Choosing to Find Grace and Growth Within Every Pivot with Abby Schultz : Episode 299

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What abundance means to Abby
  • How my transitions, pivots, and growth triggered her for a long time
  • Some lessons Abby has learned along the way through her journey into alignment
  • The importance of learning how to trust the pivot
  • What an ego death can look like for you and Abby’s experience with it while in Costa Rica
  • Why you should be leaving space for ego deaths instead of trying to bypass it
  • The 4 steps to navigate your way back into alignment when something feels off 
  • What you can start doing to take the first steps once you know a shift needs to happen
  • How to navigate when you don’t have a supportive partner, family, or friends
  • What is the best way for you to guide and invite your partner into the work
  • Two things Abby is currently navigating through in order to ascend into her next level
  • How getting into pure alignment can help you connect with others
  • Why you should be focusing on constant reinvention of yourself 


Today’s podcast guest is someone who is extra special in my heart and you will see exactly why in this conversation with Abby Schultz. In this episode, Abby shares the 4 steps to help you navigate through ego deaths, fear of failures, triggers, reinvention, and getting back into alignment. We dive deep into her journey as a hope that it will serve as a mirror to you and help you navigate whatever current situation you may be facing right now.  

Meet Abby:
Abby is a systems/tech queen turned woo woo witchy goddess. She is an old soul remembering her purpose to help magical women stop playing small so they can change the world and make fuck tons of money.

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