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Embracing Your Inner Fire

Embracing Your Inner Fire : Episode 295

Embracing Your Inner Fire : Episode 295

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Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!Today, we’re connecting to something really juicy — the fun, flamboyant, feisty energy of fire. This is what gets our blood pumping. It’s what makes us feel pumped and full of life, ready to tackle the day and to be movers and shakers. It’s the source of sacred rage and sacred sexuality, two irrefutable aspects of the life force itself. Fire brings warmth and joy to those around it. It lights the way for those who are lost in the dark, and it mesmerizes us with the beauty of its flickering flames. Our inner fire is much like the fiery element I’m describing. Its nature is to burn, and when we don’t let it burn, we’re doing ourselves and the world a disservice. To burn takes courage and commitment. We have to be comfortable with being seen and heard. We have to take action every day to stoke our fire. Let’s get started!

A Poem About Fire

I’ve always loved the written word, and I’ve had a journaling practice for years. I find it an amazing way to channel higher wisdom, connect to my soul’s longings, and express my emotions. Well, this morning I was struck by an inspiration so beautiful I had no choice but to express it, stream-of-consciousness style.

I was sitting in meditation like I do every morning, with the flame of a single candle dancing in front of me. Isn’t it so beautiful how a single flame can be so mesmerizing? It just pulls us in, and it can really ground us in the moment. When I’m watching the flame, time seems to disappear. As I was watching it, I felt something welling up within me, and I grabbed my journal. So here it is:

The fire doesn’t say sorry when its smoke engulfs you 

because you happen to be standing in her field. 

It doesn’t say, “Excuse me” when it’s sparks fly past you. 

The fire stands in all of her glory grounded in the earth. 

And without words she declares that if you are in her presence,

she will not dim her natural essence just to make you comfortable. 

You will see her embers glow with both warmth and fierceness. 

Those who have the opportunity to witness the fire and all of her untamed beauty

are mesmerized, pulled in, feel the warm embrace and the heat of her passionate love. 

Those who are aligned with her medicine, her heat, her powerful light, 

will see her and gather around her wanting to be in her energy. 

They will tell others of her wisdom, her love, her natural beauty. 

The fire owns her power. 

She takes up space, regardless of if those around her appreciate it or not.

With time, she allows more heat to be created and her glow to become even brighter,

never apologizing for who she is. 

She is fire.

This poem is a mirror for you. The fire is the bright light of your being. You emit sparks of love, of creativity, of ideas, of soul activations, and of remembrances. You emit sparks of joy, of inspiration, of enthusiasm, and of excitement. Your fire glows as brightly as you let it, depending on how much you believe you have the right to glow.

The Nature of Fire

A fire doesn’t hold back. It doesn’t apologize for burning brightly, and it doesn’t say sorry because it takes up space. It doesn’t feel bad or guilty for having grand, flaming sparks. It doesn’t stifle itself around people who don’t approve of it, who don’t understand it, or who simply don’t like it. It just is.

Think of the sparks that come off of you as your ideas, your passions, as the parts of you that are fierce and loving and joyful and playful.

Where are you maybe still holding back your desire to let your sparks fly? Do you have a creative idea that you’re scared to act on? Do you have a blog you haven’t started, a conversation you’re avoiding, or a job you haven’t applied to because you don’t want your partner to be jealous?

If you’re like a lot of people, you stifle your ideas. You might worry you’ll look awkward or that you’ll be judged or rejected. You might be afraid to fail or afraid to rock the boat.

Are you afraid of allowing your fire to grow brighter, fearing that it might affect other people? Are you worried that by burning brightly, you might hurt or offend someone?

Are you aware that when people are hurt or offended by your light, they are dealing with their own wounds and projections, which you cannot solve? When you dim your light to please other people, not only are you hurting but you’re not allowing people to take responsibility for their own reactions, which they must do to grow.

When you allow our light to grow brighter and more potent, it will always ruffle some feathers. There will always be people who are offended by you. They’re going to say you’re too much. They might try to put out your fire. They might try to devalue you with their words, or maybe they unconsciously send you bad energy, or they may even turn to manipulation and gaslighting to make you doubt yourself.

But what if your soul’s purpose is to glow so obnoxiously bright that people have no choice but to receive your medicine. They have no other choice but to receive your love, receive your triggers, and receive your permission to also be themselves because you’re like, “Hey, I am glowing. I am on fire. I am being myself.” And they’re like,”I want some of that. I want to learn how to do that.”

What if you’re meant to keep burning brightly, even if it takes a few months or a few years, for people to wake up? What if you need to stand so firm in the foundation of your fierce embers that you simply keep burning without expecting people to understand you? You’re not forcing anyone to keep watching. You’re not forcing anyone to awaken. You are simply living your purpose, igniting your passion, letting your flames grow, and after some time people can’t help but be inspired. 

What would it look like if you just allowed your spontaneous sparks of ideas, joy, love, and inspiration without expectation and fear of judgment? The fire says, “Welcome to my space. Love me or not, I still love me. Sit around, and I will teach you. I will teach you about warmth, and I will give you love.”

The fire still burns, whether people are comfortable with it or not. We cannot avoid this. We are evolving and shifting and transforming and many people’s fires are going to burn brighter and brighter. We have to give up people-pleasing and shrinking and making ourselves small and voiceless because we are afraid. We have to give people the respect of letting them feel offended, hurt, or judgemental, knowing that that’s theirs and not yours. That’s for them to deal with. 

Stoking Your Inner Fire

The best way to connect with your inner inspiration is first to clearly understand what lights you up. Get a journal and a pen and start writing it all down. Remember, we’re connecting with the energy of fire here, so that means connecting to that flame of inspiration. We’re not looking at the practical things, highly emotional things, or mental things. Connect to the energy of passion.

What gets your fire going? What expands your heart? What lights you up? It can be a big thing or a little thing. It can be subtle and nuanced or grand and explosive. 

Maybe it’s imagining having a home with your partner, the thought of your next travel trip, or the idea of acting in a film. Maybe it’s being around children, playing like a child, making art, and singing and dancing with abandon like no one is watching. These are all things that make you feel good, things that keep your vibe high and raise your vibes so that you can burn even more brightly. What makes you happy?

What are you excited about? How connected are you to your soul’s purpose, your reason for being here? You might not even know what it is, you might be in the process of changing it, or you might know it, and you’re fully in it. Is it dance? Is it art? Is it the written word? Maybe it’s coaching, healing, leading, or teaching. Maybe it’s baking delicious high-vibe cookies. 

Do you have groundbreaking ideas or ways of doing things that you haven’t seen before? Do you have experimental art that pushes boundaries and causes people to question the status quo? Is there a documentary you want to film, a book you want to write, a new way of doing business you want to create?

Now after you’ve written it all down, rate each one on a scale of one to ten, with ten being you consistently do this practice and one being that you never do it. Rate how much you’re incorporating each thing into your life on a daily basis. We’re taking inventory here. This isn’t about judgment or saying that you’re failing or doing something wrong. You’re just assessing.

You’re just noting, “I barely ever do this, I barely ever give attention to this,” and then think about how you can begin to incorporate it more into your life.

How can you allow those parts of yourself to shine? How can you let those parts of yourself be seen and expressed, knowing that because they light you up, they’re going to make your life better and the life of those around you better? When you do what lights you up, your vibration rises. And when your vibration rises, you show up more as your highest self. 

Embrace Your Fire and Become Your Highest Self

Guess what happens when you show up as your highest self? You become a magnet for opportunities. You become a magnet for money, for people who support you and appreciate you because they support and appreciate themselves. Then they’re going to wonder how you’re shining so brightly, and they’re going to start to emulate it. You don’t have to sit them down and teach them. They learn by example. Soon their fires are lit, and the fires of those around them are lit. Then boom, boom, boom, all of our fires are lit, and we are one massive bonfire celebrating each other’s light and watching each other’s embers glow brighter and brighter. We become open and generous because we are not trying to take power or happiness from the outside. We are powerful and inspired from within. We are happy to send a spark over here or a spark over there. When someone’s fire is dimming we are quick to say, “Hey, I have a spark for you!” We’re not withholding anything. We are not worrying about lack or scarcity.

This is the way we become a community. We dance together and we build up each other’s fire. A fire cannot put out another fire. It is so fierce with its own flames and its own heat, it’s not worried about the other fire. But if they collide, they just grow brighter and rise together. 

If you enjoyed this episode, don’t hesitate to let me know. Tag me at @iamtaylorsimpson on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways.

I love you. I see you. Cheers to shining brightly and unapologetically no matter what. And remember — always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  
  • Some very important lessons we can learn from watching a fire rise
  • How you can start showing up more unapologetically, brightly, and loudly in every aspect of your life
  • What happens when you dim your light vs what happens when you stand in your power
  • The impact you can create simply by living fully in your fire
  • Why you should allow your spontaneous sparks of ideas, love, chaos, and so much more to fly free
  • How you can start finding your inner joy to start shining your light brighter
  • The importance of doing more of the things you love
  • What happens when we help spark fires in other people’s lives
  • How to navigate when people try to put out your fire

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