Your Ability to Feel Increases Your Ability to Receive : Episode 292


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What happens when you’re not taught how to feel your feelings
  • My journey around suppressing emotions and why I put myself into anger management 
  • The importance of learning how to feel, embody, and respond to our emotions and feelings
  • Navigating through the lower frequency feelings such as anger, sadness, scared, etc
  • What happened when I learned to embrace my feelings and got into alignment with them
  • How you can start identifying where your anger stems from
  • Ways you can start learning how to express your feelings in a healthy and aligned way
  • The difference between giving yourself the gift of feeling into your sensuality and working on your sexuality 
  • Ways to start feeling, expressing, and embodying your wealthiest most aligned version of yourself
  • How to open up to the idea of going deeper into your feelings and emotions 
  • What is a sacred rage practice and how it can fully shift your life, business, and relationship 
  • How learning how to feel correlates directly with learning how to receive 

Today, we are talking all about learning how to feel, embrace and express your feelings. In this episode, we talk about learning how to navigate through your emotions, how to identify where it’s stemming from, and open up the idea of going in deeper. I share with you my personal journey through this, how I learned to embody and express my anger and I open up for the first time about what led me to anger management. This episode may trigger you but, if you listen in with an open heart you’ll come out feeling more aligned and willing to start shifting into a more open and receiving way of expressing your emotions.