The 4 Signs that You are Not in Alignment with Your Purpose: Episode 191

Key Takeaways: 

+ You have to learn to adjust and to roll with your new way of living
+ Only do things that are in alignment with your purpose
+ The ability to have all of the energy in situations where you once would have been drained
+ Living your purpose also means creating beautiful relationships with your friends and family
+ You´re effortlessly attracting people you want and can help you
+ When you´re in purpose, money flows to you, and if it doesn´t, what are you doing wrong?

Standout Quotes:
“When we create a life to fit in, that doesn´t go for long time”

“Everything that I´ve been doing has come from a space of service”

“We have to be more careful to be sure that every thing we do is in alignment with your purpose”