Welcome to the World of Magic with Colleen Gallagher: Episode 189

Key Takeaways: 

+ You forget how to dream bigger when you stop believing in the world of magic
+ Surrender yourself to your “dreamer” self
+ Surrender happens trough a stage or process, not overnight
+ How can I make a game to capture money into my life instead of an obligation?
+ We live in a world that it´s not so complicated as we think
+ It´s up to us to live the present moment instead of just letting it pass
+ We get so wrapped into the same story (I don´t have…, I can´t…)
+ I need to understand my purpose in this moment and in this world

Standout Quotes:

“Sometimes the universe will kick our ass so we can hear it”

“Your imagination grows on what can be possible”

“We have to be in a receiving mode so we can accept all the good things that come to us”