at a local coffee shop, going to work, driving your car, picking up groceries, helping your kids with homework — see yourself with shoulders back, chest is open, and that same beautiful bright white light beaming out of you. You are moving through your day as an explosion of love, gratitude, and abundance. 

You shine that light on every person you come across. It fills the room that you’re in, flows out of the room, and expands into the town, across state lines, and over the oceans. This is abundance. This bright light beaming from your heart is a sign to the universe that you are open and ready to receive. Say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so ready to receive.” Breathe in. Exhale. 

You are a money magnet. You are tapped into the frequency of money. You are ready to receive. Money comes to you effortlessly because you are love. You are in alignment with gratitude. Breathe in the knowledge that everything you desire is on its way to you. It’s only up to you to tap into gratitude and enter the receiving state so that the universe can deliver abundance to you. 

You are so worthy of receiving everything that you desire today. Put a smile on your face. You have now experienced what it is like to be on the same frequency of money. 

Wiggle your fingers and toes, feeling love, appreciation, and gratitude flood into your body. You are safe. You are grounded. You are supported. You are loved. Open your eyes. See what surrounds you. Look at how abundant you really are and be excited for the magic that awaits you today. 

Why You Need to Listen to This Guided Meditation Right Now…

Right now, at this exact moment, you have everything you need to live the life of your dreams. Everyone does. It’s part of our birthright from the universe. But most people never tap into their limitless potential. As a result, they don’t experience the magical abundance that could flow to them effortlessly. 

But with this podcast episode, you can be one of the people who connect with their God-given potential and manifest everything they’ve ever wanted. Take these principles today, and start shifting your mindset so that you can shift your reality to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

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Catch you next time! And don’t forget to always choose happiness, because, why the fuck not?


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