3 Ways That Will Allow Your 2021 Goals to Absolutely be Achieved : Episode 258


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How are you feeling about the new year? I mean, really, how do you feel? Take a second to breathe deeply, check-in with yourself, and let yourself feel whatever it is that you’re feeling. 

I know a lot of us were hoping to leave the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 behind us. It’s easy to feel discouraged and feel like we’re no better off when looking at the events of the last two weeks. So I want to take a minute to remind you that you are the creator of your reality. 

You are a divine queen capable of having everything you desire in this lifetime. The circumstances around you do not have the final say. You do! So don’t stop dreaming, and don’t put your goals on the back burner! 

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that you can’t force what you want to happen. You can, however, become a magnet to attract what you want. So today, I want to share three steps you can take to absolutely achieve your goals — even when the world is going haywire. I’m going to introduce you to the intricate dance of masculine and feminine energies and how it can make you unstoppable.

If you’re ready to harness your feminine energy and achieve your goals in 2021, keep reading!

Clarity: Know Your Goals and the Energy That Will Attract Them

I recently shared a post on Instagram about how to step into this year with divine feminine energy. In case you’re new to feminine and masculine energy, let me give you a brief introduction.

Masculine Energy: Going back to our primal state, this is the energy of the warrior. They take action, conquer, and achieve. This energy tends to be forceful and black-and-white. When it comes to goal-setting, masculine energy looks like writing down your goals, taking action steps, and getting to work.

Feminine Energy: In our primal state, this would have been the nurture, the gardener. This energy is much more accepting, allows things to happen, and is led with compassion. When it comes to goal setting, feminine energy looks like reflecting, pursuing things that feel good, and being gentle with oneself.

Both of these energies are necessary for achieving what we want. The masculine energy provides clarity, tenacity, and perseverance to help us go for what we want. In contrast, feminine energy provides a sort of inner compass and holds space for patience and delight on the journey. The problem is that a lot of us get stuck in masculine energy. 

So what I want you to do right now is look at your goals and ask yourself, “What would it look like for me to approach these goals with the energy of allowing them to happen instead of forcing them to happen?” 

For example, if your goal is to make a certain amount of money, ask yourself, “How does the version of myself who is making $200,000 in 2021 feel? How does she show up? What does she think?” If your goal is to get in the best physical shape of your life, ask yourself, “What energy shifts do I get to make? When my alarm goes off early enough for me to exercise before work, what am I going to think? How can I think loving thoughts towards my body?”

Goals and strategies are the masculine expressions of achieving your goals. Your answers to these questions are the feminine expression of achieving your goals. So, take a moment to write these answers down, too. Put your goal on the top of the paper, and underneath write down how you get to show up, feel, and think to make your goals a reality. 

Making a list of frequencies at which you need to vibrate is important because everything is energy — money, health, relationships. When we vibrate on the same frequency as the thing we want, they are attracted to us. That’s how abundance comes to us easily.

Sister, know your goals and know the frequencies that match your goals. It’s the first step to the dance of masculine and feminine energies.

Embody: Elevate Your Frequencies and Be Your Future Self

We talk a lot about future embodiment around here. After you’ve declared the energy you need to be in to attract what you want, all you have to do is fine-tune the embodiment principles for specifically achieving your 2021 goals and intentions. Embodying this energy requires you to have two things: the right mindset, and habits. 

#1. The Right Mindset. Think about the April 2021 version of yourself who has applied everything we discussed so far. Ask yourself, “What is going on in her life? Who has she surrounded herself with? How has she invested in her business and self-development? Has she hired a business or life coach to help her level up?” I’ve said it a million times —we can have all the strategies to make money and an impact, but we can’t expect to attract those things if we aren’t doing the inner work. 

#2. The Right Habits. Think about that same April 2021 version of yourself and ask yourself, “What habits does she have in place? What habits did she get rid of in January? What routines does she have in place to provide for her mental, spiritual, and relational health? How is she regularly behaving?” Sister, great people have great routines — they pave the way for success. 

Now that you’re clear on the energy your future self will be living in, begin to act and show up as if you already are that April version of yourself. The past, present, and future are happening simultaneously, so technically, the April version of yourself already exists. You can start being her now! 

As we do this, we’re raising our frequencies. Let’s say you’re currently vibrating at a two, but your future self is vibrating at a nine. Each time you intentionally invest in your mindset and practice a new habit, you raise your vibrations. Every new level of vibration attracts a new level of opportunities and results. 

Magical human, elevate your frequencies, and you’ll elevate your entire life! 

Boundaries: Protect the Highest Version of Yourself

Once you have clarity on your goals and the energy you need to embody, the next step is where you start putting boundaries in place. People forget about this step more often than not, but it is gold. We can’t expect to achieve our goals and consistently embody our future selves if we don’t set boundaries. These boundaries need to be in place for every area of your life — with yourself, social media, clients, friends, your partner, and your family.

A boundary is when you pre-decide what you will say “yes” and “no” to. What I love about boundaries is that they can help keep you from spiraling into shame. If you know what you will and will not allow before you’re faced with challenging circumstances, you will be able to respond instead of overextending yourself. Boundaries are about empowerment. 

So ask yourself, “What boundaries do I need to put in place? Do I need to start speaking my truth with my friends even though I’m afraid they might leave me when I do? Do I need to start voicing my needs to my partner? What boundaries do I need to set with social media? Which phone calls from my family am I going to pick up? What boundaries do I need to have in my relationship with money?”

It’s easy to think that we can just bypass boundaries and continue to do things that way we always have as long as we have clear goals and action steps. But that April 2021 version of you isn’t who you are today. She doesn’t do things the way you do them right now. She’s more evolved. She’s more in tune with herself and aligned with her truth. Therefore, your boundaries have to match who she is. 

Take the time to get very clear on your boundaries in every area of your life and start backing them up with your actions. This might require you to be brutally honest with yourself and say, “Okay, I haven’t been voicing my desires in this area. I haven’t been saying no. And I’ve been giving too much of an explanation when I just needed to own my truth.” But do it, because we can’t expect our future selves to show up for our present selves if we aren’t speaking our truth. 

Lovely soul, set boundaries. I promise, no matter how painful it feels now, your future self will thank you!

How to Become Unstoppable with Masculine and Feminine Energy

When we look at our goals and intentions from this approach of tapping into feminine energy — allowing and receiving — and mix it with masculine energy — aligned actions — nothing can stop us. We become unstoppable because when we don’t achieve a goal or fall off track, we are compassionate instead of being hard on ourselves. We just say, “Oh, I fell off track because I didn’t have a boundary in place. I fell off track because I had a lack and scarcity mindset and didn’t invest in myself.” 

The masculine energy helps us take action, and the feminine energy helps us extend compassion to ourselves when things fall apart, or we mess up. And guess what happens when we’re in the frequency of receiving compassion and ease? We attract our desires and raise our frequency. We attract money and other people who are also doing this work. It’s a beautiful dance of the masculine and feminine energy — working and receiving — that always comes full circle. 

In closing, I want to leave you with this question: How can you step into this intricate dance of working and receiving to achieve your goals without shaming and hustling yourself into burn out? 

I hope these three easy but often overlooked tools help you start this year with excitement, fun, and pleasure because that’s really what a new year should be about. If you enjoyed this message, please take a screenshot of this and share it on Instagram. Tag me (@iamtaylorsimpson), and let me know what your biggest goal for the year is! 

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I am grateful to be part of your life in this new year. I love and see you. As always, choose happiness, because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • Shifting into the new year from a divine feminine
  • Taking your goals & intentions into the next level
  • Allowing your goals to happen
  • What’s the energy behind your goals
  • Matching frequency of desired outcome
  • Getting clear on who you get to become
  • Future embodiment now
  • Show up as your April version
  • Attracting at your own frequency
  • Setting boundaries in your life