Hi, I’m Taylor

Motivational Speaker. Podcast Host. 5D & Quantum Field Mystic.

Subconscious Mindset Hacker. Spiritual Lightworker.

Let’s get right to it...

Through my methodology of combining Science (Neuroscience), Spirituality (Tapping into Source Energy) and Mysticism (Unlimited Magical Potential. Ie: everything you desire), I help women go from being stuck, knowing they’re meant for more but don’t know where to begin/doubt themselves, to stepping so fiercely into their unique super power they’re ready to shine so fucking bright!

Your Soul has a mission. I am here to help you remove the veil of limiting beliefs, trauma and fears that’s keeping it from doing it’s thing – ie: changing the world. By aiding you through a Soul DNA Upgrade, you will tap into a frequency that has everything you desire in it – allowing it to come to you effortlessly.

In other words: I teach you how to upgrade (on both the soul and cellular level) your entire being, becoming a magnet for everything Abundant.
Giving Back

I believe that when we truly tap into an infinite realm of Abundance and possibilities, it’s our job to make the biggest impact and difference we can in the world. Since I was 5 years old, my parents instilled in me the importance of giving, loving and supporting our world-family, because we are all literally ONE.

Behind the Taylor Simpson Brand, we have a Give-Back component (that is also as we speak being turned into a Non Profit) where 20% of any Become a Money Magnet Masterclass purchased goes to The SHE Alliance, which is the Non-Profit Taylor started based in Ghana that supports their Society’s growth, Health and Education, especially around young women.

“When good people make good money, they do good things”

– My Mentor, friend and Coach: Chris Harder

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