Tune into my Akashic Reading : Episode 264


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Opening the Akashic records 
  • Message from my guides
  • Being scared of your own light / shining brighter 
  • Operating in faith, trust and flow
  • Failing your soul purpose 
  • Having to go through human experiences
  • Accepting being different and unique
  • Dimming your own light
  • Healing childhood wounds
  • Letting yourself grow by acknowledging 
  • Coming to peace 


Today’s episode is definitely as vulnerable and open as it could ever get.  That is because you’re literally going to get a peek inside of my personal Akashic records and my soul. If you’re not familiar with Akashic readings it is when someone, who has been trained in that, literally opens up my soul and takes a look at all your past lives, soul and souls purpose. When you get a reading they talk with your soul, talk to your higher self, your guides, and everything that needs to come through comes up. Listen in as she takes me through a process of healing and I hope this serves as a mirror in your path as we are one, you are I and I am you.