This 1 Shift will Tap you into the Frequency of Abundance : Episode 260


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

How are you doing today? I want you to take this moment just to tune in. I know life gets going sometimes, and we don’t really think about checking in with ourselves until we lay our head on the pillow. So give yourself this gift of checking in before we dive into today’s juicy content. Take a moment to acknowledge that wherever you’re at is exactly where you’re meant to be and however you’re feeling is exactly how you’re meant to feel. 

Sister, you and I are vibration powerhouses. When we take time to check in with our feelings, we’re really checking in with our vibrations. Being aware of our vibrations is important because they affect everyone and everything around us!

That’s why I am so excited about today’s message. Let’s be real, I’m always excited, but I feel like this message is the reminder we all need right now — raising my hand with you, sister. It’s a reminder and three-step process to consciously shift our frequencies to manifest and align with our desires and truth. Something so beautiful about this is that when you shift your frequencies to a more elevated state, you shift the frequencies of everyone around you to a more elevated state. How magical is that?

I’m really jazzed for you to receive this message, so let’s dive in!

Why You Need to Choose Your Vibrations Intentionally

The other day I was thinking about my energy and how much I miss Costa Rica, Africa, and Sedona. I know I’ve shared with you before that I am my highest self in those three places, and it’s been about a year now since I’ve been to any of them. 

When I shared my feelings in my weekly accountability call with a soul sister, she said, “Girl, when you’re in Sedona, Costa Rica, and Africa, your frequency is through the charts. It is so tangible when I’m watching your Instagram stories when you’re there. I can feel your energy. It’s like you’re in a whole ’nother world, and it comes through in this amazing and powerful way that I can feel.”

Oh my goodness, I felt what she said in such a deep way! It occurred to me that maybe I was really missing who I am in Costa Rica, Africa, and Sedona. Then I just sat in awe that the potency of someone else’s energy can be felt at a distance — even through a screen. How amazing is that, right?! 

Let’s talk about this in a more everyday experience. Have you ever been in a room when a person walks in and lights up the whole room? You can feel their energy pouring out like a ray of sunshine and changing the whole atmosphere. Before you know it, you’re like, “I just want to be around that person.” You’ve had that experience, right? 

Now, think back to a time when a “bad apple” entered the room. How did their presence affect everyone? You probably felt like they were low-vibe and didn’t want to be around them. You may not have been consciously aware that they brought the energy shift, but it still dragged you down.

Regardless of the room you’re in, the person with the strongest energy or vibrations — positive or negative — shifts the state of the room to align with their energy. That’s how powerful an effect the strongest frequency, positive or negative, has on a room and a group of people, even on social media — it’s incredible. When we see the power of our vibrational state and intentionally choose our vibrations, magic starts to happen!

So I’ve started asking myself, “If the potency of my highest self is strongest when I’m in Africa, Costa Rica, and Sedona, how can I make sure I consciously choose to keep my vibrations high even when I’m not there? 

Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone thought like this? If everyone chose to be the brightest light they could possibly be regardless of their location or circumstances, the whole world would be a great big ball of loving light. Ah, so amazing!

Sister, before we jump into the next section, I want you to think about the last time you were vibrating at your highest self. Where were you? What were you doing? How did you feel? Now, the goal isn’t to recreate that experience. The goal is to recreate that energy wherever you are. So, really visualize what your mental and emotional state was and begin consciously choosing to be in that energetic state.

How Your Vibrational Energy Shifts the Room

If you are committed to being your most authentic self and letting your frequency stay high — whether you’re an entrepreneur, mom, or working a nine-to-five job — you will sway the atmosphere of the rooms you enter. That’s how powerful the frequencies you choose to embody are. Your intentional energy will raise the consciousness and vibrations of anyone you’re around. 

But the magic only happens if sharing vibrational energy doesn’t empty your cup. What I mean by that is — if you’re doing any of this from a place of lack and scarcity or trying to fix someone, it’s not going to work. You have to let the energy spill out of you from a place of abundance. 

For example, when I got back from my most recent Costa Rica trip, I looked out my window and saw construction all around me. This is one of the big reasons we’re moving, and it started to lower my vibrations. Then I remembered, nothing should affect my energetic frequency. If I’m choosing to be my highest self no matter where I am, it doesn’t matter if there’s construction going on all around me. My high vibes are an overflow of my choice to be in my highest state. I’m not forcing them. I’m letting them emanate from me.

And, lovely soul, that’s how the magic happens — not when you’re trying to change anything or fix anyone, but when you are simply choosing your personal state. From this place of choosing to radiate and fiercely expand your light, you create a strong energy field that protects your truth and positively impacts others. 

So, what is the energy you are personally choosing to embody for the rest of the day? Write it down on a sticky note and put it next to your computer as a reminder if you want. Think of a few things that could happen today that might make you want to fix someone, change something, or vibrate at a lower frequency. Now, tell yourself, “When things don’t go my way or rub me the wrong way, I will take a deep breath, remember who my highest self is, and act from that place.”

What to Do When Your High-Vibe Energy Dips 

If you’re thinking, “Lately, I’ve been low-vibe. I’ve been complaining more than I have been celebrating.” All that means is you get to make the conscious choice to ask, “Why? What needs to be healed? What needs to be released so that I can shift back into my truth, which is a bright light?” 

I’m human, you’re human, and life happens. So there are going to be moments our vibrations slip, or you start to take on someone else’s low-vibe energy. At that moment, all we have to do is make a conscious choice to shift back into our truth and higher self. Bring our energy back to heart-center and breathe.

Remember, we were birthed into this human form as beautiful, perfect lights, and then society got to us. Now that we’re aware of it, we get to rewrite our story, take hold of our truth, and experience life as it’s meant to be — fun and easy, attracting every opportunity and person we desire. And that, sister, is how you and I change the world. Are you in for that? 

You don’t have to say anything. You can impact people just by choosing to say, “You know what? I’m going to be the person in the room who vibrates so high that other people are uplifted by it, even if I don’t say a word.” With that vibrational choice, you attract opportunities, people, situations, and money vibrating at the same level. You’ll start attracting your soul sisters. It’s how I attracted mine! Random checks will come in the mail because you’re operating at such a bright frequency that it only attracts things that match it. 

So, think about the person or place that allows you to feel as your highest self right now. Bring that feeling of your highest self to your heart-space, breathe into it, and let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. 

Why You Need to Commit to Being High-Vibe

The world is cray-cray right now if you choose to see it that way. If you are an empath, like me, and go to the grocery store or anywhere in public, you’ll probably be impacted by others’ anger, confusion, and negativity. But remember, you’re choosing that. You’re choosing to vibrate at a low-enough frequency that their energy impacts yours. 

Sister, you are more powerful than that. You can choose to radiate and expand your light so much that anywhere you go, no one else’s energy affects you. It just bounces right off your bright light. If strong high-vibe energy is what you choose, you don’t need to worry about anyone draining your cup. You don’t need to worry about feeling other people’s feelings because you are the brightest and strongest light around you.

Can you commit to being that kind of human with me? Can you commit to doing the deep soul work to uncover your highest self? Can you commit to shifting back into that energy anytime you slip? If you can commit to that, I want you to do something for me — for you really, but sometimes it’s easier if you do it for someone else. Take a screenshot of this and share it on Instagram. Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and tell me you’re committing to being your highest self!

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Sister, we are in this together, hand-in-hand. So, until next time, remember to choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 

  • Honor where you’re at and how you’re feeling
  • How your frequency affects everything around you
  • Choosing to be the light
  • Walk as if you’re in the place where you’re your highest self
  • Attracting your soul sisters
  • Remembering that life gets to be fun and easy