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Cultivating Thought Leaders Through Microdosing with Laura Dawn

Cultivating Thought Leaders Through Microdosing with Laura Dawn

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Laura Dawn, M.Sc., is a keynote speaker, host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, and an expert in psychedelics and creative cognition.

In this episode, Laura shares her expertise as a Psychedelic and Microdosing mentor in guiding thought leaders to elevate cognition, amplify inspiration, and cultivate creativity in true alignment with their authentic expressions.

In this episode you will hear:

Laura’s journey into the space of psychedelics and leadership

How psychedelics amplify inspiration and cultivate creativity

Microdosing: Embodying the vision of who you are becoming

Cultivating curiosity to open the gateway of inspiration

Exploring how to elevate cognition with psychedelics and AI

– Navigating criticism and standing out amongst the noise in the world

Connect with Laura
Instagram: @livefreelaurad
Podcast: The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast
Website: lauradawn.co
Free Downloads: lauradawn.co/downloads

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