The Galactic Federation, Channeling Aliens and the 5th Dimesion Ascencion with Elizabeth April: Episode 223


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love ya! 

I can’t even explain to you how excited I am about today’s episode. I’m sitting at the edge of my seat! Because today, we’re talking about —drum roll please — ALIENS. Yep, seriously. Aliens. Today I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Elizabeth April, cosmic channeller, public speaker, spiritual influencer, and celebrated artist. We dove deep into a topic that I know many of you probably wonder about but don’t actually get to talk about! 

With today’s guests comes so much magic. We’re talking about channeling aliens, the galactic federation, Elizabeth’s experiences communicating with other dimensions, and so much more! These topics might be new to you. You might be thinking, “what in the world? Taylor has lost her mind! She’s talking about aliens — say what?!” Or maybe you’re on the other spectrum you’re super psyched about all of this!

 Sister, whatever side you are on, please be open-minded. Be curious. Because when we are curious, magic happens. When we are open-minded through this ascension process, the world opens up to us. It fucking glows. So whether or not you ‘believe in’ the stuff we’re talking about today, tune into your soul, and enjoy the conversation. Ask yourself, does this feel good? Does this feel juicy? 

Let me tell — ya Elizabeth knows her shit. And she is incredibly genuine! When I first came across her Youtube channel, I got sucked into the rabbit hole of her message and knew immediately that I had to have her on the show. So let’s jump into all this goodness, shall we?

Who Is Elizabeth April? 

Elizabeth April is a cosmic channeller, public speaker, spiritual influencer, and celebrated artist. She has experienced the vibrational frequencies of truth and dedicated her life to spreading those frequencies! 

She is living her authentic truth as her most fulfilled self, and it is her mission to help others in awakening themselves to expand their consciousness to infinite possibilities. 

Elizabeth is a cosmic intuitive channeller who has the ability to go into other realms and dimensions to gain access to information through vibrations and visuals. By channeling her ability to explore past lives, Elizabeth works with individuals who want to comprehend their past, present, and future. She is most excited about exploring the topics of Spiritual Awakening, Cosmic Disclosure, and Quantum Physics. 

Elizabeth’s Story From Abduction to Ascension 

Y’all, Elizabeth has had some wild experiences with interdimensional communication. Her story is so unique, and I know you are probably as curious as I was to know more about it! I asked her how she got to where she is today. 

“I was born in this lifetime…with extra-sensory abilities, especially with sight. So like, third eyesight — the ability to see chakras, auras, ghosts, spirits. And also to telepathically communicate inter-dimensionally and astro travel…So I was just born into all of that. I did go through quite a few abductions in childhood, but I didn’t remember them…my memory was wiped every time. But those abduction experiences helped me to be very psychic at a very early age. And I’m so blessed to have been so awakened at such an early age.” – Elizabeth April 

So fucking cool, right? Elizabeth’s gifts could have terrified her. Instead, she was able to see their benefits at a very young age. She had a deep understanding of vibrational frequencies and how they affected people since she was born. But others did not see her gifts the same way. At the age of 10 years old, Elizabeth was forced to shut everything off. The innate desire to fit in caused her to feel unaccepted by her critical peers, and she just wanted so badly to feel “normal.” 

Sister, haven’t we all felt that pressure at some point in our lives to fit in? Whether it’s from our peers, our family, or ourselves, society creates a suffocating dichotomy for us. “Don’t be afraid to always be yourself,” they say. As long as being yourself fits into the norm they have created for you! It’s exhausting, right? This pressure eventually sent Elizabeth spiraling into a depression as a teenager.

“After shutting down my true self, my true essence, my true connections, I spiraled into a depression. The ridiculous thing was my depression and anxiety came through when I ‘had it all.’ …I had everything a 16-year-old would want, you know? I had a great family dynamic. I had lots of friends. I was the captain of the sports teams. I was doing really well, but at the same time, I was questioning everything. I had everything that society tells me I needed to have. And yet, why am I so depressed? Why am I so unhappy? What is real happiness, and what is the real dynamic of this reality? So I started seeking out answers at the age of 16” –Elizabeth April 

Elizabeth had a calling to go back to something that was intangible for her at that time. After consulting doctors, psychologists, friends, parents, and even her Catholic priest, she still could not find the answers she sought about life’s meaning. Finally, her dad introduced her to a practice called past life regression as a last resort to find peace. That did the trick—in an hour and a half, she had been able to explore five of her past lifetimes! In each of these lifetimes, she saw that she had been a channeler and a leader. She was a healer, a philosopher, a shaman. She was someone who had been persecuted and enslaved for her beliefs. This past life regression opened up Elizabeth’s reality.

“I started to understand what my purpose was here on this planet and in this lifetime. To once again be able to receive information — to give it to other people. And it also opened up my reality to the fact that reincarnation is real. This is definitely not our only lifetime …That didn’t really give me all the answers, but it sure opened up that door for me to start exploring.”  –Elizabeth April 

After finally being set free and understanding her purpose, Elizabeth had another huge re-awakening experience at the age of 18. While at a meditation retreat, she was vividly and consciously abducted by interdimensional beings. This experience drastically alerted her reality and gave her the ability to experience past lifetime regressions that were no longer on planet Earth! She began to familiarize herself with different interdimensional species through these regressions. Then, one day at 19 years old, her reality was shifted again. 

“I was meditating in my room and all of a sudden this really tall, probably around seven feet tall, beautiful, glowing humanoid man comes into the room and says ‘Hi, I’m a Pleiadian. I’m with a Pleiadian council connected to the Galactic Federation. And we want to invite you to a galactic federation meeting.’ So I went to the meeting, and it was great. I was introduced to a ton of things that I had no idea about!” – Elizabeth April 

Can you even imagine how incredible that experience was? And for those of you wondering “what on (or off) Earth is the Galactic Federation? And what are Pleiadians?” Elizabeth had all the answers you need!  

What Is The Galactic Federation?

We’ve mentioned the galactic federation, but you might be wondering exactly what that is. Elizabeth has been deeply involved in this federation and provided us with so much juicy insight. 

“The Galactic Federation is basically a government system for the universe. So there are many collective motherships and councils— an infinite number of councils as well as an infinite number of species that are all related. They are all connected to the Galactic Federation and work for the Galactic Federation for the collective consciousness and the collective harmonious good of the universe. So they’re all just the good guys. Specifically, I work with the good Greys that are connected with the galactic federation and with the Pleiadians. They tell me all the information and all the updates about what’s happening on Earth and what I need to relay to human beings” – Elizabeth April 

Being a part of an interdimensional galactic council is just another weekday for Elizabeth, who has learned an incredible amount about the different galactic species that she has come to know. It’s amazing how people can get caught up with a 9 to 5 job they despise while she is Astro traveling and expanding her perspective! I’d definitely choose the latter.

I was hungry for more delicious details about the different species, and Elizabeth was happy to share her knowledge. As you learn about them, listen to your soul, and feel who you relate to and have a connection with! 

Aliens Among Us: The Main Species On Planet Earth 

Pleiadians:  The first species that we touched on were the Pleiadians, who are directly connected with the Galactic Federation. You might remember that this was the species that invited Elizabeth to the galactic federation meeting when she was 19! Pleiadians are also connected with ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. 

“(Pleiadians) look extremely humanoid. They’re actually a very good looking species and are very symmetrical. They’re quite tall, anywhere from six to seven feet tall. Typically, they have blue eyes and very bright light eyes and blonde hair, although sometimes they have darker hair too. They are a very loving, very benevolent, healing species. They can also be leaders, and many of the Galactic Federation leaders are Pleiadians.” – Elizabeth April 

Y’all, I definitely connect with the Pleiadians. As I have been studying this and allowing myself to receive whatever feels right, I’ve resonated with this species so much. I’ve got bright blue eyes, and I always feel like I’m not from here. People are always saying that anyways! 

Angels: The next species Elizabeth enlightened us about were the Angels. You are probably already familiar with this one! Angels have been discussed in the Bible and many different religions. They have been here and helping for so long! Elizabeth considers many of her clients Earth angels because of their loving innocence and their propensity to be taken advantage of. Can you think of anyone you know like that? Maybe you see that in yourself! Whatever the case, the phrase “there are angels among us” takes a whole different meaning when learning about them from Elizabeth’s enlightened perspective. 

Annunaki: The next species is one that created or at least helped create human beings! Annunaki are very tall (10-25 feet!), humanoid species who are connected to the divine masculine. Most of the Annunaki that interact with beings are male, but they can be females in rarer cases.   

“If anything, the Annunaki were the ‘original gods’ of this planet. The reason they created us was actually as a slave race, believe it or not … At first, the Annunaki were kind of superior and a little bit snobby…looking down on human beings and using us for their own benefits. But (nowadays) there are so many Annunaki who want to help us, giving us huge downloads of divine wisdom.” – Elizabeth April 

My husband is definitely connected to the Annunaki. He has been a Lightworker Annunaki all of his past lives as a warrior, a leader, and a Greek god. Every single past life, he has been trying to make a difference and do what he could to end toxic masculinity, which is ironic because that’s what he does now! He is a coach for teaching men to eliminate toxic masculinity from their lives and lean into their feminine. It’s so exciting to be able to access these different species and understand where we have come from! 

Reptilians: The final species that Elizabeth blessed us with information about are the Reptilians. You might have heard quite a few conspiracy theories about these guys. They are extremely prevalent on this planet and come from the dinosaur era. Reptilians were the original species on planet earth before the humans, causing them to be bitter and corrupt when humans dominated the planet. 

“Reptilians are a dinosaur looking species…they were the ruling species back during the dinosaur era…the Galactic Federation told the reptilians that they needed to get off the planet, way back in Egyptian times…And so the reptilians made a bunch of tunnel systems and started to interbreed with human beings, keeping their DNA in the bloodlines of royalty. They become shapeshifting, reptilian-human hybrids that have been in control of every facet of the entire world, basically since the beginning.” – Elizabeth April 

Just as high vibrational lightworkers cannot be in a room full of negativity, Reptilians are low vibrational and cannot handle human light. You probably can immediately think of a couple of people that connect with the reptilians — I know I can! 

Why You Should Listen to This Episode With Elizabeth April Right Now 

I could literally jam with Elizabeth all fucking day. She has buckets of knowledge about other dimensions and so much insight into all of the light many people cannot see! Sister, go listen to this episode right now to get all of the other juicy topics we hit on, including more details about her abduction and insights into what is happening in the world right now! It was a magical and eye-opening conversation, and I’m so excited to share it with you! 

Elizabeth is so accessible. If you want to go down the rabbit hole of all she was to offer, go to her Youtube to check out all the amazing goodness she’s got for us! If you’re anything like me—which I know you are—you’re going to be there for hours. You can find her on Instagram or on her transformative website! She also has a podcast, and is currently offering a Youtube membership program if you want to dive even deeper! This girl is fearless about sharing her psychic gifts and her light and wisdom with the world, which is a truly beautiful thing. 

Sister, I love you. I see you. Cheers to opening your mind to other dimensions and expanding your perspective as we head towards abundance together! 

And remember, always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?

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