There’s an energy that gets to be curated in order to not just be grounded in the present moment in order to receive… but draw experiences to us in a way that’s as effortless as inhaling.

A dance with the universe. A flow. A give. A take. Where magic is created. Where desired are pulled towards us.

The key… Softening in order to receive. 

That energy that shows up when you’ve hit all the green lights and hardly noticed. Because the vibe was… just it.

The effortless bridge to get you there is my Soften Masterclass.

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Soften is the perfect pairing, and overall amplifier, with what you’ll be learning inside there.

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It was a simple Thursday. Nothing special. Sun peaking into my bedroom window.

I slid a floral print whimsical dress over my body and as it fell over me…I felt it.

It’s soft femininity. 

I felt mine, too.

I thought, “What a fun little iteration of self I’ve been in.

Hadn’t launched a digital offer in months.

White space on the calendar.

More time in nature, slow mornings sipping fresh cacao, spontaneous afternoon walks with the husband, dry erase board out for creative ideas, checking out new coffee shops in the area, planning future trips, finally making some of those recipes I’ve had saved on Pinterest for months…

Not only did I notice all of the freedom…

But I felt safe in it.

That’s a key nuance isn’t it?

Have you ever wanted something so bad and when you got it.. it was laced with panic?  #Woof.

What if you KNEW that it was actually expanding you to receive more?

Not just “hoped…” but KNEW it.

is my 90 minute Masterclass where the sweet spot between your nervous system and your ability to expand… is revealed.

So you can finally, truly, allow yourself to receive more.  

And be able to hold it, to then allow even more… in.

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Discover… your sweet spot – so you can let more money in.  With absolute.. ease.  What a relief, right?