How to Tap into your Intuition & Connect with your Spirit Guides with Haley Cole: Episode 244


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I luv ya, I luv ya, I luv ya! 

Do you feel free and grounded today? Take a deep breath and notice how your body is feeling. Are you relaxed in the awareness that everything is working out in your favor? If someone disagrees with you, will you be able to hear their opinion, love them, and still walk in your truth?

That frequency is freedom. And operating from that place is life-changing. The more I learned to honor my truth, listen to my intuition, and connect with my spirit guides, the easier living in the energy of freedom became, the more abundance flowed to me, and the more I enjoyed my life. That’s why I’m so excited to share this interview with the wonderful Haley Cole today!

Haley Cole is an intuitive goddess, healer, and divine feminine teacher. She is known for coaching women through her Mystery School, where she helps them remember who they are, embrace the gifts they innately possess and tap into their sacred power. 

In this interview, Haley shared with us how understanding the four Clairs is the first step to tapping into your intuition and being led by your spirit guides. We also discussed how to channel your inner goddess to manifest more quickly and specifically! 

This conversation will give you tangible tools on how to walk in the frequency of freedom and start being a fucking magical human because, sister, that’s exactly who you are! 

If you’re ready for an enlightening and inspiring message, keep reading!

Who Is Haley Cole?

Haley Cole is a magical soul and creator of the Golden Light Healing Method. Her Mystery School helps individuals dive into the intricacies of Golden Light to unlock their own divinity. She also has a Golden Light Healer Certification program for anyone who wants to help others experience and unlock their own divinity. 

Haley’s spiritual journey began at the age of eight years old. She describes herself as always having a very strong connection to a God-source and talking to the higher powers. Her fascination with spirituality led her to become a Reiki master at just 16 years old. Over the next few years, she stepped away from her connection to the Universe because it made her feel out of place. 

This separation from her truth led to low self-esteem, an eating disorder, and a toxic relationship. After graduating from college, a traumatic event jump-started a whole wave of spiritual awakening and healing. That’s when she started learning about Golden Light healing, and her spirit guides gave her the training she now shares with the world. 

If you need a reminder that you can return to your intuition and spirituality at any time to recover your truth, let Haley’s journey be your inspiration. No detour can strip you of your divinity — it’s always accessible to you, and it’s never too late to rediscover it!

No matter where you are on your journey — discovering your divinity and intuition for the first time or rediscovering it after years of ignoring it — this message will give you the tools you need to step into your truth and experience abundance mentally, physically, and relationally. So sister, keep reading!

The First Step to Tapping into Your Intuition

We all have ways that our intuition easily speaks to us. Haley said that the easiest and first way to tap into your intuition is to identify which Clair you naturally have. Clairs are extrasensory perceptions through which we receive our intuition. Clairs are broken down into four categories: Clairaudient, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. Haley pointed out that we all have a bit of all the Clairs available to us; however, we naturally receive from one or two. 

So the first step to tapping into your intuition is identifying the Clair that you channel naturally and then and master it. Here’s an overview of the four Clairs to help you identify your particular one:

#1. Clairaudient. This is the gift of hearing. Clairaudient people tend to be sensitive to sound, drawn to music, and get song lyrics stuck in their heads. They often describe themselves as hearing their guides. Haley said being clairaudient is a lot like getting a rush of thoughts:

“It’s almost like having a thought rush through their mind that they don’t know where it came from. And they’re like, ‘That’s not mine. I don’t know whose that was, but it’s like a little bit of guidance.’ … For Clairaudient people, doing automatic writing is helpful because communication is something that they are really drawn to.” – Haley Cole

My husband and I LOVE to practice automatic writing and use it often. All you do is find a blank piece of paper, ask the Universe or your spirit guides, “What do you want to say to me?” and write anything that comes to mind. Don’t edit it until the stream of thoughts stops. This is a really powerful and simple way for anyone to cultivate a relationship with their intuition, particularly to increase your clairaudient gift.

#2. Clairvoyance. This is the gift of vision. Typically, people with Clairvoyance are drawn to color and design. Haley said that as you become more in tune with your gift, your visions can be more vivid, especially during meditation:

“[Clairvoyant people] might have images that flash through their minds during meditation, or even just through the day. … [As this gift] develops over time you see things sometimes with your naked eye or especially in your mind’s eye.” – Haley Cole

Clairvoyant people, including myself, also frequently say that they see colors around others. As I have learned to trust my gift, each color I see allows me to interpret the individual’s energy or current experience. 

#3. Claircognizance. This is the gift of deep unexplained knowing. People with claircognizance often look at someone and almost immediately get a full download of the person they’re looking at. They often explain it as a strong gut feeling. In most cases, the claircognizance eventually develops into clairaudience. This is why Haley says it’s important to get comfortable with all the Clairs so that when they start to compliment each other, you can lean into their power instead of being caught off guard.

#4. Clairsentience. This is the gift of feeling. Clairsentient people are empaths. When someone with clairsentience walks into a room or has a conversation, they know exactly what the other person is feeling. Haley said that people who are unaware of their clairsentience tendency take on other people’s energy:

“People who are clairsentient, without being fully aware, actually absorb everything that’s going on around them. So it’s really important for people who are clairsentient to make sure that they’re cutting cords and protecting their energy.” – Haley Cole

In other words, once a clairsentient person has become aware of their gift, they must create routines that help them disconnect from the energy of others. Letting go of the feelings around them will help them find and connect with their own emotions to access their intuition.  

Before we move on from the Clairs, I want to anchor in the point that everyone has these gifts. The Clairs are not far out gifts that only certain people have. Everyone has them. When I started honoring and appreciating my gifts instead of second-guessing them and talking to myself out of them, they became clear channels for downloads and direction. So, if you want to walk in freedom and abundance, it’s up to you to get your ego out of the way, cultivate awareness, and embrace these gifts with gratitude. 

Two Ways to Connect with and Be Led by Your Spirit Guides

Being led by your spirit guides can sometimes be confused with intuition because both of their guidance often comes from a gut feeling. However, intuition is something deep within you, like a moral compass or your personal truth. Spirit guides are beyond you. They resonate with your truth and guide you.

If you’re ready to access awareness and consciousness beyond yourself by connecting with your spirit guides, Haley recommended a daily practice of meditation and leaning into your gut feelings.

“I always suggest meditation. It’s not necessarily [about you getting] the messages while you’re in meditation. But what it does is it clears your mind, keeps you grounded and centered so that you’re open throughout your day [to receive]. … I believe [meditation is] the time to really quiet it down. If [the spirit guides] want to tell me something, they can, but what it does is leaves the space [for me to hear].” – Haley Cole

Creating space to receive is important because so many of us lead busy lives and are constantly bombarded with information and advertisements from others — it’s hard to hear our own thoughts, much less our spirit guides. Much like the rest of the world, spirit guides are always speaking to us, so making space in our minds and reminding ourselves to be open to what comes is half the work of receiving. The other half is acting on the messages we receive. 

Haley said when you’re starting out, guidance will often be a gut feeling. As you lean into those feelings by taking action, the strength of guidance will increase and move up your chakras. Here’s how she explained it:

“In the beginning, it’ll be more of a gut feeling — that’s kind of where you’ll feel it. Then as you evolve, it will move up. You might even feel it more in your heart. And then it will move up to where you’re kind of able to see things and hear things, which is more through your third eye. Then [you’ll receive the guidance] in your crown, which is that connection where you feel fully connected.” – Haley Cole

If you feel far away or disconnected from your spirit guides, know that it is a normal feeling when you’re just getting started. It’s like making a new friend. Even if you click immediately, it still takes time to truly know the other person. So take a deep breath and give yourself time. Create a daily routine where you quiet the noise in your mind and make space to receive. Then, when you get those gut feelings that you can’t shake, lean into them. Every time you do, you will strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and increase the volume of their guidance in your life. 

How to Embody Your Inner Goddess 

Have you ever tried to manifest something that scared you a little? Like, it just seemed a little beyond your reach? These are the circumstances that Haley said it can be really helpful to channel your inner goddess. She explained the inner goddess as energy — a collective consciousness that is accessible to everyone. 

When I first started learning about goddess energy and the different goddesses archetypes, I thought that only one person could embody Lakshmi or Aphrodite at one time. I felt like there wasn’t enough goddess energy to go around. So if someone was already embodying the goddess who I felt like I needed for manifesting, I was out of luck. Thankfully it doesn’t work that way because it’s all just energy. And it’s all energy that we carry. Here’s how Haley said it works:

 “We have all this energy within us. … So, we can actually tap into Aphrodite and embody Aphrodite’s energy if we want to exude that loving energy. If we’re really trying to manifest something [that feels beyond our reach], we can tap into the abundant energy of Lakshmi. … When we tap into [these energies], we’re allowing ourselves to understand our true essence in that specific gateway.” – Haley Cole

In other words, not only is there more than enough goddess energy to go around, but each of us already possesses all of it. When we choose to embody a specific goddess, we choose to experience our true essence through that particular energy. It’s like we’re concentrating our energy to be the specific goddess we choose: Lakshmi for abundant victory, Saraswati for inspired creativity, Aphrodite for intimacy and love, etc.

If you’re ready to channel your inner goddess, I highly recommend getting yourself an Inner Goddess Oracle Deck. It’s helped me understand the different goddesses and be like, “Oh, I didn’t realize that this one existed,” and find the exact goddess I needed for that day!

Why You Need to Listen to This Haley Cole Episode Right Now…

I absolutely loved that what Haley shared today covered everything from tapping into your intuition for the first time to how to embrace your Clairs as they increase in power. I hope this message encouraged you and gave you a jump start to lean into your truth and being led by your spirit guides!

Before I wrap this up, I want to leave you with Haley’s closing piece of advice, which I thought couldn’t be more timely:

“Cultivate some sort of practice. [2020 has been crazy], but it’s just getting crazier. … So it is really important to have some sort of practice to [help you] understand exactly what you believe and have faith in yourself. Because [in times like these], you have to know and trust that things are going to be okay. And, If you want to be able to manifest everything that you want, you’re going to want to stay centered and grounded in who you are and what you’re connected to. So building up some sort of a practice [to help you do that] is really important.” – Haley Cole

The world we’re living in today is shifting in incredible ways. So I agree with Haley that the very best gift you can give yourself is a routine of staying grounded in your truth and connected to your life source. Remember sister, you are a fucking magical human. So, tap into your intuition, lean into the guidance from your spirit guides, and channel your inner goddess to experience the life of divine freedom and abundance that is your destiny!

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Thank you so much for joining us today. Have a magical week, and remember, always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to tap into your next level of intuition.
  • Remembering your gifts and who you are. 
  • Different types of Claires, how to tap into, strengthen, & harness them.
  • How to connect with your spirit guides.
  • Importance of meditation.
  • Balance the spiritual and human experience.
  • Receive support from loved ones while on your spiritual journey.
  • Embodying goddess energy.
  • Golden Light Healing.

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