How to Become an Empowered Divinely Aligned Woman with Anahata Ananda : Episode 242


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you! 

Sister, I have a question for you to start us off today. During these crazy times, have you been feeling like you’re growing and expanding, but you are all alone in that journey? You are journaling constantly, seeing angel numbers left and right, and finding signs that you know are from your guides — but you don’t have people to talk to about it without them thinking you’re fucking crazy! 

If that’s you right now, let me tell you this — you don’t have to do it alone! If you’re anything like me, I know you are a woman who is deepening into her truth and uncovering blocks and old wounds, expanding into the divine abundant goddess that you are meant to be. There is no reason for you to be alone during this journey. 

Because this is not an easy journey. To be real with you, it’s fucking tough stuff. Doing the work to ascend and become #AbundantAF takes a whole lot of commitment to the process! But sister, it’s completely worth it, and it’s much easier if you can do it alongside your soul sisters. 

That’s one of the big reasons that I created the Abundant Life Experience, my membership program where I support you in your expansion from scarcity, childhood trauma, wounds, and everything else you are ready to release so you can shift into the frequency of abundance. And you get to do it with your tribe of soul sisters who see you and who are here to be on this path alongside you! 

My guest today is so special because she truly gets what it means to have a tribe full of soul sisters that support her on the Ascension journey. Anahata Ananda has such a divine soul, and she is here today to share her wisdom with us about what it looks like to have a support system of sisters that can help you become the empowered, divinely aligned woman you truly are!  

Anahata is one of those women who has the energy of a goddess, a mother, and a sister — one who sees you and who loves you. We had such a juicy conversation today, diving into self-abandonment at an early age, divine sexuality, how to heal childhood wounds, exploring your truth with your partner, and so much more! So let’s get started, shall we?

Who Is Anahata Ananda?

Anahata blends the compassion and tenderness of an angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer, and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals across the globe through core life shifts, helping them to turn their life around and create the life of their dreams. 

She is the host of the internationally acclaimed Shamangelic Healing Podcast, which is designed as a platform for sharing deep, authentic conversations about REAL LIFE issues. She offers deep healing through in-person sessions, ceremonies, and retreats in Sedona, Arizona. She also offers virtual courses for self-paced learning from home! 

I got to personally work with Anahata through a womb healing session in Sedona, and she is truly a soul sister. She is a Lightworker, a healer, and a divine goddess whose job on this earth is to help you remember who you truly are! Anahata is bringing her beautiful energy today to support you, and I can’t wait for you to hear her wisdom! 

Anahata’s Journey to Empowerment 

Let’s be honest: The journey to truly embracing your empowered, divinely aligned self is full of ups and downs. Anahata’s path began with something I know many of us can relate to — the pressure to conform to societal expectations of who she was supposed to be: 

“[I thought] ‘Here’s what happy life is supposed to look like. Do this, follow the steps.’ And it put me right into a place where it looked great on the outside, but I was really starving and unhappy at a soul level… it was a really unhealthy time. That’s when addictions were high, and relationships in chaos were at a high level. Unhappiness was at a high level…  I think that I just needed to find my own soul and my own truth in order to experience joy, not joy measured by external success or measures that everybody else gave me that didn’t fit me.” – Anahata Ananda 

Isn’t it exhausting trying to mold yourself into what others have told you to be? It almost always leads to physical and spiritual burnout and unhappiness. Anahata’s turning point came when she finally came to a breaking point in her unhealthy relationship and learned to choose her own truth. 

Sister, this time period of reflection that we are in, has caused many people to reach this pivot point in their lives — the point where they realize they have been living in 3D and operating like robots, doing what society has told them they must do to be happy. People are finally waking up and saying “yes” to themselves. That’s exactly what happened to Anahata:  

“It was really reaching a low point in my relationship of ‘I will not tolerate this any longer.’ It was a breaking point… there was such a pattern of accommodating and walking on eggshells and self-abandonment that I just got to the point of, ‘No, this is a hard “no,” no matter what the cost externally’ … I was so clear about it, that it really didn’t matter what challenge or what external opinion anybody else had because there was such clarity. And that was so liberating that it drove me forward with unquestionable passion.” – Anahata Ananda 

Freeing yourself from everyone else’s expectations is such a beautiful thing. It’s the most fucking liberating feeling in the world! You can finally start living for your truth and your passion without worrying about judgment around you.  

Since Anahata didn’t have anyone to guide her along that path, she wanted to provide that guidance to others, which led her to what she does today: 

“As I was unraveling that and rebuilding that and looking for tools, I felt that I didn’t have whole lot of support and I thought, ‘Wow, I really want to help people to be able to find themselves again more quickly than I did, with more grace and more support and love to let people let know that they’re not alone … the resources that I attracted and gathered along the way have just created this huge medicine bag of tools to kind of help people through the process.” – Anahata Ananda

Sister, isn’t it amazing how one person’s journey can impact that of so many others? What Anahata went through with her relationship has allowed her to help so many women become empowered and aligned with what they want in life, and that’s so fucking beautiful. 

As Anahata learned to honor herself, she also learned to honor her divine sexual space. We dove deep into what that means, and she had some seriously juicy nuggets to share! 

Honoring Your Divine Sexual Space

Sister, your divine sexual space is a power center. It isn’t just a sexual space — it’s a safe space where your inner child can rest and play. It’s the place from which you were born, and the place where you can birth life. 

Anahata found that her divine sexual space was a place for her creative expression and sensuality. But she also found that this sacred space is often abandoned at an early age, and it is important to reclaim it: 

“There’s so much that sits in the garden of our power center — our womb — that it is a remembering and a reclaiming of the sacred space. Because as children, as young girls, we start to receive the programming that our body isn’t ours. It is a tool for pleasure for somebody else. It has to look ‘this’ way. We begin self-abandonment at a young age … of our emotions, our authenticity, our creativity, our safe space, our bodies … we begin to give that away in order to fit in, to feel accepted, to get the guy, to do what society says or to look like that woman in the movie or the media” – Anahata Ananda 

Sister, this self-abandonment of the sacred space of our womb starts so young. In kindergarten, if our shoes don’t match the other kids’ shoes, we leave the shoes that we thought we liked behind. We need the other shoes to be cool, right? We are trained to fit in with the crowd instead of acknowledging our own creativity and agency. 

It transforms from shoes in kindergarten to other things as adults. Maybe it’s a type of relationship that looks a certain way. Maybe it is a job that looks “successful.” Or maybe it is something that society has told you that you need in order to be loved. 

These little pieces of self-abandonment start in childhood and continue throughout our lives. Sister, what have you abandoned that you need to return home to? It is time to reclaim that part of ourselves that we have lost to expectations  —  it is time to remember our sacred sexual space that holds so much power: 

“It is a journey for us sisters, for us women, of remembering who we were before the distortions, before the abandonment, before the sexual trauma, before we started learning to squash our intuition and seek the validation and approval of others outside of us instead. So it’s a journey home for all of us to unravel the programs and the imprints that have created distortions or a desecration of our sacred space. And there’s a lot of layers to that.” – Anahata Ananda 

Let me tell you — unpacking and unraveling the legacy of wounds that have been left on us since childhood is fucking tough. But it is so important to become an empowered and divinely aligned woman, and it is so worth the work! 

Anahata is amazing at helping women tap back into their feminine and step into their power, and she had some amazing advice for us today about how to do that. 

How to Tap Back into Your Divine Feminine 

Reclaiming your sacred feminine space starts with community. Sister, you know I am all about having a support system to help you through your journey of ascension. That’s what we’re doing in the Abundant Life Experience, and Anahata is a huge believer in community too! 

If you are looking for a good way to start tapping back into your divine feminine, this is the best place to start. Having this support system is especially important if you are having trouble with your partner being aligned with your growth: 

“Get a support system of sisters … to do your core inner healing work because it’s likely that if you’re not connected to your feminine, neither is your husband or partner … And so they’re probably not the person to be doing that kind of work with. You’re going to be doing that with other people that are tapped into the feminine that have done that work already and know how to navigate that. As you reclaim that level of self-respect and awareness of your sovereignty, then you begin to negotiate that within your relationship.” – Anahata Ananda 

Once you have a support system, the best way to start reclaiming your feminine sovereignty is to ask yourself some hard questions and go back to where it all started. Ask yourself, ‘Where does my inner child feel like I am not enough?’ 

Where did you have to first learn to abandon your femininity to be accepted? Was it because your parents wanted a boy and you felt like you needed to measure up? Or maybe the masculine energy was rewarded in your life, while the feminine creativity was suppressed. Was there a trauma that made your physical body feel unsafe to fully embrace?

Think back to those times where you had to abandon your femininity to feel like “enough” and where you were not allowed to express your creativity and emotions. And then, hold them with compassion. 

Sister, a beautiful way to begin the healing journey of any trauma to your sexual space is having compassion for the younger version of you who didn’t know any better. And then realize that it is never too late to reframe and realign yourself to heal those old wounds: 

“If it was energetic oppression, emotional oppression, physical unsafety, or sexual distortion, we start to look at, ‘where were those imprints?’ Let’s go take a look at them and let’s be gentle with what we find there … It’s never too late to say ‘You know what? My voice does matter. I am enough.’ This is how we replant the garden … this is how we reclaim our power. We begin to replant those seeds.” – Anahata Ananda 

It’s never too late to heal. And remember you are not healing alone. We are a collective consciousness — when I heal, you heal, and when you heal I heal. Isn’t that so fucking beautiful? I am so excited that you are on this journey with me. 

Why You Should Listen to This Anahata Ananda Podcast Episode Right Now… 

Anahata had so much wisdom to share — I could jam with her all day. She is such an amazing example of being the sister that you want to receive. That’s what it’s this community is all about. It’s about thinking, “Okay, who do I get to be? How do I get to support? How do I get to show up in order to also attract that?” And then you get that beautiful support in return. 

My intention the past year and a half was to find my sisters that truly see me so that we can support and push each other to be #AbundantAF, and now I can officially say I have found that. I have so many beautiful women in my life, and it continues to flow in because we are doing the work! It all starts with us. 

Anahata is such an amazing gift to this soul sister community, and she has some powerful resources to help you become empowered and divinely aligned! Today, she is sharing a free chakra balancing guided visualization — an 18-minute guided musical and audio journey to do a check-in with all the different energy centers of your body. 

She also has a sacred feminine series, which is a womb healing series that goes from conception to the present day, shifting the weeds out of the garden and receding that. You can find so many more resources that Anahata is offering on her website! You can also connect with her on Instagram and on her podcast.    

Be sure to listen to the rest of the podcast episode for so many more juicy nuggets of wisdom from Anahata! And if this episode impacted you in any way, be sure to take a screenshot of the episode and tag me @iamtaylorsimpson, and Anahata,  @anahataananda, with your biggest takeaways from the episode!

Sister, I hope this episode helped you on your journey to step into your power and align with your divine feminine so that you can unlock the abundant goddess that is inside of you! As you grow on your journey of ascension, don’t forget that you are not alone — you have an entire community of soul sisters to support you along the way!

As always, I love you. I see you. Remember, always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


Key Takeaways:

  • Finding your abundance
  • Un-choosing what doesn’t fit anymore
  • Recognizing self abandonment
  • Remembering and reclaiming your sacred sexual space
  • What version of you made your current choices
  • Allowing your partner to be on their own journey
  • How to start unpacking your divine feminine
  • Having a conscious, communicative relationship
  • Realigning after trauma
  • What does it mean to be an empowered woman
  • Is it time to let go or renegotiate
  • Inviting those around you on your journey
  • Building a sisterhood when going through our own insecurities
  • Being a safe space for the women in your life

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