Timeline Jumping, Conversations with Jesus and The Ascension Process with Lyndsay Diamond : Episode 227


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness! If this is your first episode, welcome to the fam! I’m all about honesty, spiritual expansion, and inspiring women to live fearlessly, just by tuning in on the road to create an #AbundantAF life! If you’re a podcast regular, you know how much I love ya! Thank you for tuning in again!

Are you ready for it? Today I’ll be chatting with Lyndsay Diamond, a medical intuitive, a channeler, and healer of all things. She’s basically a modern-day magician. I am fangirling so hard on Lyndsay she’s just brilliant. 

Lyndsay takes the time to find out all the shit about your past. Her work is about getting to the root of your health and medical issues, analyzing the template of your body and exactly how it works on a quantum level. We talk about the Ascension process, Jesus and his thoughts, and the new world we’re living in. You heard it, today’s podcast is just damn juicy! Put on your fucking seatbelt, and let’s get into it. 

Who Is Lyndsay Diamond?

In 2014, Lyndsay Diamond suffered a traumatic brain injury. Western medicine didn’t predict a full recovery. Instead, they suggested she accept the idea of a “new me,” a “different me.” This news was pretty grim, and it made Lyndsay feel like she was out of options. But she wasn’t. 

She had this feeling, this understanding, that she could heal. Not because anyone told her she could, but because something within her body understood that it was possible. Lyndsay trusted that there was a higher power at play, an innate knowing that she could begin again. It was a journey of illumination and healing.

Today, Lyndsay is sharing what she learned through healing herself with others. She’s a Medical Intuitive, Channeler and quantum healer who works with the seven layers of the energetic body — connecting mind, body, and soul. Her healing packages currently have a waiting list of around six months! She’s the real deal, and I’m thrilled I get to share our conversation with you. 

Lyndsay’s Relationship with Trauma

Lyndsay’s awakening began when she started understanding just how much trauma had affected her and her body throughout her life. Over about five or six years, she experienced trauma after trauma basically, existential crises over and over again. 

It started with a messy divorce, and then it catapulted out of control. Lyndsay suffered abuse, molestation, rape, and three significant incidences of assault the last of which resulted in her traumatic brain injury. This most recent injury brought her life to a grinding halt, and it’s like she knew this was it. The only way to get through it is to move forward and find a new way to heal.  

Her trauma manifested in PTSD, anxiety, depression, severe neck, head and back pain, extreme fatigue, cognitive and memory issues, and the inability to work or function through everyday activities. The simple act of making a meal or remembering to eat became impossible. 

“So this is when my real healing journey began. By connecting through my body with my teachers, my mentors, and different practitioners, I really connected into my own intuition and spirit guides. And that’s when I connected into a bomb ass healing skill set. We worked through all these layers, and they taught me more and more.” – Lyndsay Diamond 

Sister, how incredible is that? Through her own healing process, Lyndsay discovered this connection with her body, a real understanding of her own intuition and spirit guides. You know how much I love this stuff! It was about energy, and to heal, she had to find her spirit guides, realign her soul, and reconnect her purpose. More importantly, she connected into fear.

“And I’m not talking about a fear like on the planet, I’m talking about fear when I’m going into energy work. I didn’t realize I was kind of in the space of love and light. And it wasn’t until recently that I started seeing more truth in the energy.” – Lyndsay Diamond 

I love how Lyndsay talks about energy. Don’t you feel like sometimes we’re just stuck, kind of hopeless, and immobilized? It’s because we don’t understand our energy. We have to learn to approach it with less fear and more knowing, that’s how we get that #AbundantAF life I’m talking about! We’ve got to understand that it’s happening for us and not to us.  

Conversations with Jesus  

Sister, you know that I’m new to this relationship with Jesus. I realize now that I was anti-God, anti-Jesus, because it was ruined by organized religion. It took learning more about Mary Magdalene to change my perspective. I had this realization that Jesus was a teacher, an influential teacher, and that’s huge for me. 

Lyndsay’s experience was similar. She was raised in the Catholic church, and for a while, she thought she was supposed to be a nun. It felt like this was where she belonged. As she grew up and witnessed what was really going on, it wasn’t really aligned with that authentic energy. Like me, she went back to Jesus’s childhood, studying how he started showing up in history. Again, Mary Magdalene was the connection.

“And I didn’t know that the story we were fed around Jesus, which is the Bible, or what we have learned in whatever way we’ve experienced religion has connective energy. There is energy and a timeline that exists through this collective memory, and this memory has trauma in it.” –  Lyndsay Diamond 

Lyndsay did a lateral jump in these energy templates, working through the Christ consciousness template and into a new dimension. Y’all know how much I love thinking beyond the third dimension! We’ve been conditioned by a false Ascension timeline. 

“So these timelines, like the actual timeline of Jesus being on the planet, it just sits there. Our collective consciousness cannot ascend as a whole. With that sitting there, we can’t go into the fifth dimension because it’s a belief system. It’s trauma. So when Jesus started coming in, and we started working together, we worked through simple things like timelines, constructing religion, belief, and systems of trauma.” – Lyndsay Diamond 

We built this framework from Jesus starting to appear in history to the crucifixion and then the resurrection. We had to do this to move energy into the new earth frequency. To heal, we’ve got to upgrade the timeline, the template, and get into a new energy system. This was Lyndsay’s breakthrough.  

Templates and Timelines

Lyndsay describes templates and timeline jumping like a grid system, you can visualize it as a pool of energy that exists in our collective consciousness. Lyndsay explains it with a great example — just think of it as your dating history!

Looks at your relationship with one of your not-so-cool exes. It’s easy to take a step back, moving away from that connection and energy you had, but the timeline still exists. There’s density associated with that timeline, and this density comes with its own energy. Whether it’s unresolved or dissolved, it’s there. That, sister, is a template, and we’ve got to break through that density to heal. 

A template lays a path for your collective consciousness. That’s what we’re experiencing now in our current template with Jesus. 

“It’s playing out on the Earth in our political system and our financial system. In every system, because we are purging the density. We are going through an awakening, and we need to do this. This is the breakdown that is needed.” – Lyndsay Diamond 

The breakdowns and upgrades we’re going through right now are happening at an extreme level for our entire planet. Simultaneously they’re happening on a personal level. Lyndsay’s connection with Jesus and the fifth dimension inspired upgrades in her body. These upgrades took her energy, dissolved, and resolved it, ascending her into higher frequencies. She did this, all holding the template of Jesus. 

The Ascension Process

Lyndsay used spirit guides to help her upgrade her system, accessing higher dimensions. She had to connect back into her energy. Like, literally get it back online because it was so disconnected and then shift it into a crystalline, light-based structure. 

Sister, let’s just take a moment to understand our dimensions. The energy system that inhabits our body is what goes into quantum. We all start out in 3D, it’s very linear, and then we gain access to multidimensionality. These new dimensions, they’re the social aspect of who we are. Quantum isn’t a place, it’s a consciousness. 

The Ascension Process is about moving consciousness from one reality to another and acknowledging that these multiple realities exist simultaneously. To upgrade, we have to bring those layers of light from our spiritual bodies into our energetic frequencies. 

For Lyndsay, healing was all about moving into these new dimensions. Initially, it’s physical. Your body literally gets hot while you burn off density. It feels like you’re getting sick like you’ve got a fever, but it’s your body starting to connect into it. You’ll feel extreme fatigue and probably like you’re going a little crazy. That’s ok — you’re not! You’re just connecting to these higher levels of consciousness using your crystals. 

I feel like I’m going through this now, sister. I’m in this in-between stage where I’ve got the crazy fatigue, and I’m constantly timeline jumping. Still, I guess it’s like I’m learning this whole new language. I’m learning to stay in that Christ consciousness and communicate in higher dimensional frequencies. I’m creating a new memory pattern, recalibrating my spiritual body. Just like Lyndsay has, and look at her now! Yeah, it feels like I’m discovering La La Land, and I’ll be honest, I prefer functioning like that. 

Perspective Timelines

Lyndsay explains perspective timelines in the best way — it just makes so much sense to me. You start with a prospected schedule and the energy frequency you’re able to connect into. This proposed future you’re plugging into is on one level but, if you’re connecting through higher frequencies, you’ll have more options. 

“So every decision that we make kind of affects where we’re going with that. So if we’re deciding to say no to something that has been in our life, say an abusive connection or energy, and we say no to that. You can cut it off.” – Lyndsay Diamond 

Sometimes it’s safe to feel unsafe in your decisions. This is you ascending into new dimensions, unlocking your consciousness, and deciding your new energy. Your perspective timeline can be curated by you. All you have to do is surrender. Allow whatever is coming to come, allow the purge, and then it’s up to you to choose how you’ll support these upgrades. It’s up to you where you cut it off.  

Why You Should Listen to This Episode Right Now

Sister, if there is one thing you take away from this conversation, it’s got to be this. How many times have you heard me say this? If you’re reading this and you’re sitting there thinking, “Fuck, my energy is off, I’m not connected,” then give yourself the time to do it. For real!

Tune in with yourself and check-in with your body. What are you holding onto? What are your traumas? Whatever it may be, you can finally begin to heal. No matter who you are, you are capable of healing. That’s the fucking truth.

Listen. You’ve got to listen. As human beings, we feel like something’s wrong or something’s sore, and what do we do? We cover it up, we tell it to be quiet, we dismiss it. We disconnect. What you’ve actually got to do is lean into it, breathe into, feel it. That’s when you’ll get that intuitive message, that’s when you’ll hit a new dimension. 

Lyndsay is so on my level I could honestly just talk to her all day. She reminds you to think about your health, your body, your mind, and your soul. I joke that it’s like the two of us are off with the unicorns, but I fucking love living that way. Our worlds are a whole lot brighter, literally. Lyndsay taught me how to lean into my sunshine. 

Her story is incredible, and she’s been through it all. She’s rewritten her trauma, creating new connections and energies that go way beyond this dimension. This episode will inspire you.

You can find her on Instagram and check out her website if you want to learn more! Open your mind to this world because, sister, it’s time to get illuminated! 

And remember Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • Lyndsay’s Journey: The Beginning
  • Conversations with Jesus
  • His thoughts on what’s happening in our world
  • Moving energy into the new earth frequency
  • Breakdowns to breakthroughs
  • Sickness, Illnesses, and Ascension
  • What is quantum energy
  • Different stages of consciousness
  • Timeline jumping & new realities
  • Operating through the process
  • Your body as your compass
  • Polarity shifts, the sinking of Atlantis
  • What’s coming