Masculine and Feminine Wounding + The Ascension Process with Amber Valdez: Episode 221


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you! 

I have so much I want to talk to you about today, tribe. I know a lot of us are out here really struggling right now because of this COVID-19 pandemic. We’re stuck in our homes, and so many of us are isolated from our loved ones, while others of us are spending so much time with those nearest us we’re experiencing more conflict than usual. It’s a really hard time for all of us!

But I want to remind you guys today that really uncertain and difficult times like this aren’t bad. Nope, they’re not. The dark times are here to grow us and change us, y’all! I know it’s so difficult, especially for us as the magical and emotional women we are, to deal with so much uncertainty and even fear. But let me tell you, these times can turn into some of the best of our lives if we work through the struggles and open ourselves up to true transformation.

I really believe in the truth of that, so that’s why I had my girl Amber Valdez on the show! Y’all, Amber is such a special sister, and she has so much beautiful knowledge and wisdom to share with me and with you. In this episode, we talk through the Ascension process, what symptoms to look for when you’re experiencing Ascension for yourself, and how your beautiful feminine chaos makes you powerful, even in conflict with the masculine you encounter.

I am so excited to share Amber’s absolute wealth of knowledge with you today! Get ready for a juicy episode!

Who Is Amber Valdez?

Before we really get into it, I want to give you a little bit of background on my girl Amber. Seriously, she is one incredible woman. She’s a life purpose coach, bestselling author, spiritual guide, business mentor, and all-around kickass human being!

But she didn’t start out that way. Amber has truly had to be her own cheerleader for her entire life. You’d never know it, but she comes from a really hard place and a lot of trauma. Her childhood wasn’t a very happy one. Her household was broken, her mother suffered from mental illness, and her father was an addict. She grew up using food stamps, and her family couldn’t afford for her to go to college.

Nevertheless, Amber overcame her difficulty and went on to become an NFL cheerleader, TV personality, and reality star. That’s right, you may have seen her on TV Guide, CBS, or ABC Family, just to name a few things. Talk about a rags-to-riches story!

But the story doesn’t end there. After her career as a football cheerleader, Amber decided to become a spiritual cheerleader! She launched two bootcamps called, “Turn ‘You’re Crazy’ Into Your Purpose” and “Let Your Light Shine,”  and started coaching and mentoring spiritual leaders, mystics, and entrepreneurs as they discovered their soul assignments and learned how to pursue their dreams and be paid to share their gifts.

In 2016, Amber published her book, Stickie Affirmations: ‘To Live Your Purpose’, which became a #1 bestseller on Amazon. She’s also become a highly sought motivational speaker and influencer on Instagram (seriously, go follow her! She’s so inspiring!). 

Fast forward to today, and Amber is running a six-figure business! Now as a Life Purpose Cheerleader, she travels the world and is so much more successful than she dreamed she’d be as a little girl! Her passion and soul assignment in life is to help other lightworkers like you and me to overcome all our own bullshit, discover our souls’ purposes, and thrive. She has cheered on so many people in their personal spiritual journeys, and now, she’s here today to help me bring some of that cheer to you! 

Let’s get into it, y’all. I seriously can’t wait anymore!

What Is “The Ascension?”

Alright y’all, let’s talk about this idea of “Ascension.” Amber has so much intelligence about this, so I’m just going to let her explain it to you:

“The Ascension is merely the simple process of shifting frequencies. … So our bodies are upgrading. Our physical elements are upgrading. And this is necessary to happen. We’re merging the duality—light and shadow—within us and also in the collective.” – Amber Valdez

So basically, the Ascension is this process where we shift into a higher frequency. And this happens to our emotions and to our bodies. We start to shift up to a higher consciousness, a higher dimension. The light blasts all the darkness and shadow out of us, and we become light ourselves.

This Ascension process also happens on a collective scale, even a global scale. According to Amber, that’s actually what’s going right now with COVID-19. I’m going to borrow her words again because she’s just so brilliant:

“The COVID-19 is a smoke-and-mirrors experience to get us to stay away from each other, which is preventing deeper levels of intimacy and love and connection, but it ain’t gonna work … the light’s always going to win … This is just an opportunity for us to really remember the virus is not the virus. … it’s an opportunity to choose love over fear.” – Amber Valdez

I mentioned this earlier — the current pandemic situation we’re all in is so difficult because so many of us are not able to be close with the ones we love right now. It’s so challenging to deepen intimacy and connection in relationships while we have to stay far apart. But like Amber said, “the virus is not the virus.” The danger is not that we’ll get sick; the danger is that we’ll let our relationships suffer.

That’s why we have to choose to love every day. We have to choose to love ourselves and to reach out and love other people. Sisters, it is absolutely essential to choose love over fear. That’s how the light wins and defeats the darkness. That’s how this whole fucking planet is going to Ascend to a higher plane!

What About When Loving Is Hard?

After Amber explained the whole process of Ascension to me, we got in deep. I mean really deep. Amber chose to be so vulnerable to me, and her story inspired me so much.

Amber told me about a recent encounter she had with a man who was staying at her house over Easter. And this often happens in our relationships with men—our feminine chaos conflicts with the masculine, and when that happens, we can inflict deep wounds on each other.

“He was triggered by that and made up a story that I needed to be a tethered feminine, and I should be more like water and more grounded. … Amber went right back to her 17, 18, 19, 20-year-old self, whose family told her she was draining, that they couldn’t keep up with her, and she was all over the place. So all of a sudden, mommy wounds came up, sister wounds came up, not feeling good.” – Amber Valdez

At that moment, Amber was confronted by her old trauma, and all the old wounds inflicted on her by her abusive past came back up to the surface. But here’s the thing: when our old struggles come out like that, we have an opportunity to let the light just blast them out of us! 

That’s what Amber did. She told me about how she and this man truly confronted their conflict. They sat together for five whole hours, and during that time, Amber had to be really vulnerable. She shared with him about her wounds, and together they weathered a spiritual battle and came out the other side so much stronger than before.

“And since then it has been pure harmony and bliss with him and me in this house. And so what I’m saying to you is … the work comes out of fucking nowhere, and you have two options: You can make the other person ‘bad’ or ‘wrong,’ or you can go deep and say, ‘what is this trying to teach me?’” – Amber Valdez

It’s hard when we’re forced to confront our traumas, and it’s even harder when we’re forced to do it very suddenly. But those moments are powerful opportunities for growth and ascension. In that moment, it took so much courage for Amber to love herself and love this man, but she chose to face off with him and choose love despite that fear.

I would encourage you to remember Amber the next time you’re struggling like this. Remember her courage, and don’t be afraid to do the hard work necessary to let that let in and push those shadows out!

How Do I Know If I’m Ascending?

Okay, so conflict with other people — especially between the feminine and the masculine — is such an incredibly important and beautiful way we ascend to a higher plane. But it’s not the only way. So much of the ascension is about looking within ourselves and experiencing profound personal growth.

But sometimes It can be hard to tell when our bodies are undergoing that transformation. I asked Amber what some of the ascension symptoms are, so we can all know when we’re experiencing this kind of transformation.

“This is funky DNA that is getting activated in your body from the influx of light that’s coming into the planet, which is going to force discomfort emotionally and physically.” – Amber Valdez

So as our bodies undergo this transformation, it’s essential to look for signs of physical discomfort. Amber says that headaches, migraines, back pain, humming or ringing in your ears, and even food cravings can be signs that your body is upgrading.

But it’s not just physical pain. It can be emotional pain, too. 

“If you haven’t done the inner work, you’re ]going to feel not good enough. You’re going to feel a lack of self-competence. … Social anxiety is a key emotional Ascension symptom, deep empathy for other suffering around you.” – Amber Valdez

Feelings of inadequacy and social anxiety are also indicators that it’s time to do some deep emotional work and ascend to a higher frequency.

Sisters, pay attention to what your body and mind are telling you. If you’re feeling physical and emotional discomfort, remember, that’s a good thing! That’s the ascension, and it’s beautiful.

How Can You Live An #AbundantAF Life?

I want to close today with Amber’s definition of an abundant life, which I think is absolutely perfect:

“The definition of … abundant living and abundant life to me means living your life fully on purpose and in your soul assignment. … I think living an abundant life means honoring your needs in every moment … and being fully 100% unapologetically yourself. And when you’re living your purpose, you know, you never really struggle …” – Amber Valdez

Wow. That is just amazing to me. Living your life fully in your purpose and ascending to the highest frequency you can reach is what it’s all about, sisters.

I hope that this episode was as inspiring to you as it was to me! I hope that you remember Amber’s courage and vulnerability and wisdom! And I hope that you all go out there and choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • The definition of an abundant life
  • Exactly what ‘the Ascension’ is
  • Why the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for Ascension
  • How conflict with others can be opportunities for spiritual battles and growth
  • The physical and emotional transformation that happens when we vibrate on a higher frequency
  • How to recognize symptoms of Ascension


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