How to Connect with your Higher Self through Shamanism + The Power of Pause with Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles: Episode 215


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Y’all, I have got an especially juicy episode for you today! I am talking with rockstar shaman Alyson Charles. Seriously, from the very first time I met this woman, I knew we’d been friends in many lifetimes, and I knew we were destined to be friends again. Energetically, Alyson and I have a connection that is truly special, so I am grateful for every opportunity to spend time with her and learn from her genius.

And she shares a lot of her genius with us today! Sister, I want you to know that you’re in for a treat. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what shamanism is, you are in luck because Alyson is here to clarify that. She’s also bringing us some juicy insight into what this whole pandemic means for us as spiritual beings and how you can use this time to tap into your source and live in alignment with your spiritual calling. And finally, Alyson’s going to share with us some amazing ways we can all connect to our higher calling and receive wisdom from great Mother Earth.

“When I had my spiritual awakening … it came out of nowhere. It rocked my world. It was simultaneously their most traumatic and emotionally grueling and miraculous moment of my life because I was dropped to my knees and everything I knew about my life, my previous relationship, and myself was obliterated. My egoic shell that I had tightly enclosed around me was obliterated, and the veil I had over my third eye and the truth got lifted.” – Alyson Charles

Alyson understands what it’s like to experience a dramatic spiritual transformation. Because of that, she is passionate about sharing the message of shamanism and using her experience to help other people come to a place of spiritual awakening.

By the way, sister, if this episode resonates with you, stay tuned until the very end, because Alyson is sharing a special discount code just for you listeners of this podcast to access her online Soul Reboot Spirit School! I know you’re going to want to take advantage of that opportunity!

Thank you so much for joining me today, ladies. This episode is a special one, and I know you’re going to get a lot of juicy goodness out of it. Let’s go!

Who Is Alyson Charles?

Alyson Charles is a rockstar, but not in the way you may be thinking. Alyson calls herself a “rock-star” shaman because of her unique calling to connect with Mother Earth and star source consciousness. In that way, she creates a straight line from rocks to stars, making her a rockstar shaman!

Alyson is truly one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. Her wisdom and generosity are beautiful facets of her character, and so of course, she’s a highly sought after keynote speaker. She’s spoken at events for the New York Times, National Geographic Channel, Forbes, ELLE, and more. She even had the opportunity to lead over 10,000 people in a guided meditation at the HBO Film Festival, making her the first woman to perform on stage at the festival and a spiritual teacher to many.

Beyond her career as a spiritual mentor and guide, Alyson has plenty of experience as a TV host, and producer, radio host, voiceover artist, and contributing writer for various publications. She’s worked for Discovery and E!, and she’s a regular contributor to Oprah’s O Magazine, Marie Claire, Well + Good, The New York Post, and many more.

I am so happy that this beautiful soul-sister has joined me today! She is sharing her message of light and love with the world, and it is truly an honor to get to be a part of that! Let me just give you a small taste of her wisdom before we really dive in:

“I really struggled with lack of self-worth, lack of self-respect, lack of self-honor, [and] lack of self-love, [but] the more I’ve committed to the spiritual path and devoted myself to my calling as a shaman and all these high vibration practices that awakened the love and honor inside myself.” – Alyson Charles

If you’re anything like me (and I know you are!), you are ready to just bathe in the truth and beauty of those words. Alyson is such a beautiful spirit, and I know her words will inspire you today. Let’s dive in and uncover some of the mysteries of shamanism and how it can help us all reach our highest calling!

What Is Shamanism?

So what exactly is shamanism? I know there’s a lot of mystery and a lot of misconceptions around this spiritual tradition, so I asked my girl Alyson to clear things up.

Keep in mind, anytime we try to define something, we limit that thing to our ability to capture it in language. Nothing could ever fully define shamanism. Nevertheless, Alyson did her best to explain shamanism for those of us who have no idea where to start!

“Shamanism … is a spiritual way of life. It is a healing spiritual art. … Shamanism is a way of living that helps you reconnect back into and remember the truth of who you are and helps you reconnect back into and remember the most ancient truths of the planet. … Some examples of that would be oneness, unconditional love, compassion, humility, honoring sacredness, [and] really getting back to those core foundations that this planet was birthed from.” – Alyson Charles

So shamanism is about connecting your soul to the elemental spiritual principles that create the Earth we live on. It’s about being completely in alignment with who you truly are in every area of your life. Sisters, I think shamanism is so beautiful! What an incredible way to live in alignment with your soul!

But shamanism isn’t only about being connected inwardly. It’s also about learning your true calling and using that knowledge to live the best life. Alyson shared with me that her unique shamanic calling, as I said earlier, is to create a straight line from the rocks of the Earth to the stars in the sky and to share the message of shamanism with the world. But each shaman has his or her own individual calling, and when you truly commit to this way of life, your spirit guides will make that clear to you.

“Shamanism and walking this path and living this way of life also teaches you … how to access into that source field … how to access into the unseen realms, to learn who your main love and light guides are, to speak to your ancestors, to gain wisdom from them, to learn how to trust the whispers and the messages of [the] divine. … That’s where true happiness and true thriving [come] from because you’re connected to why you wanted to come down here in the first place.” – Alyson Charles

Shamanism is about living in total alignment with your soul, your spiritual guides, and your calling in life. It’s an incredible way of living, and I absolutely love seeing the joy and abundance and fulfillment it brings to Alyson!

What Is Going on in the World Right Now?

In light of our discussion of shamanism and the opportunities for spiritual enlightenment and abundance it offers, I had to ask Alyson her opinion about the global events we’ve been experiencing. The worldwide pandemic has brought a lot of pain and suffering but also an opportunity for many people to grow and experience their own spiritual awakenings.

That was definitely the truth for Alyson. She shared with me that at the beginning of the pandemic, she felt the need to take some time diving inward. She needed to take a break from much of her public life and seriously get in touch with the new energetic fields that started appearing.

But then, her way forward started to become clear.

“And then all of a sudden … I then started to get clear guidance from great Mother Earth and from these other places that I talked to. … I now needed to use my voice, and I needed to speak what they were expressing to me.” – Alyson Charles

For so many of us, the pandemic has given us an opportunity to be quiet. Our lives have slowed down, and we’re unable to work or travel in the ways we’re used to. But for many of us, just like for Alyson, it’s given us time to step back from the craziness and the chaos and open ourselves up to receive the messages we need to hear from our spirit guides.

And what was the message Alyson received, you ask?

“[Mother Earth] said, ‘This is what you have been talking about for many years. This is the birthing of the new earth. This is the birthing of the new paradigm. It’s just not physically manifesting in the way that you or others might have thought … but this is what you have been talking about.’” – Alyson Charles

What a beautiful and positive message, sisters! I know it may seem like the pandemic is only here to cause pain and suffering, but we are witnessing a wonderful transformation. I genuinely believe that everything that has been going on lately is shaping our world for the better.

What messages are your spirit guides trying to communicate with you? Just like Alyson did, take the time to receive their words and guidance. Listen for your unique calling, and be ready to act on it.

How Can We Connect to Our Spirit Guides?

So during this time when we have an opportunity to step back, get in touch with our souls, and receive the messages our spirit guides may be trying to share with us, we must make ourselves ready to communicate with them. But how can we do that within the framework of shamanism? 

First of all, you have to surrender:

“I would ask [someone who is interested in shamanism] if they have ever had a ‘surrender moment’ and/or is surrendering something that feels right to their soul. … And that’s where your comfort level is right now… getting clear on who … you want to connect to and surrender to start a co-creative dance with all of the support and all the love that’s around us.” – Alyson Charles

When you fully surrender to your soul’s unique calling and receive wisdom from God, the universe, or whatever you believe in, you make room for yourself to grow and share so much light with the world! I just want to encourage you all to consider whether you are connecting deeply with your spirit guides. You may need to do some deep shadow work or learn how to implement practices like meditation into your life.

No surprise, Alyson has some brilliance to share exactly how you can do that! While we were in the middle of our call, Alyson began to hear the word “altar” repeated in her head — and that’s because an altar is essential to her daily spiritual practices that her spirit guides wanted her to share!

“So [an altar] is a sacred high-vibrational space that you can land in — I personally recommend in the morning so that you connect to the truth that is you and connect to the places you surrender to first thing. … You want to place objects there that lift your spirit, that empower you, [and] that really help you feel strong. … [And] just [tune] into what really lifts your spirit and create a little space that you can sit in and do a meditation every morning.” – Alyson Charles

Meditation is such a wonderful practice, sisters. There is so much power in pausing for a moment each day to connect your soul and your spiritual guides and open yourself up to receive messages and abundance. I want to encourage you all to establish an altar space where you can go to pray, journal, meditate, and do whatever you need to do each morning to get your soul into alignment and elevate your consciousness.

Why You Should Listen to This Alyson Charles Podcast Episode Right Now…

Y’all, Alyson Charles is one seriously inspiring woman. She is so in tune with the shamanistic way of life, and as a result, her light is truly fucking beautiful! We talked about so much more amazing stuff in the podcast episode, so I hope you’ll go listen to it! I know it will teach you something about shamanism and help you discover some ways you can grow in your own spiritual journey.

If you resonated with this episode as much as I did, I know you’re going to want to connect with Alyson even more! And you can do that by following her on Instagram, @iamalysoncharles. While you’re there, go ahead and share this episode and tag @iamalysoncharles and me, @iamtaylorsimpson.

And if you feel strongly that shamanism if the right way of life for you, you absolutely must check out Alyson’s Soul Reboot Spirit School! Through this program, Alyson gives you video lessons from nine different shamanic guides. These are videos you will be able to access to help you on your spiritual journey forever! And if you use the code “Taylor” at checkout, you’ll receive 10% off. How awesome is that? Make sure you go check out Alyson’s Soul Reboot Spirit School and take advantage of that deal!

Thank you so much for joining me today, ladies! I am so thankful that each and every one of you is a part of my journey in this life. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! And remember — choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


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Key Takeaways: 

+ Struggling with lack of self-love
+ Knowing your worth
+ Fully uniting with your soul
+ Giving things, honor, and humility
+ It’s so easy to put our power in our hands
+ Shamanism is a spiritual way of life
+ Learning how to trust messages from the divine
+ The ways to connect and knowing myself are infinite
+ Why we came here in this time
+ The more you learn about the void, the less scary it is
+ All these massive changes came for me, from listening to the void
+ Put your ego aside and watch how things get better
+ You don’t know what’s happening unless you surrender
+ You need to release what doesn’t serve you
+ Have you ever had a surrender moment?
+ “I am willing to receive and I am worthy of everything”
+ You have to fill all spaces from your soul
+ Is there any medicine that you want me to receive?
+ Providing to your soul what it needs to heal
+ Starting my day with gratitude and tune in to my soul

Standout Quotes:

“I needed to use my voice and speak what mother earth showed me”

“The more I learn to love myself, the more things change externally”

“Shamanism is a way of living that helps you reconnect with the real you”