My Psychic Journey + Breaking Down the 13 most Popular Psychic Gifts : Episode 228


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Tayored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Today we are talking all about psychic abilities. We’re getting real weird today, or just maybe, we are getting real normal? Either way, I am breaking down the 13 most popular psychic powers in this episode. I’m also sharing my personal journey through seeing ghosts as a child, shutting out my psychic abilities as a young adult, and reopening myself to them which lead me to this powerful magical work I’m doing today. 

This is going to be a real juicy episode, so get excited! I bet you have way more psychic abilities opened than you give yourself credit. This episode is going to help you open them up even bigger and allow the magic to pour through your body and into the world, creating an abundant, joyful, freedom-filled life! Let’s go! 

My Psychic Journey as a Young Girl 

Let’s start out with a little fun fact about myself. Actually, it’s really not so little. I grew up seeing ghosts. Yep. I saw ghosts and energies and colors and spirits and shapes everywhere. All the things. As a young girl, I thought this was super normal. I thought everyone could see a red,  black, or blue outline around another person’s body.

In the middle of middle school, my family and I moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Are you ready for this? The house we moved into was on the Civil War battlefields It was actually used as a hospital during the Civil War. In our basement, we had these huge pits, big ovens built into the foundation covered in dirt and ash. They used them for burning dead bodies because they had nowhere to bury them during the war. Our attic had holes stained with blood that went all the way to the ground. Turns out, the home was so big that when they did procedures during the war the blood needed to go somewhere, so they created these holes to drain the blood.

Creepy, right? Anyways, I went from a child growing up in the middle of free-spirit Colorado, seeing energies and thinking it was normal, to being a newly transplanted middle school student living in this historic Civil War home. As we settled in I saw more and more ghosts. These weren’t always the friendliest of ghosts some still thought they were wounded from the war. 

Eventually, I set up a mirror trap. Imagine a ping pong game where you pull the ball back and it bounces around. That’s kinda how I set up the mirrors to bounce around images in the hallway. That way, when I was laying in my bed, I could easily see all the way out to the living room. I did this thinking it was completely normal. 

Summer started, and I would have friends over. The moment they came into our house they would get spooked. And heaven forbid if they came up into my room that had a ghost trap! Not only was I described as  “too much” during this time of my life, but I was also called the ghost girl. Being called the ghost girl, while funny to some, didn’t get me the friends that I wanted. In the end, no one would come over to my house to spend the night and any who did would go home at 11 o’clock at night because they felt scared in our home.

Gradually, I began to believe that ghosts were scary, that spirits were scary, and that talking to them and seeing them was not good. I believed those abilities kept me from having friends, kept me from being popular, and kept me from being seen. So, that meant seeing ghosts was bad. I need to stop seeing them. I need to stop hearing them. I decided right then to stop allowing them. 

Embracing my Psychic Powers as an Adult 

Here’s what I want to get from the story so far: We can choose to not see spirits. We just can. It’s when we’re open to them that we’ll actually see them. 

By choosing not to be open to the spirits I stopped seeing them. And that’s when I fell into the trap of blending in, trying to fit in, and doing whatever I could to not be different. This led to people-pleasing, unhealthy relationships, food addiction, and anger management issues. It wasn’t until about seven years ago that I had a real spiritual awakening. I surrendered and became open to hearing, to seeing, and to allowing whatever was meant for me into my life. My third-eye chakra was reopened.

Quickly it all came flooding back. I began to hear again, when I say hear, it’s a voice in my head that guides me that says, “Go here. Do this. Question that. Think about this.” As I leaned into this voice I began to think, “Well, everyone probably hears voices in their head.”

As I began to believe that everyone has this guidance system, and I began to feel safe. I began to know what someone was going to say even before they’d said it. I’d be able to go into a store and have a clear vision of something happening and it would happen. I would see a car cut me off before it happened, and then a car would cut me off. It was like a waterfall. The moment I opened myself back up to these senses they came rushing in. 

I began to feel harder. I could literally look at someone and feel their boss yelling at them. I could feel their project deadline pressing down on them. I could feel that their partner had cheated on them. I’m talking about seeing and feeling all this with my third eye, not seeing it with my two open eyes, but in my mind’s eye. It became even more intense when I worked on Capitol Hill and took the Metro into work. Being in a car full of people filled my mind with almost everyone’s story, where they’re at, the challenges they’re facing, the winds they’re experiencing, the joy they’re having, and their sadness. 

Then I began to journal and things would just come out of my pen onto paper. I didn’t know where these words were coming from. They would pour out of me , and I would be like, “I did not write that, but I definitely wrote that.” Page after page, it just kept going and going. Around this time, about a year after my spiritual awakening, I started to get into the self-development world, and I discovered that there were names for all these things!

Finally, for the first time, I felt a little less alone and a lot more understood and accepted. As I learned more and more about these things, I realized that we all have these abilities. But until we know what we know, we can’t use them to support ourselves, our mission in the world, and those around us. Tapping into my intuition and being open to my powers led me to this moment where I was like, “Oh my God, I can really help people with this! I can infuse these abilities that I have and speak life into my world, my relationships, and my clients.” 

But you wanna know something? Until probably the last two years, I never actually shared that I had these abilities. I was scared of people judging me, calling me a liar, or thinking “Who is she to have those abilities?”. What snapped me out of playing small and hiding my gifts from the world was realizing that this isn’t about me. It was when I saw how selfish I was being by not utilizing my gifts to help my community to help you. Since choosing to harness my intuition and teach my clients to do the same, I’ve helped transform thousands of women’s lives and teach them to be teachers of themselves and others. 

I firmly believe that we all have the ability to see, feel, know, understand, and touch anything as much as much as anyone else. The moment that we accept that, trust it, and choose to feel safe in it, will be the moment that our gifts come through even louder and more intense in the most beautiful way imaginable. 

The Six Clair Senses

Now, I’m going to go through and introduce you to the 13 most popular psychic powers so that you can recognize them in your own life.  

Using these psychic abilities and powers can empower you to completely change your life and therefore give permission to other people to change their lives. That’s the beautiful thing about this. It’s not about being cooler or better or more powerful than someone else. The question is just, how open are you to receiving them? How open are you to removing the ego that doubts, questions, fears, the judges, to be able to receive these gifts?

When you’re open things can change. So, whatever your ego is saying right now, I want you to honor it and set it aside. Honor it and set it aside. Allow yourself to hear your intuition and listen with openness. With that, let’s dig into the 6 Clair Senses!

Clairvoyance: This is the ability to see things that the human eye cannot physically see, be it a person, animal, or thing. This is your ability to see things that are not there you see them with your third eye, your mind’s eye. You can still see things with your two eyes of course. Clairvoyance are the visions you receive when you’re meditating, closing your eyes, or intentionally being open to seeing things beyond the natural realm. Sometimes it’s a specific scenario being played out or a clear flash of the past.

Clairaudience: This is where I’m the strongest. It’s the ability to hear the thoughts, words, music, or related sounds via personal possessions, inanimate objects, or a medium form. For me, if I were to hold an object that I found at an antique shop, I would be able to hear the history of the item. So, if you’ve ever picked up an object and could hear music, rushing water, or conversations, that’s because you’re clairaudient. 

Clairsentience: This is the ability to know personal information about a total stranger without ever having to ask them. Think about the last time you met someone and when they told you their name you were like, “Oh my God, I knew that.” Did you think you were crazy? Guess what?! You weren’t! You just have Clairsentience. Pretty cool, right?!

Clairaliens: This is the ability to have psychic intel by smell. Even if the smell is from a spirit that nobody else in the room can detect. This is something that I have. When is the last time you were just chilling and all of a sudden you smelled something. Nothing changed in the variables, you weren’t baking brownies that finally reached the point of being aromatic, and your space did not shift at all, but you definitely smelled something. That was your Clairaliens gift. You can smell spirits around you. 

Clairguidance: It’s similar to Clairealiens, but related to taste. A lot of people who have this gift say they’ll get a taste of iron or blood in their mouth. I believe that when this happens for me it’s a past life coming up in a different dimension or parallel universe. Perhaps I died or was eating steak. Maybe, in a past life I’m bleeding or was killed. Fun fact: I’ve been killed in, like, all of my past lives for speaking up. Shocker, shocker! 

Finally, Claircognizance: This is a gut instinct that turns out to be correct. This is also one of my stronger abilities. You know when you’re about to go on a road trip or go do something like shopping and you get this feeling of, “Oh, I shouldn’t do that. Oh, something bad’s going to happen.” It can be a sinking feeling deep in your gut that tells you something heavy is going to happen. But it can also be an elevated feeling that confirms a decision you’re about to make, like, “Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! This is right!.

The Seven Psychic Gifts

Now let’s get into the seven psychic gifts! And as you’re reading these, ask yourself: Does this sound like me? 

Aura readings: This is when you see electromagnetic fields, which is a flow of ionized particles. Someone who has the ability to see auras can detect one’s energy by seeing colors, patterns, and vibrations each exclusive to one another around other beings and objects. I see colors and vibrations. I don’t see patterns. 

If you want to give yourself a chance to experience this ability do the following: 1) Focus, open your heart and mind. 2) Stare at someone, something, even your pet. 3) Zone in, allow yourself to go into a trance and see if you begin to see outlines of the actual electric-magnetic field coming off of their body. BONUS: If you open to it even more, you’ll be able to see a color in that electromagnetic field that you can connect with correlating chakras.

Telepathy: This is being able to read another individual’s mind and or transmit information to another without speaking. I do not read other people’s minds unless I’m with a friend who is also super open. This often happens with a couple of my girlfriends who are super open like myself. We’ll think about each other and text each other at the same time with almost the same words. It’s almost like we heard each other’s question or cry for support and love. Have you ever thought about someone and then they texted you because they were thinking about you too? That’s telepathy. 

Automatic writing: This is the ability to write letters, documents, or phrases simply out of a spiritual subconscious or without being aware. Automatic writers, you may be able to channel a spirit or presence and write on their behalf. I do this every single morning. Have you ever written something and thought, “I don’t know where that came from?” That was automatic writing via a spirit you were channeling, your spirit guides, a past loved one, or a past life. They can be helping you write or you could be writing on their behalf. 

Precognition: This is a psychic power that allows the reader to see future events through a gut instinct, vision, or random thought. Psychic advisers with pre-cognition also have a talent for making connections between past or present events in order to predict future outcomes.

This is beyond a gut instinct and beyond claircognizant. People often want to know how I manifest so easily and quickly it’s because of this psychic power. I see something in the future, continue to listen to my gut, tap into all the clairs that I am open to, and eventually it leads me to the outcome I saw. 

Energy healing: This is a power that you may already be familiar with. Think about acupuncture, Reiki, Tai Chi, or crystal work. If you’ve experienced any of these, then you’ve experienced energy work as a form of alternative medicine. This form of healing involves hands on and off work to help balance the body. So if you’ve received Reiki, you’ve experienced and allowed yourself to be energetically healed. If you’ve been able to heal some with your energy — by breath work, Reiki, or by placing your hand on someone and their headache disappears you’re an energy healer. I share this because you can be an energy healer by healing someone or by receiving the healing. 

Psychometry: This is when you touch an inanimate object and receive a strong sense of its previous owner or any potential history behind the item. This is a very similar Clairaudience where you look at an object at a store and know exactly who owned it previously. If you rescue animals, you will most likely receive a strong sense of who owned them before and what their experience was.

Embrace Your Abilities as a Gift to Yourself and the World 

And that’s a wrap on the 13 most popular psychic powers! If you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions, I want to encourage you to believe what you believe. Don’t give in to the fear of what people think about you. Your abilities are a gift to yourself and the world. No one needs to be special to have these gifts because we’re all extra special and we all already have them. When you can release the fear of how other people are going to perceive and judge you, you unlock your gifts for your own life and the lives of those around you!  

If you’re ready to embrace your psychic powers and change the stigma that having these gifts has to look a certain way, DM me on Instagram @iamtaylorsimpson and tell me which power you’ve seen most active in your life! 

We’re in this together. 

We can be weird together. 

Sister, I love you. I see you. Thank you for hanging out with me today and being so open to today’s message. 

Until next time, remember to always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • Taylor’s psychic beginnings in this lifetime
  • Shutting down your psychic abilities because of fear of being different
  • Stepping into a spiritual reawakening
  • Realizing you may not be using your full senses
  • Physics in media
  • Owning your gifts to help others
  • 13 different psychic abilities