How to Collapse Time and Release Anxiety : Episode 280

Hi, sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Today, we’re talking about a feeling that has been coming up a lot for the collective lately, and definitely within me. It’s the feeling of anxiety. But you might find that my take on this shared emotion is unique. Because I see it as an ascension symptom.  I had a strong intuitive feeling that the anxiety coming up right now is the result of a mismatch between our more evolved, higher vibrational selves, and the part of us that is stuck in the old ways. It’s a misalignment, and when we are out of alignment, it can feel uncomfortable and disorienting.

We’re all in this growth process together.  We’re burning up and transmuting limiting beliefs, old stories, and wounds as a collective. As the energies of change grow more and more potent, there is so much more healing available for us. It’s as if our higher selves are shining a flashlight on what needs to be released. Our higher selves are waiting for us to get on their frequency. While uncomfortable, it’s a powerful time to align with a future that is so much more fulfilling. So let’s get started!

Your Current Reality vs. Your Future Reality

We live in a dualistic universe in which multiple realities exist simultaneously. Your higher consciousness—the part of you that’s the lightworker here to help the collective evolve—has been shifting, often without your conscious awareness. Your consciousness has been effortlessly refining and redefining its light. Now your ego, that’s a different story. Your ego and your conscious mind may not have caught up yet. 

This is all happening right as the world is “opening back up.” Does that strike you as strange? There’s no doubt we’ve all been in a massive growth period in the past year. Is your old self emerging into the world and getting disoriented? Are there old patterns, old ways of being that you’ve always had before that now just don’t feel right?  In a very real way, it’s as if we’re living in two different timelines.  

When old patterns that no longer serve you come up, it can feel very uncomfortable. You may see them more clearly than you ever have before. You may be having their misalignment reflected back to you more strongly than ever before. While in the past, you may have glossed over them and even been able to get by with them, you may be feeling their weight more easily now. You may be attracting situations, people, opportunities that give you the chance to see how out of alignment they are for you.

Sisters, this is a blessing! I invite you to sit with these patterns, these beliefs, these wounds, and really go into them. Don’t avoid them. Move through it. 

What fears, pain, grief that you’ve been avoiding is wanting to be looked at right now? This is a great journal prompt, and I invite you to reflect on this.  Maybe you avoid it because you’ve already looked at it a million times. Because it’s painful. Because you don’t know how to. If you have a limiting belief or pattern, is it because there is an unmet need, a childhood desire, or a fear? Will you continue to ignore it, or are you going to sit with it, journal about it, scream, cry and get messy?

I had to do this myself recently. I was avoiding something, but I know better, so I gave myself permission to just be with it. And believe me, I went into a dark place. I was grieving, screaming, crying. Tears were running down my face. But you know what? Afterward, I felt so much lighter. So much better. Sometimes when we just put our attention and focus on something, the attention is what dissolves the emotion. Just like a lantern lights up a dark shadow. You have to feel it to heal it. 

Is there grief you’re holding on to? It could be the grief of your past self. Who you were years ago, who you were weeks ago, even who you were yesterday. Are you clinging to that old story? Is that even you anymore?

One of my old stories was, “I’m too much.” That belief held me back by keeping me from going after my dreams and putting myself out there as a teacher. It also kept me safe. It shielded me from being rejected or judged by others who might project all of their unhealed stuff onto me. 

Is there an identity you’re struggling to let go of? Maybe it’s a rescuer identity, such as the feeling that you need to help or rescue people in order to be valuable. You don’t feel worthy of being loved for just being you. Or maybe it’s a victim identity. A belief that you can’t do things on your own and that you need help. Why is it there? Is it fulfilling an old need? Can you meet that need in another way? Are you ready to stop being that person, that person who doesn’t align with your higher self and all of your potential?

The Ascension Energies

It’s the perfect time to look at all of these old wounds because—guess what—we can transmute them more easily than ever. What used to take days, weeks, months, or years to heal can transform rapidly now. The frequencies are stronger than they were a year or two years ago.

The wounds are coming up because we’re closing the gap between our current 3D reality and the more advanced 5D reality. The 3D is our three-dimensional reality, while the 5D is our fifth-dimensional reality. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that the 5D reality is a more advanced higher vibrational experience.  That higher vibrational reality does exist now. So your more advanced self is just waiting for you to connect.

It’s all part of the collective awakening we’ve all been going through. As frequencies rise, the lower vibrational stuff naturally gets dislodged. It’s kind of like doing the dishes. We’ve let a lot pile up and when we finally get to them, a lot of muck gets loosened and comes to the surface. It looks worse before it gets better. But we’re all being given a chance to see it, feel it, and change it. And when we do, we are liberated more quickly and on a much deeper, more lasting level.

So what happens to all these old wounds and old stories? When we choose to shift them, we’re actually transmuting them into more power. We’re taking trauma, pain, and limitation and turning them into expansiveness, power, and strength. 

I had a vision of this as fire and wings, like a Phoenix bird. The fire is our transformation, while the wings represent the moment we’re all at right now, a time of expansion. Now’s the time to do this work and let the ashes blow away instead of trying to pick them up. The ashes fertilize the ground, and out of the ground sprouts a new tree. This new tree could be your liberation—your ability to live out your truth, your acceptance of your unique qualities, and your ability to fearlessly be you in the world. 

It’s all about intention. Maybe you choose to transmute an old money wound into aligned business opportunities. You set that intention; therefore, it will happen. You decide that this transmutation will up your ability to feel worthy of abundance. Instead of poverty and lack, you shift into a pattern of receptivity and positivity.

What do you want to create? What dreams do you have that have just been waiting in the wings? Do you want to show up in your relationships differently? Lead differently? Move through life differently?

How does this collapse time and release anxiety?

So we went into this talking about anxiety. And the message is, it isn’t just ordinary anxiety that’s coming up. It’s about the disconnect. It’s about the mismatch between our future, more powerful selves, and our current reality.

When we choose to go into our stuff—to feel it, release it, heal it—we remove the gap between our two realities. Our more advanced selves, which have been light years ahead of us, connect to us in the present. So it collapses time, and the discomfort dissolves.

Your future self has been like:  “Yo, I’m just going to live my life up here. I’ll be here living this amazing life. Let me know when you’re ready to connect.” When you let things burn, you stop wavering back and forth. You stop the dance of “I’m going to do it, but I’m not. I’m scared, but I’m not. I’m powerful, but I’m scared.” You stop that, and your future self is like, “Thank you. Thank you for letting the shackles go. Thank you for letting it burn. Now let’s get on my frequency.”

This is where you can embody who you are becoming. Make sure your actions are congruent with your thoughts. So if you want to create massive financial abundance, well then you’d better take steps to make that happen. Invest in a program that helps you learn how to shift your money mindset. Receive mentorship, read a book, do whatever you need to do.

Notice and shift any misalignment between thoughts and actions.  If you’re not doing that, your frequency is going to do the dance, and your future self will be like, “Come on, get your shit together.” So begin to embody the new you. Have the thoughts that she has, create lifestyle choices that she has, let go of the old stories that she doesn’t have.

Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who she surrounds herself with. That’s something I am super intentional about. I am very intentional with my boundaries, of who I let into my bubble and who I hang out with. The company you keep, the words people use, the ideas they have all affect you. Be discerning in who you spend your time with. 

What choices can you begin to make now, and what boundaries can you set? You’ll need to set those boundaries so you can serve your purpose. Whether it’s being an amazing mom, a loving partner, or a powerful leader,  commit to making the shift.

This journey we’re on is like a beautiful bridge between feeling and honoring the uncomfortable emotion, walking through the darkness, and then letting that bridge burn. Transmute the bridge into the fire that’s fueling your growth and allowing your wings to grow. Let go of your old identities, and if they start to creep back in, honor them. Let them know: we’ve been there, we’ve done that. We’re through with that contract. 

And then begin to embody who you are becoming and make sure that everything around you matches. From the people around you to the food you eat and the choices you make. This is how we move through the quantum field.

Ultimately, the message coming through is one of empowerment. It’s a reminder of our power to live a more aligned life. It’s a reminder that society, world politics, and any other outside forces don’t decide our value. We’re powerful, creative beings.

You are so worthy of making these changes. You’re ready. I’m just a mirror for you, and your soul has called this very message to you to show you that you are ready. 

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Thank you for spending your time with me. This is how we awaken the world. I love you. I see you. Cheers to going on this ascension process together. And remember Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What is the collective and how it’s been shifting during these past few weeks
  • Why the conversation around anxiety has been popping up in my life and around my clients
  • The reasons you may be experiencing the feeling of anxiety in your body
  • Navigating through your ego in order to ascend into your higher self
  • Start reconnecting with your consciousness and your body
  • Identifying the old identities that you’re still clinging onto and why you should release them
  • Why it’s easier to shift into higher frequencies right now
  • Collapsing the evolution time in your ascending process
  • The meaning behind my vision of fire to wings 
  • Transforming what has already been healed into what you desire
  • Start embodying who you’re becoming and align your actions accordingly
  • How we actually move through the quantum  


Welcome to the other side. Today, we are talking about something I’ve been sensing in the collective over the past few weeks, experiencing the feeling of anxiety and disconnection from our human body. In this episode we dive deep into some of the reasons that you may be experiencing these feelings, how the sense of disconnection from my body was showing up in my life, the downloads I had around this topic, how to start reconnecting with our body, shifting into higher frequencies, way to navigate through our ego, letting go of old identities as well as of our healed past, and so many more soul reminders. 

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