Finding Potency in the Present : Episode 278

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Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you’re a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Today, we’re talking about the place where all your power resides — the present moment. This potent center is where we have access to the most profound change. It’s also where we have access to our joy. It’s where we can celebrate our successes and our breakthroughs. It’s where the magic happens. 

Yet most of us are reflecting on the last thing or rushing to do the next thing —  living in the past or the future instead of the now. We’re not being — we’re doing.

When we think of being vs. doing, we tend to think about more materialistic pursuits. Pursuits such as working, tending to our families, building a business or a relationship. We tend to think of the busy, go-go-go culture of our materialistic society with its heavy emphasis on status and achievement. But even spiritual seekers can get caught up in the doing of it all.

I’m talking about those of us who are doing the work. Those of us who are working with the shadow, the inner child, our inner wounds, our higher self. At the end of the day, even if it’s spiritual work it’s still work. And we can sometimes rush off to the next achievement without celebrating the present one.

But guess what? Our souls are always evolving, so that means we will always have more breakthroughs, more ups and downs, more advancements to celebrate. So why not slow down, savor the moment, and go deeper into our processes to access their deepest potential?

Slowing Down Deepens Your Healing

Think of how far you’ve come on this journey of self-discovery. Consider all the breakthroughs you’ve had over the past year, two months, today. Maybe you had aha moments in meditation or huge realizations about the origins of a limiting belief or a trauma that affected your energy body. Now, did you stay present with what came through to you? Or were you focused on the next thing?

Let’s say you have a realization about a relationship pattern. Do you jump ahead to “How can this breakthrough help me manifest a new man?” Or do you stop and think about the realization and its effects on everything else in your life. Magic can happen in that split second where you can make a decision to sit in a realization. 

Or maybe you have a breakthrough around receiving a mass amount of money. You realize that the limiting belief that’s holding you back from receiving has to do with what your mom told you. She said that people who make lots of money only use it in very manipulative and bad ways. And you realize that you’ve actually taken that on as your truth. So when you realize this, do you automatically start thinking of how you can now begin receiving more by working with this realization?

What if instead, you go deep into the limiting belief and how it affects you on multiple levels. Your internal dialogue might go something like this: Okay, if this has been a truth of mine, where and how many areas has it been affecting my ability to receive? Oh, I see that when I launched that program, I was blocking my ability to fill it up at capacity. I knew I was able to fill it up but I didn’t hold space for that amount of women because I didn’t trust myself … That means that really it comes down to I don’t feel worthy of supporting people, which means I have imposter syndrome … and this relates to that time when I was 15 and someone said I was unworthy.

Now, let’s say you didn’t stay present for that moment during the breakthrough. You would have missed all of those insights about having imposter syndrome or of feeling unworthy when you were 15. But guess what happens? All of those instances related to this unworthiness come back as lessons and triggers later. And when they come back, they seem to be a repeat of past lessons already learned. So when they do, we get confused because we believe we have already worked through that issue. We’re not realizing that this is a deeper layer of the original lesson. When we rush past our breakthroughs, we cheat ourselves of learning these deeper truths.

So where have you tried to get the next thing and missed a memo? Are there any repeating patterns in your life that you feel confused by? Can you think of any breakthroughs where you learned the lesson, and what was the lesson?

Enjoying the Journey

When you’re focused on a goal like building a business or providing an amazing service, it’s so easy to get caught up in your vision. I know I have to really reign myself in at times. I’ll have a vision for a program, and I’ll just get so excited to get it into people’s hands (because I know they’re going to be obsessed with it) that I rush through the process in pursuit of my north star, which is to create something amazing for people.

But if I’m only obsessed with the end goal, I’ll have missed the magic of creating the logo, finding the perfect font, and selecting the perfect colors. I’d bypass all of that. And that’s the fun of creating something new. So I have to be extra intentional with myself when I automatically jump ahead to step X. I’ll stop and say, “Ok, where am I at right now? How can I be so present in this moment of just creating Instagram posts for it? How cool is it to hire different branding people and to try to find the people that match the frequency of this project?”

When we constantly look for the next thing, we miss the connections to someone who can actually support us with a certain goal because we’re so laser-focused on the end goal that we actually ignore and block opportunities to make the end goal even better than we could have imagined. So the vision you have, that manifestation that you are calling in, have you been focused on it just coming to fruition that you are missing being present? Are you so focused on calling in your dream home or your dream clients that you’re not enjoying the food that you’re eating? Are you prepping your food just to eat the food, or are you pouring love through the fork as you rub the butter on your toast?

We see this also with the ascension process. Our global consciousness is rising; we’re shifting from a 3D reality to a 5D reality really, really quickly. And it’s easy to get consumed with that shift, constantly thinking, Is my frequency high right now? Where are my thoughts? Are they empowering? Which is great, but it’s easy to get swept away in micromanaging our thoughts. We may constantly question: Am I self-sabotaging? Is a limiting belief taking over? Am I holding myself back? Am I showing up authentically? These are all great things to do — and we want to make them habitual and on autopilot — but until they are automatic, they can consume us and take us away from the present moment.

When Presence Takes Precedence

The other day, I was channeling and I received a download I’d love to share with you. I was told by my spirit guides that the modalities we’re using to grow spiritually are becoming like dead weight. Like, we’re becoming more attached to the modality than what the goal of the modality is. The goal of the modality is to be present.

Just think about how you use sage. If you’re using it to cleanse negative energy, and you’re stuck on needing sage or buying sage or using it, are you missing the point? The point is to get rid of negativity or old energy that needs to be cleaned and cleared. What if you forget to even notice the energy being clean and clear and be in the present moment?

What would it look like if the modalities we’ve learned become automatic so that we’re not weighed down by them and instead are unconsciously using them to live in the present? What does it look like to be so present that the modalities — which you learned for the purpose of shifting your thoughts to more empowering thoughts to raise your vibration — automatically come into motion without you having to even try because you’re so present? What would it look like to show up so fully, in each present moment, as yourself? 

When you’re fully present, you can also easily sense when a person, place, or thing is or isn’t in alignment with you. We’re quicker to notice that our soul contract with this person or that person is complete. You love them, but this soul contract is complete. Or that job you go to. Or maybe you observe that you’re anxious, unhappy, and have toxicity in your life. Or perhaps while being so potently present, you see that the food you’re making is not actually alchemizing love into your body. It’s alchemizing inflammation and poison.

Sometimes, when we’re really tuned into being present, it can look boring to other people. Our friends might even worry about us. Our lives look quiet, directed inward. Our emotions are calmer. We might be so tuned in that we don’t want to go out as much or post to social media. Maybe our friends have even reflected that back to us, asking us what’s going on.

If they only knew that when you’re quiet, introspective, and present, your inner life is incredibly alive. You’re seeing and noticing things you never noticed before. You’re not distracted and disconnected from your experience. And while you may not get as upset and off-balance as you go through life, which can appear as boring, you’re actually more tuned in and turned on than you’ve ever been before. 

I hope this message hits home for you! If it did, let me know on Instagram! Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and let me know how you’re staying potently present.

Thank you for spending time with me today. I love and honor your time. I love and honor your energy. Let’s continue on this beautiful journey together. And remember always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Tuning into your body during this time
  • Making big shifts and getting caught up in doing the work
  • How far you’ve come in your self-development journey
  • The difference between being present or distracted through your breakthroughs 
  • Anchoring in what you learned before moving onto your next goal
  • Why the same lessons and blocks keep popping up in your life
  • Are you getting consumed in the conscious shift we’re in from the 3D to 5D 
  • Fine-tuning how we show up and how we do things
  • Becoming addicted to the modalities of micromanaging our thoughts 
  • Being so present that you don’t have to think about your money mindset or vibrations
  • How to find potency in the present moment in every single thing you do
  • How to start healing yourself and the world around you