UNTAMED is a 12 month container that will support you with claiming you desires, owning every room you walk into with your light, being turned on by who you are simply by “who you BE” & receive the tools, shifts and codes to truly live a life of financial freedom and massive wealth.

wildly liberated

Who it’s for:

The UNTAMED woman has done the money mindset work, she’s learned to tap into her feminine energy but knows she’s meant to claim and receive MORE.  She’s been searching for a container that will call her UP.  She now realizes she’s ready to receive the wealth she desires & that it’s her responsibility to show up fully as herself, liberated and free, fierce and abundant.

The UNTAMED woman is ready to move through life with her shoulders back, head high, heart open and owning all that she is, unapologetically.  

The UNTAMED woman is ready to finally embody the version of herself that she’s been doing the inner work to prep for up until now.  She’s ready to activate and see how this embodiment of her truest self is going to attract everything she wants: money, freedom, joy, love, confidence.  all of it.

Imagine how it will feel when...

What current Untamed Members are saying:

UNTAMED is your opportunity to have, receive & be it ALL, because you are so f*cking worthy of it. To make the next 12 months your most powerful, abundant and liberated months of your life yet.

You Get Three Activations Every Month

We turn every Video Recording (the Masterclass and Embodiment Practices) into an audio format as well so you can tune into our Private Podcast feed where they’re all held anywhere!

Let's address any elephants in the room?

“Will I follow through?”
Answer: The WhatsApp accountability group I have created is going to allow her to “ping” you so you feel seen and lovingly reminded to continue to show up for you.   We are purposely not doing a FB Group in this container because WhatsApp is a more high-touch accountability way to make sure you’re supported to keep showing up.

“Will I make the time?  Or will this be another program I join but not have time to do the things?”
Answer:  I will be calling you UP to help you make your liberation and freedom a priority.  You’ll get the Masterclass call times a month in advance so you can schedule them out.  But here’s the thing, the Masterclasses, while they’re done live, they’re meant to be replayed over and over whenever you need to raise your vibrations.  UNTAMED doesn’t have “steps” you’ll be missing, it’s fluid, feminine and a layered dance.  There is no “order” as we aren’t playing in the 3D world babe.  I created this container with zero fluff and 100% potency for the woman who values her time.  

“I fear people are going to judge me when I claim my UNTAMED power.  What should I do?”
Answer:  It’s your responsibility to claim this for yourself.  What if it was your soul contract in your community, family and friends group to be the one that steps up and shows them all what’s possible?  And maybe if they do fall away.. you’re meant to take the lead for them, what a beautiful gift that is.  

It's your turn to CLAIM the Wealth that awaits you and the Liberation you're meant to receive.

The first 15 women to claim their spot through the Invest in Full option will receive a Limited Edition UNTAMED journal!

Here are your Three Investment Options to Claim your Spot

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Liberated and Wealthy as fuck!

UNTAMED will have you waking up every single morning turned on by who you be and how you show up.

and because of that, you’re going to be saying things like…
“Of course I had a client pay in full!”
“Of course I get random checks in the mail. I’m a f*cking money magnet!”
“Of course I get all the front row parking spots, I’m a Queen!”
“Of course I wear whatever I want and look sexyAF and confidentAF in it because I know who I am!”
“Of course I’m on an epic vacation and people are telling me how much my life is a vibe, because I am the entire vibe!”
“Of course the zeros keep growing in my bank account as I grow.  I don’t expect anything less than that!”

This is my year of “Of course I’m WealthyAF because I only attract what turns me on!”