3 Steps to Become an Embodied Woman : Episode 301

Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

If you’re a regular in the self-development world, you know there’s usually a hot buzzword going around. There is one word I’ve seen coming up a lot lately that I absolutely love — “embody” or “embodied.”

Can you imagine a world where all of us are fully embodied in all aspects of ourselves, both the shadow and the light? It would be a really, really cool world. So many times, we have breakthroughs but forget to actually take them to heart and live what we have discovered about ourselves. It may not make sense to you at first, but when you truly get how to embody your truths, it will fucking change your life!

What Does “Embody” Mean?

When you hear the word “embody” or “embodiment,” what comes to mind? Does it mean you are showing up as your highest self or that you’re fully present? Also, where do you feel the word embodiment in your body? It might mean dancing or just finding what makes you feel good. Each of you is unique, so this word could have a different meaning for everyone.

I feel like this word is so tangible and potent, which is why I felt called to do an entire episode on how to embody the term “embody.” When we know how to play with the word embody, we get so much more out of the inner work we’ve been doing. To me, the definition of embodying and embodiment is to fully integrate what you’ve been working on in your body, mind, spirit, and soul.

For example, if you’ve been working on your sexuality, embodying your sexuality means you are showing up as the breakthroughs you have had in your sexuality. You are actually putting those declarations you have activated in your body into practice and genuinely acting on them. 

Another great example is if you’ve been working on your money mindset and declaring that you are in the vibration of wealth. We know that the vibration of wealth comes from love. So if you are wholly embodying that vibe, you should constantly be walking around in a state of love. 

It’s really easy to fall prey to a “hot word” and just think of it as a passing trend in the self-development world, but understanding what it means to embody something gives you power. When we step up and put our money where our mouth is and anchor within ourselves, we lay down new neural pathways that connect us to our inner-selves. To tap into this power, you only need to do three simple things:

Step 1: Write Down What You Are Declaring

I know you may be thinking to yourself, “Taylor, I do this all the time. I always write down my affirmations.” If it’s something you are already doing, that’s great! Keep it up. However, if writing down your intentions or what you want to embody is new to you, pay attention.

To write down what you are declaring, start by being crystal clear with yourself! Visualize what you genuinely want. Then, grab a piece of paper from your journal or use a marker on your mirror, whatever works for you, and write that visualization down. When you physically record what you want, you are telling yourself what you want to go after, empowering yourself to accomplish your intention, and giving yourself a tangible reminder of your desire.

Let’s go back to the example of embodying the vibration of love. You understand that abundance and wealth sit in the vibration of love, so you write down, “I am choosing to embody the vibration of love.” Having that physical reminder of how you want to live your life will help you stay in that frequency of love. You may embody love in different ways, like smiling at strangers, giving hugs, etc. Whatever it means to you, that’s how you should demonstrate it.

This is a practice that I encourage you to do on a daily basis. Today, I am choosing to embody the fact that I am exactly where I’m meant to be and that I am the vibration of trust. I’m declaring that I am the embodiment of what it means to trust myself because my body knows what it needs. I don’t need to worry about what will happen to me throughout the day or the hypotheticals of what could go wrong because I am the embodiment of trust.

Now, I know this sounds like I may just be talking about making affirmations, but it goes beyond that. This is a declaration! When you write down what you want to embody, it becomes your mission statement. You go beyond telling yourself “I am …” and into reprogramming the way you think about what you want to accomplish. You’re going beyond telling yourself that you are powerful, sexy, or intimate — you are becoming the embodiment of your desire, consciously and subconsciously.

Step 2: Feel What It Feels Like to Be Fully Embodied

Once you’ve written down what you want to embody and fully accepted your declaration, take time to feel where that declaration hits you personally. How does it feel? What does it feel like to be the embodiment of wealth or love or intimacy in your body? In what chakra are you holding that declaration?

If you declare the vibration of wealth, you may feel it right in your soul — in your heart chakra. When you feel it, really get in tune with how it affects you. Find that point where you can feel your inner goddess showing up when you embody your declaration. Maybe you roll your shoulders back or your chin comes up or your heart opens because more confidence is pouring through your body.

Have fun with it! The more you take the time to collect the information your body tells you, the better you will understand what it means to embody your declaration. The moment we start to connect our words and declarations with our feelings, we create a mind-heart connection that quadruples our vibration. When you increase your vibration, you expand your electromagnetic field and increase your capacity to receive! 

Remember that your body is wise when you are connecting with your declaration. If you haven’t read the book Your Body Keeps Score, I recommend doing so. In this book, Dr. Bassel Van der Kolk talks about how your body actually keeps track of what you think, feel, and do so you can understand what it means to embody a vibration frequency and confirm it. 

Think of training your body to feel the embodiment of your desire like training a puppy. A puppy isn’t going to understand the word “sit” without reward, and your body isn’t going to know what it means to embody something without confirmation. When you check in with yourself and understand what embodiment feels like, it will be easier for your body to let you know that you’re in the right vibration.

Step 3: Recalibrate Yourself to Accept Embodiment

After you’ve written your declaration and felt what it’s like to experience the embodiment of your desired vibration, you need to recalibrate. This means that now you know where the vibration you are declaring manifests itself in your body, and you know how to reach it. That way, when you feel out of alignment, you can find your way back to that vibration.

In the case of embodying the frequency of love and manifesting wealth, there are so many things trying to knock you out of alignment. Everywhere you turn, there is a new story of scarcity or a lack of wealth that wants to keep you from embodying that vibration. If you’ve trained yourself to know where that vibration is, you can go, “This is where I fucking want to be. I need to recalibrate.” At that moment, when you get off track, you can drop back into your heart and feel that embodiment of the vibration of love again.

You might go off track for a period where you aren’t embodying what you want. It could be for a day, a week, or maybe even a month — it doesn’t matter. The goal is to catch yourself when that happens. Come back to where that feeling of embodiment lies with your body, re-declare it, and reactivate it. Once you have reactivated that feeling, forgive yourself, and get back into a state of manifestation. The more you can learn to catch yourself when you are out of embodiment, the quicker you will be able to jump back in.

When you forget about your embodiment, you’re still working toward your goals, but at a much lower vibration. However, when you find that you have fallen out of that path and recalibrate, you not only increase your vibration, but you vibrate at a higher level than ever. Moving back into your embodiment helps you choose a different timeline for yourself. The result is a quantum leap in awareness that rockets you to a higher level than you have ever experienced before.

Personally, I need to recalibrate consistently. I’m human too, and I understand that if I can learn to catch myself when I am out of embodiment, it will be better when I jump back into my embodiment. I absolutely love teaching about recalibration because it is such an important tool. That’s why I talk about it a lot in Divine Feminine Rising, Becoming Wealthy AF, and all of my programs.

Embodiment = Higher Vibes and More Alignment

I love, love this word, embody, and I am incredibly devoted to representing the word. When you increase the cycle of declaration, feeling, and recalibration, you will feel the difference it makes. Eventually, the habits you create through embodying your vibrations will make you that which you declared.

After a while, the repeated process of catching yourself after getting off-track and reaffirming your embodiment becomes a nearly automatic process. You start to lay down new neural pathways that link your declaration to that feeling of embodiment. Instead of finding that you’ve gone off track once a day, it decreases to once a month, and eventually, your body starts to correct your path on its own.

Over time, you don’t fall off track anymore, and you start to be fully embodied in that area. When you fully embody one thing, you gain the ability to focus on new places where you want to increase your vibration. Eventually, you build an entire library of fully-embodied parts of your life. Embodying what you desire helps you step into your truth and makes your light shine brighter than ever before.

Let me tell you. When you step into your truth, people notice. They’ll be like, “Wow. You’re really glowing lately. It’s like you’re really shiny and just doing your thing.” Then you can let them know how you are living your fully embodied truth and the steps you took to get there.

Right now, you might be thinking, “I totally get this. It resonates with me.” But you feel like you need more support to reach your truth. If this is you, don’t worry — I’ve got your back. When one of us grows, we all grow. Come and join us on this journey! 

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As always, I love you. I see you. Cheers to walking forward in your truth and embodying your vibrations. And remember — always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • The meaning of embodying and identifying where you feel it in your body
  • What embodying means to me 
  • How you can start embracing and truly start to integrate embodiment 
  • Why you may be feeling disconnected in your body
  • An exercise to get crystal clear on what you’re trying to embody 
  • The importance of declaring the vibration you are choosing to feel
  • What you get to do after the breakthrough in order to start embodying this next version of yourself
  • How to start connecting your body to the frequency you’re choosing to call in
  • The biggest tool to help you recalibrate your body into embodiment 
  • What happens to you when you fully embody your truth
  • Some of the ways you may be bypassing full embodiment and how it’s cutting your abundance short


Today we are talking all about the hot word of the season, embodiment. In this episode, I dive deep into what it truly means to embody vs just having a breakthrough. We talk about how to reconnect with your body, align yourself to the frequency of the goal you want to achieve and I share with you the 3 steps you can apply into your life to start fully embodying whatever you desire.