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Expansive Results Come With Expansive Investments

Expansive Results Come With Expansive Investments

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Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast!  Today, I am talking to you all about expansive investments and money.

In this episode, you will learn what happens when you start to invest in yourself, how to create an expansive life, the power of getting resourceful, and the role money plays in our life.

I share with you how I navigated the voices that told me not to invest at first and guide you through a short process that will help you figure out if you’re ready to make that investment you’ve been on the fence about.

In this episode you will hear:

– The role that money plays in our lives and in this world

– Why most people don’t experience the quantum jumps in their life

– What happens the moment you send the money when making an expansive investment in yourself

– Going inwards to know when it’s time to go in and invest in yourself

– The power of getting resourceful to call in the investment you need

– How money amplifies who we be both the expansive and the victimhood

– Getting stuck in a lack and scarcity cycle with money when we don’t heal

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