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Evolution through Sacred-Mirrored Contractions

Evolution through Sacred-Mirrored Contractions

Evolution through Sacred-Mirrored Contractions

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In this solo episode, Taylor delves into the realm of energetic contractions and their potent impact on our lives.

She highlights the link between unaddressed contractions and physical discomfort or limitations, urging the importance of acknowledging and navigating these challenging energetic shifts.

This episode invites you to uncover and embrace these profound internal changes, sparking a journey of self-discovery and fostering compassion toward others’ experiences.

In this episode you will hear:

Contraction as a response to someone’s way or state of being

Identifying what triggers these inward energetic shifts

Evolution through sacred-mirrored contractions

Deciphering the patterns that shape our emotions and behavior

The power of energetic ebbs and flows for deep self-understanding

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