The Sacred Sexuality Method:

1: Awaken.  Through each lesson you will be guided through an awakening process to bring forth that area of your Sacred Sexuality into light so you can begin to work with it.

2: Activate.  Learn how to take this part of yourself that is now in your awareness and infuse it into your physical and emotional self and receive the tools on how to implement these activations to serve you and your highest self.

3: Embody.  With each lesson you’ll receive embodiment practice to quite literally anchor these awakenings of the different areas of your Sacred Sexuality into your life so you can begin to see immediate results (more money, freedom, liberation, etc)

Who it’s for:

The woman who is ready for more.
To feel more.  Receive more Money.  Open herself more to Love. To Liberate herself more than ever before.  To become more Expansive than she has ever dreamed of being.

If you desire to feel more Confident, become Unapologetically you, Give-Zero-Fucks what people think of you, own your Sensuality shamelessly, release any fear of Judgement and overall step into the Queen that you are…. 

Then The Sacred Sexuality 6 week Journey is 100% for you.
Because you’ll be that and so much more after.

The woman that is meant to say *yes* to herself and be a part of receiving the magic inside of this Container just knows.  

She knows, that it’s time. 

The deep & expansive Lessons Taylor will be guiding you through:

Lesson 1: Authentic Confidence through your Sacred Desires – learn how to feel truly confident who you are becoming and how to show up in the world fully who you are, fearlessly, shamelessly and unapologetically.  This is your ticket to shining your light fully and feeling so comfortable doing so!

Lesson 2: Solo Sex with the Shadow – activate the parts of your sexuality that have yearning to be expressed, shamelessly and fearlessly.  Learn to let these raw, edgy parts of you come through leaving you feeling more empowered and feeling safe to step into your Power with this divine union. 

Lesson 3: Wealth Codes through your Sexuality – learn to tap into and embody the frequency of pure Wealth through your Yoni and Womb so you are in a state of consistency receiving Money.

Lesson 4: The Art of Sex Magick – learn how to Manifest through your Orgasms by receiving the exact how-to steps so you can time-collapse and pull your desires to you effortlessly.

The Wild Woman Embodiment – receive activations, embodiment techniques and somatic work to move beyond the barriers of judgement or shame, awakening parts of yourself that no longer carry shame or judgement so you can truly Liberate yourself to step into your True Essence.  This lesson will have you quantum leaping in every area of your life, with total ease.  

BONUS: Receive the Orgasmic Breathwork audio transmission to help clear, balance and awaken your Sacral Chakra, allowing you to experience Universal Bliss throughout your entire body.  After moving through this experience, feel as you float through the day and become a magnet for everything you desire due to being in this state of Universal Bliss.

Every single lesson will have you going deeper and expanding wider.  Every single activation, embodiment technique and somatic work will have you feeling Liberated and Free to be your true, sexual, wealthyAF, self.  

What you’ll receive:

+ 4 Live Group Coaching Calls with Taylor where you’ll receive the codes, activations, embodiment techniques and how to awaken parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed (that also hold so much magic and are ready to shine).

+ Replays will be sent out of all calls so if you have the story that “I fear I won’t make them all Live” – you’re encouraged to see that as a possible lack/scarcity block and trust that you’ll be on the ones Live that you’re meant to and you’ll receive the Replays of the ones you’re meant to. *wink wink*.

+ Access to all transmissions for Life + any that Taylor adds in in the future.

+ BONUS: recorded voice transmissions & activations from Taylor when channelled throughout the experience will be emailed to you to listen to and anchor in.

This container is your opportunity to create massive wealth, freedom and embody the true essence of Expansiveness… as your normal every-day state. 

And Goddess, if you’re on the page, you’re ready for this, fear not.  You are so ready for this up level.

This Early Bird discount will end on 11/27 and then the investment to join will be going back up to $1,111

Invest in Full

$ $999 Once

Investment Plan

$ $575 Once

Let this be an easy, juicy fuck yes.

Let yourself feel sexy investing into yourself.

Let that vibration of feeling how fucking sexy it is to invest in yourself raise your vibration. And then let that raised vibration be in the frequency of attracting so much money.

Because Goddess, this is how Sacred Sexuality works.

This is your opportunity to shift the timeline you’re on and get on one that is so expansive, yummy and feels so damn good.

Call Schedule:

12/16 at 6:00pmEST
12/28 at 6:00pmEST
1/5 at 6:00pmEST
1/17 at 6:00pmEST

all calls will be sent out within 24 hours for you to receive the juicy replay!