Harnessing your Sexual Energy to Manifest your Desires with Nadine Lee: Episode 217


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

I’m so pumped to bring you tips on rewiring your brain for success so you can truly start living a life that is #AbudantAF. As always, I can’t wait to inspire you to grow spiritually and manifest all the abundance and joy you can dream of and deserve! 

Today, we’re talking about sex. We’re talking about Yonis. We’re talking about sexuality, womb energy, Yoni wands, and orgasms. Uncomfortable yet? Girl, I know. I’ve been in that boat. I used to be so uncomfortable with my own sexuality and carried so much shame around it. I gave my body away without any respect for it. And I’ve had to go through a ton of healing around my own sexuality because it just wasn’t something that was talked about growing up. 

The truth is, we don’t talk about our sexuality enough. Our society has made it taboo to talk about our vaginas, or sex, or orgasms. That’s why it makes us so fucking uncomfortable to even begin the conversation about it! But I beg of you — please — lean into your discomfort. 

Honor the emotion that’s coming up for you, but then choose to challenge your reactions and learn to understand that these conversations are natural. Not only that, but they are essential to creating the life that we want without the shame, insecurities, and trauma that’s being held in our bodies.

So sister, start that today with me by joining in a fascinating conversation with today’s incredible guest, Nadine Lee. It’s hard to even know where to begin when telling you about this girl. She’s such a creative and healing force. Sister — I’m not even exaggerating when I say that her Instagram alone wakes me up every single day on my healing journey to abundance. 

Nadine is a teacher of the tantric arts, a feminine and body facilitator, and also a DJ and dancer! It is her passion to teach women through her tantric alchemy school of awakening to open up our sexuality and creativity and expand our souls. 

This conversation with Nadine is full of so much goodness. I’m excited for you all to join us on the journey to harnessing your sexual energy to manifest your desires and live the life you deserve! 

Who Is Nadine Lee?

Nadine Lee is a Tantra Yoga Teacher; Feminine Embodiment Coach & Nutritionist. At the core of her work, she is all about expanding the mind, body & soul. She helps women break down conditioning and stories that bind them and hold them back from living their truest potential. 

She offers her gifts as a revolutionary transformation guide, through international events, retreats, online courses, resources, and one-on-one coaching. These unique opportunities allow space for women to connect within. She helps them learn to connect deeply to what is real within first, and from this space begin living their most delicious life. 

I asked Nadine about her journey to becoming the sexual and spiritual guide that she is today, and it was a joy to hear her story. 

Nadine’s Journey to Find Her Purpose 

Sister, you and I both know that someone’s story is not a linear progression. There’s always ups and downs and squiggly lines of struggle along the way. It’s usually a bit of a mess until the dots line up, and we finally reach our frequency and place of alignment with what we are doing. Nadine’s journey to what she is doing today reflected those struggles. Still, she always knew deep down that she was meant to work with spiritual and sexual energies. 

“I always knew I was meant to be doing something in this line of work and in using spiritual energy, sexual energy, and working with the yoga energies and the awakening of the Kundalini. From a really young age, I was really attuned to the afterlife and spirit worlds.”- Nadine Lee

At the young age of 14, Nadine had a very significant experience that she compares to a Kundalini awakening. While over at a friend’s house, she felt a rush of energy through her body and went into a blank state for two to three days that wasn’t induced by any drugs, alcohol, or trauma. I can’t even imagine how fucking scary that would be for a young teenager. 

“I was terrified…And from that experience, my perception of reality just shifted completely. I experienced pretty intense teenage years. I would say I was really disassociated … with energy manifesting as extreme anxiety and paranoia and bouts of depression. Just a lot of imbalances.” – Nadine Lee

She wasn’t able to control or understand her attunement to the spirit world and to her own sexuality. How scary is that? Convinced that she had a mental illness, she went on antidepressants. And then she found yoga and meditation, the first entries into her freedom. 

“Everything just clicked into place and actually felt like coming back into my body again. I could just function in a healthier way. I went on this journey of exploring deeper into those arts, and at the same time was really fascinated with the nutrition side of things to heal my body and the eating disorders linked to my depression and unalignment.” – Nadine Lee

After graduating from university and working in corporate for a few years, she realized that lifestyle was not in alignment with her soul. She decided to go into a deep dive into healing sexual trauma and discovering sexuality through tantra. Since then, she has been reclaiming her sexual energy and helping women reconnect to their own sexual energy and awaken their creative potential. She found her true purpose, and she is living that purpose. Isn’t that so fucking beautiful?! 

This girl is living out her dream and helping others along the way, and she had some amazing advice on how you can do the same by reconnecting with your sexual and creative energies. 

Reclaiming Your Sexual and Creative Energies

So to reclaim your sexual energy, you’ve gotta know what it is first! Nadine summed it up perfectly and explained why it is so valuable and important to our growth. 

“Sexual energy is our creative energy. It’s our life force energy, literally — we create life with a sexual act. What we see on the planet is a lot of distortions around sexual energies, leaking of the energy, and giving it away to anyone and everything. [Sex and Sexual energy] is used as a marketing tool, not honoring feminine energy or the sacredness of men and women merging in union.” – Nadine Lee

Well, ain’t that the fucking truth. Sex sells everywhere. In media, advertising, movies, and magazines —society impresses it on us from the second we have the capacity to absorb a commercial. But Nadine noted that there is a confusing contradiction here because we are also taught to be ashamed of our sexuality and suppress it. 

We grow up in a culture of over-sexualization, but then also {there is} this unconscious shame of it. It’s very confusing for society. Religion also suppresses it, because it’s easier to control someone if you’re cut off from your sexual energy. It is the most powerful energy we have.”- Nadine Lee 

So how can you get back that powerful energy? To reclaim the sacredness of sexuality and learn how to harness her sexual energy, Nadine used Tantra yoga. She practiced a sequence at a school in India that was very “yin” and focused on deep states of rest. This sequence of tantra yoga consisted of holding poses for long periods of time, allowing one to fully dive into the subconscious mind and let the body relax. This allowed her to release subconscious emotions and trauma from the parts of the body that were holding that contained energy captive. It allowed her to use that energy again for beautiful manifestations. 

Sounds incredible, I know. It is incredible to see how this allowed Nadine to clear a channel for her sexual energy to flow and release stuck emotions. But sometimes it’s difficult to reach this channel of sexual energy because of the shame that I mentioned earlier, shame that is often a deep part of blocking our path to healing. Nadine had some beautiful, practical tips to get this shame out of your life and reclaim your sacred sexual energy. 

Freeing Yourself From Sexual Shame 

The first thing you can start doing to free yourself from sexual shame is to work with your menstrual cycle. It is so important to get to know your own cycle and reject the message of shame that revolves around menstrual bleeding. It’s incredible how much this shame is incorporated into the messages we receive daily from our environment. Think about tampon commercials for starters. The blood isn’t even shown! It is either completely ignored or displayed as some weird blue liquid. It is shamed and hidden. 

“We all bleed, you know. All women have a womb and bleed every month, and the unconscious shame around sexuality and around the body starts with that. Mainstream TV sends messages to us saying ‘Oh don’t look at the blood, shame the blood. It’s not something to connect with.'”- Nadine Lee

Because women are taught to be ashamed of their bleeding, men learn that too! If a woman fully owns her bleed and honors it as a part of her divine feminine energy, men would follow suit. So what does reclaiming the relationship to your cycle look like? Nadine had some helpful tips. 

“Understanding your menstrual cycle [requires] really getting intimate with your blood, touching your blood, working in simple rituals. Using a menstrual cup is a really powerful transition from pads and tampons….It’s sending a message to your subconscious that you’re embracing your feminine essence because the blood is that symbol of your feminine essence.” – Nadine Lee

Y’all, this shit is real. I just jumped on the menstrual cup boat. And I’ve also started tracking my period, writing how I feel each day, and noting my emotions as well as my physical sensations. This is another thing Nadine suggested to help free yourself from shame and access your sexual energy. I was absolutely that person who did not honor my cycle. I really didn’t pay attention to my feelings during it and just kind of pushed them to the side. 

But when I started to track my cycle and understand which each week meant for me and how to utilize it, the game totally changed. It’s even helped me heal a lot of my sexual trauma. I know it can do the same for you! Are you completely new to this or having a hard time relating? Sister, hang in with me here. It really does make a difference. The moment you honor your feminine body and what it’s doing, there’s this immediate permission to be a life force. Because you are a life force. You are a beautiful gift that is releasing energy every single month. Isn’t that incredible? Learn to celebrate it without shame, and you will be able to manifest that divine feminine goddess that you are. 

Once you have been through that healing and tuned in to your menstrual cycle, there is so much more you can do to harness your sexual energy and infuse joy into your sexual experience with your partner. Nadine recommended the Jade egg as a way to become intimate with your Yoni. If you can be intimate with your own sexual energy, you will be able to have more powerful experiences with your partner. 

“Using the Jade egg can help really massage internally and release tension…when there’s less tension, more pleasure and more energy can flow. So you can experience better orgasms from this practice using the Jade egg…really learning how to start to cultivate the sexual energy and start to circulate it through the body.” – Nadine Lee

What Surrendering to the Power of Sexual Freedom Looks Like 

I recently got my own Jade egg and have been absolutely loving going down the rabbit hole of deep healing with it. This awakening into my sexual power has been incredible for me, and I want you to experience that as well! So you might be wondering, what does this actually look like? What does it look like to be fully surrendered and tapped into your feminine power? Nadine had the answer. 

“There’s this sense of ease and joy and grace…a sense of safety, no matter what is going on in the world. …If you’re in your body and relaxed, there’s no immediate threat in your reality, if you’re present right here and now. So then if something does come that threatens you, you can react from a more grounded place” – Nadine Lee. 

This sense of peace and safety allows everything to become illuminated, so we can live in our fullest expression. Harnessing our sexual energy creates peace and also allows us to manifest our desires in our external relationships and inner selves. And sister, it’s so fucking cool when we can understand ourselves like that! 

So go listen to this episode right now, because Nadine had so much more for us! She went deep with me, from explaining the three different types of orgasms to discussing how to guide your partner into the divine feminine energy that you are discovering! 

Wanting more of all this goodness? You can find Nadine on her Instagram @tantric.alchemy or on her website here! Go follow her and check out everything she provides!  

Thank you for tuning in on this journey with me in harnessing our sexuality and divine feminine energy on our pathway to abundance. As always, choose happiness because — well — why the fuck not?

The Creatress: https://www.tantricalchemy.net/the-creatress
Facilitator Training Dec 2020: https://www.tantricalchemy.net/retreats-events/training

Key Takeaways: 

+ How to function in a healthy way
+ Healing sexuality and sexual trauma
+ Sexual energy is literally creative energy
+ Learning how to work with your sexual energy
+ Dropping into the deepest state of relaxation
+ Embracing your feminine essence
+ Creating space for yourself
+ Know your body, your own pleasure and what you like
+ Being a part of the divine feminine energy
+ Embodying your love essence and your creator
+ Why am I not allowing myself to be fully in this moment?
+ You get to work in the energy inside of you
+ Orgasmic energy is the pulse of nature

Standout Quotes:

“Get intimate with your body and with your blood, release it from your body and give it back to the earth”

“The moment you honor your body, you give yourself the gift of giving life”

“When there’s less tension, more pleasure and more energy can flow”