The Double Edge Sword of Living your Purpose: Episode 188

Key Takeaways: 

+ There´s a lot of doubt during your path trough success, but at the end, you can attract what´s positive to your life

+ Allow yourself to be seen, and don´t second guess it

+ What happens when you rise, is that other people are terrified and they will try to stop you

+ Give people something to talk about

+ Keep doing you and don´t give your light to anyone else

+ When you say yes to new things in your life, they´re going to be some scary things, but you have to say yes to have confidence

+ The universe knows if you´re doubting and you´re energy will flow in a good or bad way

Standout Quotes:
“Why am I doubting myself? I am special and I deserve all the good things that happen to me”

“I will not let the judgement of others affect me, my toughts and the joy in my life”

“Learn to embrace fear and recognize you´re purpose in life”