When your Partner Doesn’t Believe in your Spiritual Beliefs + Live Q&A: Episode 220


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Okay everyone, today I want to get into several topics that I think are so relevant to a lot of us right now. We’re all on our own spiritual journeys, but some of the challenges and issues we face are the same, and I really wanted to address some of those things with you all. That’s why I hosted a live Q&A session in my free Facebook group, Women Manifesting Abundance (which you should join!). 

And wow. Ladies, you showed up and brought me some juicy questions. Seriously, I was so impressed and excited by the amazing and beautiful questions you all asked me. Truly, I am so grateful to be on this journey alongside you fucking incredible women, and I am so glad I got to spend some time answering your questions and offering as much wisdom as I have to share!

So let’s get into it. Today, we’re going to talk a lot about how to communicate with your partner, especially when your partner doesn’t share your spiritual beliefs. But we’re also going to talk about Ascension spirituality, finding your soul’s purpose, and so much more. I seriously cannot wait to dive in with you!

What Do You Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Share Your Beliefs?

So during my live Q&A session I got an especially juicy question from Mallory. She wrote to me about an issue so many of us face when we’re in deep, meaningful relationships, and that’s the issue that arises when our partners don’t share our beliefs. Mallory said — and I know I’ve felt this way myself — that her spiritual beliefs are very different from her husband’s, and it can be so difficult to have truly meaningful conversations with your partner when you don’t believe the same things.

I feel this so deeply, sisters. That feeling of uncertainty about how to communicate can be so scary, and it can make you feel distant from your partner. All these worries pop up like, “Am I ever going to be on the same page with him? Am I going to start viewing him differently? Is this going to put a divide between us?” I have definitely thought and felt all those things in my relationship with my husband, Johnny.

Would you believe that he seriously thinks like 90% of my beliefs are fucking insane. He does. And it can be really difficult to confront that! But it can be done, and I want to give you ladies my best advice to do the same with your partners.

Let me give you an example: When Johnny and I first started dating, we had very different views about money. He really challenged me and asked questions like, “What do you mean, ‘money just flows to you effortlessly’? What do you mean, ‘when you put money out it’s going to come back to you’?” He fully believed that he has a set amount of money and a set amount that he earns and that thinking of money as energy is just totally crazy!

At first, I thought, “Oh no, this is going to be a total deal-breaker.” But as Johnny and I got deeper into our relationship, I just had to realize that it doesn’t fucking matter. I fucking love this man, so who am I to assume that my view is the almighty view and not allow him to have a different mindset? 

So that’s step one. Honor the other person, and just realize that if you love them and love the relationship, then different views and beliefs like that cannot be deal-breakers.

After that, continue to lead by example. Continue to talk about what you love! Share your life, and let your partner see it. Honor each other and allow each other to have different opinions. Remember that your partner has their own soul and that they are on their own spiritual journey; you can’t expect them to be at the same place as you all the time. If you honor each other and love each other enough to respectfully share your beliefs and agree not to just call each other crazy, your relationship will be absolutely fine, and you’ll have nothing to fear!

How Can I Stay At A Consistently High Vibe All Day?

Another awesome and super juicy question I got from a listener named Sarah was about experiencing both periods of high vibes and periods of low vibes throughout the day, and what we can do about that. Sarah wrote that during periods of low vibes she really struggles with frustration and doubt and lack, and that it’s especially hard to deal with those feelings while being stuck inside during quarantine. So, she asked for my advice for staying at a consistently high vibe as much as possible throughout each day.

Sister, that is a relatable issue! So many of us can relate to this struggle right now, big time. But let me just tell you honestly: It’s damn near impossible to stay at a high vibe all day long. It’s even hard for me, ladies. I don’t necessarily fall back into lack or scarcity because I have done a lot of work around that, but I definitely fall back into procrastination or self-sabotaging behaviors during periods of low vibe.

But here’s the beautiful thing: that is totally normal and natural. We’re at a constant ebb and flow, always moving back and forth between a high vibe state and a low vibe state, and that is completely okay. And everyone, it is so important to honor that cycle and just acknowledge that there is no one ‘good’ way and one ‘bad’ way to think.

So when you’re in a period of high vibe and you’re just feeling inspired and energetic, that’s awesome! Honor that, enjoy it, use that energy to be productive! But when you’re in a period of low vibe, don’t put yourself down. Don’t sink into frustration or doubt or lack, but instead use that time as an opportunity to learn where you need to grow and expand. Learn more about the blocks you have in your life, so that when you experience your next period of high vibe you are ready to go into action and grow into an even better woman.

When you’re in your next period of low vibe, ask yourself questions like, “How am I doing in my life? In my job? In my relationships? Can I make sure that I remind people how much I care about them?” If we sit with those questions and approach them from a place of self-love and a neutrality toward the low frequency state we’re in, we can use periods like that for so much growth. 

That’s why this cycle is so beautiful! Periods of low vibe can be just as incredible and useful to you on your spiritual journey as periods of high vibe. So don’t be afraid to lean in when you’re feeling low and really go deep within yourself to evaluate your goals and dreams and make way for the gorgeous fucking superwoman you have the power to become.

What Is My Soul’s Purpose?

Okay, so the last question I have the space to talk to you guys about today is a really big and juicy one. One of my awesome listeners, Terry, wrote in to ask for some guidance about finding her soul’s purpose. She explained that she knows she’s here to help people, but she feels like she’s diving into too many things at once and exhausting herself trying to figure out the ways to do that! Terry said to me — I want to use her words here because I think they are just so relatable — “I want to know the end goal so I can work towards it.”

Wow. How many of you can relate to that? How many of you have ever just wished you had total clarity about your life so that you could know exactly what your goals are supposed to be and you can just throw all your effort into them?

Here’s the thing about that, though: There isn’t an end goal. Your soul’s purpose is not one singular thing that you can work toward and achieve and just be done with. Instead, your soul’s purpose will evolve and change over time.

This has definitely happened to me. At one time, my soul’s purpose was to teach and mentor women through their fitness and health journeys. My absolute passion was to help women change their mindset and love their bodies. But then my soul’s purpose shifted. I began to focus more on teaching women about really understanding their mindsets. And now, I’m focused on teaching about science, mysticism, and spirituality. So while my soul’s purpose has always been involved teaching—just like Terry’s involves helping people—the focus of that teaching has changed. And that’s okay.

It’s okay that your soul’s purpose and the way you live it out changes! Just remember that there is no end goal. Instead, realize that every day, your job is to fill your cup as much as you can, pursue self-love, and live out your purpose in whatever way feels right.

If you know your soul’s purpose is to help people, that’s beautiful and that’s awesome. Get up every day and find a way to help someone. If you get into something and you’re helping people and it feels good, keep doing it! If it doesn’t feel good, if whatever you’re doing starts to be exhausting, that’s okay! Find something else to do. Just keep doing what feels good, pursuing your soul’s purpose every day, and loving yourself the whole time.

The Magic Happens Only In the Unknown

Alright ladies, I want you to know that these are not the only things we discussed in this live Q&A session. We got into Ascension spirituality, the art of detachment, discipline in meditation practices, and so many other things—I wish I had the space to talk to you about them all here! Truly, I am so grateful for each and every one of you who showed up and shared your amazing questions with me. You gave me the opportunity to teach and to share my wisdom, and I truly believe when we speak out truths to each other, we all grow and learn and heal, and that is just so beautiful and magical.

But if there’s one major takeaway from all this, I think it’s this idea: The magic happens only in the unknown. Let me repeat that — The magic happens only in the unknown.

Ladies, I want you to know that times of frustration and doubt and uncertainty are beautiful. It may sound crazy, but it’s true! Those periods of your life where you’re just unsure are actually incredible because they are opportunities to grow. They give you the space to look deep within yourself, show yourself some love, and consider your dreams and visions and goals. They allow you to find the right questions. And when you have questions, you have the opportunity to learn

Keep asking those questions, sister. Keep seeking answers, and keep choosing to happiness, because, well, why the fuck not?

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Ascension spirituality
  • What to do when you are cycling between high vibe and low vibe states
  • About the art of detachment and how you can practice it to let go of dopamine-seeking behavior
  • How to find your soul’s purpose
  • How to stop giving fucks to things that don’t matter
  • What to do when you and your partner have different spiritual beliefs
  • How to consistently meditate