You are officially In!

Let’s take this moment to celebrate together, because you choosing to uplevel in this delicious way – is so big!

I invite you to take a deep inhale, with your hand over your heart, repeating “F*ck yes more please!” & then exhale with the biggest smile on your face.

Your next steps:

1.  Come DM me over on Instagram with “I’m in for Untamed!” (here

2.  Check your inbox, to make sure you received the official login email that should be in there.  If you don’t see it, check your sneaky Spam folder and if it’s not in there simply email assist@thetaylorsimpson.com and my amazing team will get you set up.

3.  Inside the confirmation email you’ll have access to Member’s Only portal where everything you need resides inside.  Be sure to mark your calendar with the upcoming Masterclass & Embodiment Practice!

4.  Also make sure you join us in our new UNTAMED APP!  Where you’ll find our Private Group Chat and you’ll be able to connect with all your sisters.
Click Here to create your profile, tap the button to join, and follow the guidance to download the App. 

5.  Now that you are officially an UNTAMED member, it’s time for you to grab your exclusive UNTAMED vibey products! Click here to pick what you want!  

6.  Last one!  Screenshot/Save this image and share to your Instagram story to celebrate! Be sure to tag me @iamtaylorsimpson so you can declare this journey you’re stepping into and I can give you some love over there!

Congrats! You are IN!

Your next steps:

1: Celebrate yourself!
Put on your favorite song, pour a glass of bubbly or your favorite tea and dance, take a bath, share that you’re doing this with a friend… whatever it is, celebrate yourself.

2:  Click below to access the private Podcast channel where the Masterclasses will be shared. 

3. Come join the group and introduce yourself with your name, where you’re from and why you signed up for The Golden Touch.

Lastly, come DM me with “I’m in for The Golden Touch!” so I can celebrate you!