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Being a Bitch or Having Boundaries?

Being a Bitch or Having Boundaries?

Being a Bitch or Having Boundaries?

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Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast. Today we are talking all about boundaries!

In this episode, I dive into the idea that if we have strong boundaries, as women, then we are labeled a bitch.

I share with you a story of how I navigate staying in my power and give you questions to ask yourself in order to navigate and shift this perspective in order to fully step into your fully embodied self.

In this episode you will hear:

– Navigating the worry of “being a bitch” when setting your boundaries 

– What do I do to stand in my power when people try to push my boundaries

– A look into where you’re staying quiet about your boundaries in order to please others

– Some symptoms and emotions you may experience when you’re ready to expand

– How you may be blocking abundance simply by not showing up and using your voice

– The magic behind being “too much” and triggering people in a loving way

– How we’re healing generational trauma simply by being in our power

– Stepping out of the fear of judgment and caring what others think of you

– How the universe rewards you when you shift into being yourself fully

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