RISE is for the entrepreneur who has big financial goals that she wants to hit by the end of April so she can surpass her 2022 financial goals and is ready to level up in all of the ways in her business.

RISE is for the entrepreneur who has her basket full of tools, has done the ‘inner work’ and is now eager to step fully into her power as a leader and put her most potent & aligned to her Truth offering out into the world yet!

& RISE is for the entrepreneur who knows there is a massive amount of money just outside of her field that is ready to pour into her life once she claims this next level of how she desires (and is ready to) show up in her business.

Your Three Day Intensive

Learn how to fully step into the potent leader you're meant to be so you can be seen by exactly who has been looking for your services.

Learn how to put your offering out with pure confidence and attract your dream clients with ease.

Learn how to claim the money you receive and know exactly what to do with it so it feels safe to flow to you and safe to work for you.

It’s time to stop playing small, second guessing what you are doing/putting out there and spread those wings and FLY sister!

The Feminine Energy when harnessed properly can accelerate where you want to go in your business and the impact you desire to make.  

I invite you into my space so I can show you how to harness this potent energy we all have so you can be seen, heard and connect with your dream clients who are excited to pay you for your services.

RISE is a 3 Day Intensive where I’ll be taking you through a step-by-step process to Harness your Feminine Power to Get Shit Done. 

Meaning… after going through this 3 Day Intensive, you’ll feel 100% ready to put that offering out there that’s been wanting to be birthed, feel totally confident doing so (and so excited to be seen as a leader in this new, up leveled way!), how to connect directly with your ideal client for your offering and actually feel empowered & ready to hold space to receive the massive financial compensation for it!

If you’ve been craving to be seen as a true expert in your field, ready to call in and hold space for more money and feel fierce in how you show up online…
then RISE is for you.

RISE will have you going from second guessing how you’re showing up, if your content is clear/good enough, if you’ll hit your goals for your next program launch to feeling confidentAF in the medicine you’re delivering, receiving DMs from your community saying “Wow!  I am so inspired by how you’ve been expanding!  Thank you for showing me what’s possible!” “How can I work with you?!  I’m ready to hire you!” and fully ready & capable of calling in more money than you ever have before!

This 3 Day Intensive is the quantum leap you’ve been wanting to take in your business.  It’s time to RISE.

Invest in Full

$ $555 Once

Investment Plan

$ $299 Once

The moment you sign up you will have access to all 6 hours of the Rise content, binge-worthy tools for you to receive and apply to your business right away.