Tune into my Akashic Reading : Episode 264


Hello, lovely soul! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

Take a deep breath and connect with your body. Breathe it out. Take another deep breath and ask yourself, “What fear am I carrying?” If you’re not carrying any fear today, that’s okay, but I think most of us are carrying unacknowledged or stuffed-under-the-rug fears because we don’t have time to deal with them or we’re afraid of what might come up if we do. So give yourself the gift of identifying your fear.

Now just keep company with it. Don’t run away from it, rationalize it, or stuff it into a different drawer. Just observe it and acknowledge yourself for carrying it for so long. Experiencing fear is a very real thing, even if what we’re afraid of may seem small to someone else. But the first step to healing or overcoming it is the willingness to identify it and keep company with it.

Today, I’m sharing a very special episode with you where I identified my fears, kept company with them, and experienced healing. Today’s message is the live recording of my Akashic Reading (I’ll explain this in detail in the following section). 

The experience started with my Akashic reader affirming some stories woven deep in my heart, and then we talked through my fear of showing up fully due to bullying and loneliness from my childhood. Finally, we welcomed love into the wounded places of my soul.

This was an incredibly vulnerable experience for me — I literally ugly cried through most of it — but the growth and freedom I have experienced on the other side have been mind-blowing. I’m sharing it with you because we’re all one, and in so many ways, our stories mirror each other. Because of this, I know you will find healing and breakthrough as you listen to my journey through this Akashic Reading.

Let’s get into it, shall we?!

What Is an Akashic Reading?

To explain what an Akashic Reading is, you need to know what the Akashic Record is. The Akashic Record is a grand compilation of events, thoughts, words, emotions, relationships, and intents that have occurred in past, present, or future lifetimes and life forms. 

An Akashic Reading, therefore, is literally peeking inside your personal Akashic record and soul with the help of a reader. Typically a reader is someone who is gifted in intuition and reading Akashic Records. They have been trained in reading Akashic Records, quite literally opening up someone’s soul and soul’s purpose. They tap into and talk to your higher self and your spirit guides. 

Today, I’m sharing the session I had with a woman I was referred to by a friend. This reader and I had never met. We just emailed a few times to set up the session. Then we hopped on a Zoom video call. I recorded it live in case I wanted to have my husband, Johnny, listen to it later, but when I finished, I knew immediately that I would share the recording with you! 

I hope this peek into my inner world inspires you to try these sorts of healing modalities and that you find healing in the areas where your story reflects my own!

The Affirmation

The Akashic reader began with the typical phrase, “Let’s open up your Records.” Then she invited me to take a deep breath in, welcoming air and light into my body, opening up my chest, lungs, and heart. As I continued breathing consciously, she verbalized the space we were creating to receive and acknowledged the person the Records were telling her I was.

“As we do this, [we’re] opening up a healing space, a healing temple, so the wisdom and energies that are in your highest good can flow through smoothly and easily. Beyond that, your Records are open, and they just wanted to acknowledge you in this big, bright, and beautiful way, for they’re saying that you are an amazing being and you [are carrying] beautiful luminous, radiant soul lessons. … You are absolutely delightful to behold.” – Akashic Reader

She went into how this is a very important lifetime for me and that I am a light-bringer. In fact, being a torchbearer became a theme throughout this session. But what gave me chills is when she mentioned my book. Remember, we’ve never met, and still, this is what she said: 

“As I was opening up your Records, [they said], ‘She has the book.’ And when they talk about the book, what they mean is that you have the book of frequency.” – Akashic Reader

I felt so much positive energy and resonance with that statement. And then, the reader shared about new levels of exposure and influence I was walking into. She called it an increase of awareness — not just for myself but for everyone around me. 

As this awareness increases over the next two or three years, the reader said my frequencies would change. The way I manifest and express my work will shift. I was also told that I’m being given the keys to this shift right now. 

When the reader finally asked me, “How does that sound to you?” I said, “Spot on! I’m just over here crying!”

Finding Fear

The Akashic Reader and I discussed who I was a little more, my past lives, and how I resonated with Joan of Arc’s story. Then, she started talking about more uncomfortable things that the Records were revealing to her. 

“They’re seeing that you’ve experienced being knocked down in this lifetime … in a much bigger way, this has become part of your teaching — you had to experience that pain so that you could tell others about it so that you could empathize with their pain. … [But] you don’t need to carry the past with you anymore.” – Akashic Reader

She went on to explain that the Records were encouraging me to change my name. It was as if I would be releasing everything energetically tied to the past by changing my name — everything energetically tied to that name. 

“[The Records are] also saying that you’re going to learn the techniques of using energy as long as you’re focused on good. Like as long as you’re focused on [the] mission and the highest good, your light [will be] untouchable.” – Akashic Reader

Instead of trying to avoid someone that I feel is trying to stop me, the reader encouraged me to energetically — in my mind’s eye — redirect them. My soul resonated with that statement immediately. 

I think — actually, I know — that I often forget how potent my energy-shifting abilities are. I’ve always had this ability, so I think it’s normal and assume everyone has this ability. In a past life, I “normalized” my gifts to make myself feel more at home. So in this life, I need to actively accept that I’m not normal and that it’s okay to be different. I need to consciously remember that my gifts are special and unique, and I’m here, in this lifetime, to use my gifts for good.

When I told the reader that sometimes I dumb-down my power for the sake of not making someone else feel uncomfortable, she interjected.

“When you [said] that like I just watched your whole energetic field dim a little bit. [The Records are] saying you can’t do that. They understand why you [dumb-down your power]. In part, it’s because you have this tremendous love for humanity, and you want everybody to feel good. … [But] they’re pointing behind you. Like that [dumbed-down part of you is] over.” – Akashic Reader

The Akashic Reader was spot on. I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work lately, and I’ve realized that I keep clinging to these past wounds. They’re healed wounds, but I keep scratching them open by choice. It’s like they’ve become a crutch or a safety net of some sort. So, when she invited me to walk through the process of letting these wounds go, I was like, “Fuck yeah!”

Walking Free From the Fear

When the Akashic Reader invited me to let go of my wounded childhood narrative, I shared with her that I’ve been ready for a while, but I keep identifying with it too much to move on. It’s as if I’ve made my old stories of being bullied because I was “too much” my new truth. 

To avoid repeating that painful experience, I dumb down my powers and tell myself I’m “too much.” Instead of telling me to walk away from those stories, the reader encouraged me to mentally and emotionally return to my little-girl state.

“I want you to imagine that [the] younger part of you that was bullied by girls [is] still very much alive in you. … [Ask yourself,] ‘What does that part of [me] need right now?’ [Does] she need love or reassurance. What does that part need?”- Akashic Reader

Immediately, I knew that younger me needed love. Whenever she was bullied, there was no one to protect her, not even her family or parents. I’ve always healed myself in every area. Even though my parents were and still are loving and amazing, no one helped me energetically. I just dealt with it myself, and it was really lonely.

After listening to my response, the reader said that she sensed something about my relationship with my parents that left me feeling very betrayed and abandoned — like care wasn’t there. Honestly, she couldn’t have said it better. 

I have struggled to own this for a while, because like I said earlier, I have loving parents who cared and worked hard to provide for me. Because I know that and honor their effort, it’s hard for me to verbalize and face the areas where my little-girl heart truly felt neglected.

I share this not to throw my parents under the bus in any way but to give you the freedom to look into and verbalize any childhood wounds you carry even though your parents had good intentions. You can have good parents and still carry wounds from your childhood. Childhood wounds don’t make your parents bad — remember, they did the best with what they had and knew. 

After I admitted the abandonment and lack of care I felt, the reader had me find where I felt the abandonment in my body. I felt it in my heart. So she had me place my hand on my heart and breath into it. Then she said:

“I almost feel like [a] chasm is in there that we just need to go in and fill up a little bit. So can you find that place in your heart? [Now] just breathe in. And we’re just going to send it the softest, sweetest sense of love. It’s going to provide tenderness that your heart needed and support that your heart needed. We’re also going to heal.” – Akashic Reader

At that moment, the strongest sense of compassion for that younger version of myself overwhelmed me. I could see the childhood me believing that no one was hearing, seeing, protecting, or paying attention to me. But I also know with incredible clarity that I was free to let go of that story. I was free to stop looking for confirmation that still no one hears, sees, or protects me. 

After years and years of seeking healing in this area, I finally felt like I didn’t have any more anger toward my parents or that season in my life. 

Why You Need to Listen to This Akashic Record Podcast Episode Right Now…

Sister, this was a fucking beautiful and powerful experience! I am absolutely in awe of the breakthrough and healing I experienced in this session. I hope it inspired you to be open to other modalities of healing and elevation. To wrap up, I want to leave you with how the Akashic reader closed the session:

“I see that [the Records are] sending you this beautiful energy to really support you. It’s like … this multi-colored almost Jewel tone [of] energy enriching you … for the road ahead. So we’re just going to seal up all the energies that we’ve been working with today, … [by saying] ‘Thank you, masters, teachers, and loved ones.’ Your Records are closed.” – Akashic Reader

If you enjoyed what you learned here, make sure you listen to the full episode where we dove into some of my past lives and how they’re influencing my experience in this lifetime. We also walked through healing some loneliness and sadness I’ve been carrying for a long time and talked about what it looks like for me to fulfill my life’s purpose!

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Thank you for sharing your time with me today! I’m so grateful that I get to be part of your life. May you experience incredible healing this week. 

Cheers to living a magical life. As always, don’t forget to choose happiness, because, well, why the fuck not?!


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Opening the Akashic records 
  • Message from my guides
  • Being scared of your own light / shining brighter 
  • Operating in faith, trust and flow
  • Failing your soul purpose 
  • Having to go through human experiences
  • Accepting being different and unique
  • Dimming your own light
  • Healing childhood wounds
  • Letting yourself grow by acknowledging 
  • Coming to peace