She is free
She is ready to step in to her sexuality fearlessly
She feels the pull to slow down and receive
She is ready to feel free

Do you feel shame take over whenever you try to tap in to your sexual feminine energy?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body wishing it looked or moved differently?

Do you wish so badly you could just own all of you without fear of judgment?

Then, sister, you are in the right place.
You’ve found what your soul has been searching for.

The Divine Feminine Rising program will support you on the journey from shame to FREEDOM!

Imagine how it will feel to fearlessly voice your sexual desires with no fear of judgment attached.

Think about how it would feel to know your body‘s needs and wants so clearly that your ???

Imagine how it will feel to effectively manifest your desires because you’ve learned how to receive and release any guilt or unworthiness that was once blocking it.

The divine feminine goddess version of you is alive and ready for you to embody her and the divine feminine rising program is here to help you do exactly that.

Through in-depth yet easy-to-consume video lessons and accompanying worksheets you’ll begin your journey of healing any sexual shame that has been keeping you from fully experiencing? yourself to ? The queen that you are.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

🌒 Sacral Chakra Clarity

🌓 Shame releasing

🌔 Healing the womb through yoni wands

🌕  Activating the receiving frequency

🌖 Judgement ?

🌗 Embodying the sex goddess


The Journey

Lifetime access to all of the modules

Activating and clarity meditation

Online sisterhood support group

Two live coaching calls with Taylor

Video lessons and worksheets

The Method

⚆ Healing from the Past

♨ Releasing Shame

⚘ Cleaning Up the Garden

☼ Energetic Womb Healing

♀ Sexual Embodiment

❉ Liberation & Sensuality

How do you know if The Divine Feminine Rising is right for you?

You are so tired of carrying around the shame that keeps you from fully being you fear of expressing your needs fear of how people will judge you and you’re over feeling you can’t just step into that divine feminine sexual energy

This is for you if you’re ready to be free inside and out! Letting go of the guilt, resentment, and hustle? and step into a life of ease, compassion, and abundance.

Free * Enough

Worthy * Lovable

What do you have to lose if you pass on this opportunity?

Well, you’ll continue to choose to tell shame to stay stuck exactly where you are.

Or you can step into the fear and discomfort and transform? that into excitement and readiness to shift to a higher level of consciousness and freedom! ???

Now, more than ever before, women just like you are starting to remember who they are; the sexual divine goddesses who know their truth and to feel free to be themselves fearlessly. These women are now seeking the support from women who have already begun the work to help them ???

The Divine Feminine Rising was created and birthed from me to give you the support you need.

It’s time sister. You’re ready.

Invest in Full

$ 2222 Once
  • Save $300

Investment Plan

$ 840 Bi-Weekly
  • 3 bi-weekly payments
  • Save $300

Your higher self is excited to see you rise and connect with her.

I hope to see you inside this tribe. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. There are women just like you who have said yes to this journey and are excited to be a line side of you unpacking healing and enhancing their ?? with you.

This is a safe container to be you. 
To be seen and to be heard.