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Becoming the Artist of Love With Madelyn Moon

Becoming the Artist of Love with Madelyn Moon

Becoming the Artist of Love with Madelyn Moon

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Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast! Today I am joined by the incredible, Madelyn Moon who just recently birthed a book; The Artist of Love.

In this episode, we talk all about being an Artist of Love (which spoiler alert, everyone is an Artist), four Archetypes that can support you with becoming the Artist in your own life – in or outside of a relationship.

We chat about the power the feminine has within to lean into her desires instead of hiding behind them, circulating emotions, and embodying all of who we be as women.

Madelyn shares her journey into self-discovery, the shifts she’s made these has 3 years to deepen into her embodiment, and how she became a vessel for her book, The Artist of Love.

In this episode you will hear:

– Looking back on Madelyn’s embodiment 3 years ago vs now

– What she did in order to shift into a deeper state of herself

– The initiation of what it really means to be in her embodied feminine

– How to start bringing eroticism into your life and relationship

– What it means to be an artist of love and seeing yourself as the art

– Navigating through common blocks preventing our sexual expression

– How you may be hiding behind desire instead of being the desire

– Unleashing the artist within you

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Connect with Madelyn Moon:

@MadelynMoon | www.maddymoon.com

Artist Of Love by Madelyn Moon: Get The Book

Find Your Archetype: Take The UNTAMED Archetype Quiz here

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